Appalachian Aristocracy: Adventures in Family History

McDowell Co. WV

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Jones, Willie Osmond  ca 1925McDowell Co. WV I20607 Master File 
2 Adair, Farley M.  02 Jun 1944McDowell Co. WV I26558 Master File 
3 Adair, Frederick  ca 1922McDowell Co. WV I26555 Master File 
4 Adair, John W.  ca 1919McDowell Co. WV I26554 Master File 
5 Adair, McGinnis  09 Sep 1925McDowell Co. WV I26557 Master File 
6 Adair, Nora  ca 1923McDowell Co. WV I26556 Master File 
7 Adair, Thomas Franklin Jr.  05 Feb 1896McDowell Co. WV I26552 Master File 
8 Addair, Cecil Clarence  ca 1930McDowell Co. WV I26250 Master File 
9 Addair, Wilburn Estil  09 Sep 1926McDowell Co. WV I21115 Master File 
10 ALTIZER, Anson  25 Apr 1899McDowell Co. WV I31841 Master File 
11 Altizer, Arthur Bryan  09 Jul 1908McDowell Co. WV I17188 Master File 
12 ALTIZER, Benny Dare  ca 1934McDowell Co. WV I17090 Master File 
13 Altizer, Bird  28 Mar 1905McDowell Co. WV I17178 Master File 
14 ALTIZER, Doak  Mar 1894McDowell Co. WV I31839 Master File 
15 ALTIZER, Dokie  1907McDowell Co. WV I31844 Master File 
16 ALTIZER, Donald Hugh  28 May 1939McDowell Co. WV I31863 Master File 
17 ALTIZER, Donald Thurman  ca 1936McDowell Co. WV I17091 Master File 
18 ALTIZER, Dorothy Lorraine  ca 1927McDowell Co. WV I17086 Master File 
19 ALTIZER, Eugene  Oct 1898McDowell Co. WV I31840 Master File 
20 ALTIZER, Flora Bell  14 Apr 1902McDowell Co. WV I31842 Master File 
21 ALTIZER, Frances  ca 1926McDowell Co. WV I31862 Master File 
22 Altizer, John Frank  09 Jul 1903McDowell Co. WV I17176 Master File 
23 ALTIZER, John Walter Jr.  26 Apr 1924McDowell Co. WV I31861 Master File 
24 ALTIZER, Lillian Cecilia  ca 1931McDowell Co. WV I17088 Master File 
25 ALTIZER, Naomi Ruth  ca 1939McDowell Co. WV I17092 Master File 
26 ALTIZER, Norma Ethel  ca 1932McDowell Co. WV I17089 Master File 
27 ALTIZER, Phillip  ca 1920McDowell Co. WV I31878 Master File 
28 ALTIZER, Sallie H.  14 Sep 1895McDowell Co. WV I16159 Master File 
29 Altizer, Stella  ca 1913McDowell Co. WV I17197 Master File 
30 ALTIZER, Virginia Dare  ca 1922McDowell Co. WV I31860 Master File 
31 ALTIZER, William Irvin  ca 1928McDowell Co. WV I17087 Master File 
32 ALTIZER, William L.  ca 1918McDowell Co. WV I31877 Master File 
33 ALTIZER, William Riley  11 May 1860McDowell Co. WV I4322 Master File 
34 Asbury, Allie  ca 1900McDowell Co. WV I23088 Master File 
35 Asbury, Alta M.  Aug 1898McDowell Co. WV I21109 Master File 
36 Asbury, Alvis R.  25 Aug 1889McDowell Co. WV I21063 Master File 
37 Asbury, Angeline  30 Jul 1869McDowell Co. WV I22994 Master File 
38 Asbury, Basel  ca 1931McDowell Co. WV I23100 Master File 
39 Asbury, Bearl  01 Apr 1914McDowell Co. WV I23120 Master File 
40 Asbury, Bertha  17 Apr 1896McDowell Co. WV I21108 Master File 
41 Asbury, Cecil  ca 1935McDowell Co. WV I23102 Master File 
42 Asbury, Charlotte  06 Feb 1873McDowell Co. WV I22996 Master File 
43 Asbury, Chester  ca 1924McDowell Co. WV I21073 Master File 
44 Asbury, Cleveland  31 Aug 1906McDowell Co. WV I23104 Master File 
45 Asbury, Coy  ca 1935McDowell Co. WV I21124 Master File 
46 Asbury, Daniel  ca 1916McDowell Co. WV I21006 Master File 
47 Asbury, David J.  19 Oct 1902McDowell Co. WV I21019 Master File 
48 Asbury, Dewey  01 Nov 1926McDowell Co. WV I21134 Master File 
49 Asbury, Donald  ca 1935McDowell Co. WV I23106 Master File 
50 Asbury, Dora  1900McDowell Co. WV I21018 Master File 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Altizer, Bird  26 Jun 1905McDowell Co. WV I17178 Master File 
