Shawnee Nation, OH



Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cornstalk, Young Peter (Wneypuechsika) I  1746Shawnee Nation, OH I9966
2 Cornstalk, Wolf Cutenwha  1732Shawnee Nation, OH I9978
3 Cornstalk, Walker( Pomeatha)  1730Shawnee Nation, OH I9980
4 Cornstalk, Wabeleganequa (White Wing) "Big Nancy"  1770Shawnee Nation, OH I9968
5 Cornstalk, Oceana  1752Shawnee Nation, OH I9963
6 Cornstalk, Nern-Pe-Nes-Quah  1737Shawnee Nation, OH I9981
7 Cornstalk, Mary  1735Shawnee Nation, OH I9979
8 Cornstalk, Margaret "Peggy"  1764Shawnee Nation, OH I10056
9 Cornstalk, Esther Cutewah  1751Shawnee Nation, OH I9964
10 Cornstalk, Ellinipsico  1748Shawnee Nation, OH I17
11 Cornstalk, Elizabeth  1744Shawnee Nation, OH I9984
12 Cornstalk, Chenusaw  1736Shawnee Nation, OH I9977
13 Cornstalk, Blue Sky  1750Shawnee Nation, OH I9944
14 Cornstalk, Aracoma  1742Shawnee Nation, OH I9948