2 ALTIZER, Doak  28 Jan 1907McDowell Co. WV I31839 Master File 
3 ALTIZER, Dokie  01 Dec 1961McDowell Co. WV I31844 Master File 
4 ALTIZER, Donald Hugh  30 Mar 2012McDowell Co. WV I31863 Master File 
5 ALTIZER, George Clarence  20 Aug 1907McDowell Co. WV I8567 Master File 
6 ALTIZER, John Walter Jr.  01 Jan 1942McDowell Co. WV I31861 Master File 
7 ALTIZER, John Walter  Dec., 1974McDowell Co. WV I31858 Master File 
8 ALTIZER, Nancy Jane  02 Mar 1943McDowell Co. WV I3855 Master File 
9 ALTIZER, Noah  29 Aug 1904McDowell Co. WV I128 Master File 
10 ALTIZER, Ralph McKinley  04 Feb 1957McDowell Co. WV I17120 Master File 
11 ALTIZER, Sarah G.  19 Oct 1904McDowell Co. WV I8566 Master File 
12 Asbury, Angeline  19 Jan 1941McDowell Co. WV I22994 Master File 
13 Asbury, Bearl  21 Feb 2010McDowell Co. WV I23120 Master File 
14 Asbury, Bertha  15 Oct 1979McDowell Co. WV I21108 Master File 
15 Asbury, Daniel  03 Oct 1906McDowell Co. WV I20950 Master File 
16 Asbury, Dewey  22 Sep 1990McDowell Co. WV I21134 Master File 
17 Asbury, Dorothy  03 Oct 1945McDowell Co. WV I22661 Master File 
18 Asbury, Elizabeth  29 Nov 1970McDowell Co. WV I21081 Master File 
19 Asbury, Fred  Mar 1976McDowell Co. WV I22662 Master File 
20 Asbury, George Washington  18 Nov 1930McDowell Co. WV I21061 Master File 
21 Asbury, Hannah  06 May 1926McDowell Co. WV I20992 Master File 
22 Asbury, Herman  06 Jul 1990McDowell Co. WV I21133 Master File 
23 Asbury, James Harvey  21 Feb 1905McDowell Co. WV I13505 Master File 
24 Asbury, John  Feb 1979McDowell Co. WV I23091 Master File 
25 ASBURY, Martha Jane  11 Mar 1943McDowell Co. WV I3633 Master File 
26 Asbury, Oliver Oliver  12 Feb 1952McDowell Co. WV I21110 Master File 
27 Asbury, Rebecca  05 Mar 1933McDowell Co. WV I23131 Master File 
28 Asbury, Sarah (Sally)  Bef 1907McDowell Co. WV I23168 Master File 
29 Asbury, Tarvin  12 Dec 1962McDowell Co. WV I21130 Master File 
30 Asbury, Thomas Albert  19 Feb 1975McDowell Co. WV I22658 Master File 
31 Asbury, William H.  13 Jun 1957McDowell Co. WV I23119 Master File 
32 Asbury, William Henry  01 Jul 1919McDowell Co. WV I23084 Master File 
33 Auvil, Daniel L.  30 Jan 1945McDowell Co. WV I17784 Master File 
34 Auvil, Henry Cicero  13 Nov 1891McDowell Co. WV I17783 Master File 
35 Auvil, Naploeon Bonapart Emmett  25 Apr 1891McDowell Co. WV I17796 Master File 
36 Auville, Jennings Randolph  28 Dec 1917McDowell Co. WV I13500 Master File 
37 Bailey, Thomas  19 Nov 1960McDowell Co. WV I29571 Master File 
38 Bandy, Arlen Donley  31 Aug 1925McDowell Co. WV I19947 Master File 
39 Bandy, Della  03 May 1969McDowell Co. WV I19948 Master File 
40 Bandy, Fred  30 Oct 1958McDowell Co. WV I19939 Master File 
41 Bandy, William W.  13 Mar 1951McDowell Co. WV I19847 Master File 
42 BARNETT, Henry Andrew  28 Apr 1936McDowell Co. WV I3565 Master File 
43 BARNETT, Lee  20 Jan 1969McDowell Co. WV I19257 Master File 
44 BARNETT, Pearl Pauline  01 Jan 1998McDowell Co. WV I19258 Master File 
45 BARNETT, William H.  30 Dec 1944McDowell Co. WV I19263 Master File 
46 BEAVERS, Addie  09 Mar 1978McDowell Co. WV I4252 Master File 
47 BEAVERS, Atlas  Bef 1910McDowell Co. WV I4238 Master File 
48 BEAVERS, Bessie  04 Nov 1926McDowell Co. WV I4201 Master File 
49 BEAVERS, Bonnie June  22 May 1941McDowell Co. WV I16793 Master File 
50 BEAVERS, Caroline  Bef 1900McDowell Co. WV I27219 Master File 

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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 CHARLES / Dunford  McDowell Co. WV F9309 Master File 
2 BEAVERS / Gillespie  McDowell Co. WV F9504 Master File 
3 Lockhart / Blankenship  McDowell Co. WV F10415 Master File 
4 CHRISTIAN / Cline  17 Jan 1867McDowell Co. WV F9116 Master File 
5 HARMAN / Fletcher  21 Dec 1868McDowell Co. WV F9783 Master File 
6 ALTIZER / Nuckles  10 Feb 1870McDowell Co. WV F6126 Master File 
7 CHRISTIAN / Harman  27 May 1870McDowell Co. WV F9117 Master File 
8 Day / CHRISTIAN  14 Aug 1873McDowell Co. WV F8784 Master File 
9 CHRISTIAN / Day  14 Aug 1873McDowell Co. WV F8791 Master File 
10 Harrison / BEAVERS  14 Feb 1874McDowell Co. WV F11632 Master File 
11 CHRISTIAN / Godfrey  21 Mar 1874McDowell Co. WV F9118 Master File 
12 Riffe / Asbury  24 Feb 1875McDowell Co. WV F9822 Master File 
13 WATKINS / BEAVERS  6 Jun 1876McDowell Co. WV F2131 Master File 
14 NELSON / BROWN  6 May 1877McDowell Co. WV F686 Master File 
15 CHRISTIAN / Gillespie  09 Aug 1877McDowell Co. WV F8770 Master File 
16 Asbury / Bean  04 May 1879McDowell Co. WV F9823 Master File 
17 Rose / CHRISTIAN  25 Jul 1879McDowell Co. WV F8765 Master File 
18 CHRISTIAN / Lambert  07 Jun 1880McDowell Co. WV F7564 Master File 
19 Steele / CHRISTIAN  04 Nov 1881McDowell Co. WV F7562 Master File 
20 CHRISTIAN / Asbury  03 Dec 1881McDowell Co. WV F9832 Master File 
21 MITCHELL / BEAVERS  13 Mar 1882McDowell Co. WV F2329 Master File 
22 ALTIZER / HARRISON  1 Feb 1883McDowell Co. WV F2374 Master File 
23 Holbrook / Rudy  30 Oct 1883McDowell Co. WV F12549 Master File 
24 Asbury / Nelson  29 Nov 1883McDowell Co. WV F9397 Master File 
25 HARRISON / HARMAN  3 Jul 1884McDowell Co. WV F2342 Master File 
26 PACK / Holbrook  15 Jul 1884McDowell Co. WV F1973 Master File 
27 Powell / Asbury  20 Mar 1885McDowell Co. WV F7556 Master File 
28 GREENAWALT / BEAVERS  25 Mar 1885McDowell Co. WV F2330 Master File 
29 Short / HARMAN  30 Jul 1886McDowell Co. WV F9788 Master File 
30 DENNA / PACK  23 Nov 1886McDowell Co. WV F1999 Master File 
31 CHRISTIAN / Coleman  05 Mar 1887McDowell Co. WV F9294 Master File 
32 CHRISTIAN / McCoy  08 Nov 1887McDowell Co. WV F8811 Master File 
33 NELSON / BROWN  12 Sep 1888McDowell Co. WV F249 Master File 
34 CHRISTIAN / Day  25 Jul 1889McDowell Co. WV F8757 Master File 
35 Asbury / Jewell  05 Feb 1889McDowell Co. WV F9838 Master File 
36 Brooks / Asbury  29 Apr 1889McDowell Co. WV F9815 Master File 
37 BOOTHE / DANCY  31 Oct 1889McDowell Co. WV F389 Master File 
38 PACK / HARMAN  2 Apr 1890McDowell Co. WV F1976 Master File 
39 BANDY / BEAVERS  25 Jun 1890McDowell Co. WV F2134 Master File 
40 PACK / BEAVERS  3 Jul 1890McDowell Co. WV F1962 Master File 
41 CHRISTIAN / Mullins  02 Oct 1890McDowell Co. WV F9085 Master File 
42 /   15 Oct 1890McDowell Co. WV F1994 Master File 
43 Birchfield / White  31 Dec 1890McDowell Co. WV F8924 Master File 
44 WHITAKER / Harman  25 Nov 1891McDowell Co. WV F46 Master File 
45 BREWSTER / BROWN  08 Jul 1892McDowell Co. WV F6187 Master File 
46 CHRISTIAN / Harrison  25 Aug 1892McDowell Co. WV F11515 Master File 
47 Asbury / Steel  01 Sep 1892McDowell Co. WV F9827 Master File 
48 Jewell / Asbury  31 Jan 1893McDowell Co. WV F10444 Master File 
49 Davidson / BEAVERS  21 Feb 1893McDowell Co. WV F9361 Master File 
50 Stevenson / Brown  16 May 1895McDowell Co. WV F8721 Master File 

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Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family   Divorced   Family ID   Tree 
1 Thompson / Warman  Bef 1950McDowell Co. WV F10466 Master File