Huntington, Cabell Co. WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cook, Phillip Torrence  19 Sep 1927Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I35866
2 Ferrell, John L.  17 Sep 1921Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I34524
3 Ferrell, Mary M.  22 Jun 1934Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I34498
4 Ferrell, Robert Anderson  25 Aug 1922Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I34525
5 Ferrell, William Tiffany Sr.  29 Dec 1899Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I34482
6 Ferrell, William Tiffany Jr.  01 Nov 1919Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I34523
7 Harmon, Donna Gale  15 Mar 1957Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I33838
8 Strother, Alice  14 Jan 1922Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I34264
9 Strother, Frederick Anthony Jr.  26 Aug 1928Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I34266
10 Strother, June Musette  11 Jun 1924Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I34265
11 Wilson, Howard Edward  08 Apr 1927Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I16660


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Akers, Grace Ellen  May 1958Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I28986
2 Barr, Willie Johnson  30 Apr 1989Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I20422
3 Bicknell, Oliver Lafayette  25 Nov 1939Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I34273
4 Christian, Eloise  Jan 1981Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I16613
5 CHRISTIAN, Ethel Lurania  22 Apr 1982Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I16641
6 CHRISTIAN, George Otis  01 Mar 2002Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I16658
7 CHRISTIAN, Golden Stanford  09 Nov 1987Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I16654
8 Christian, Lemuel Lemach  26 Apr 1958Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I16592
9 CHRISTIAN, William Thomas  20 May 1936Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I16638
10 Edgell, Benjamin Frankliln  Jan 1965Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I20416
11 Edgell, Opal  10 Aug 1993Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I20417
12 Edgell, Robert Lee  15 Jan 1998Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I20470
13 Ferrell, Muss S.  10 Nov 1966Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I34479
14 Fortner, Juanita Hope  28 Mar 1981Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I16643
15 Harmon, Donna Gale  03 May 1957Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I33838
16 Lambert, Edna Christine  09 Dec 1927Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I28991
17 Lambert, George Summers  11 Apr 1939Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I28972
18 Lambert, Vera  02 Dec 1931Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I28988
19 Lambert, Rev. Willie Elbert  Apr., 1965Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I28982
20 Mayse, Walter Wayne  Aug 1982Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I20434
21 McCoy, Joanne  01 Aug 2006Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I36454
22 McDaniel, Jesse D.  Jul 1980Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I21961
23 Miller, Clifford Clay  20 Jun 1967Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I34528
24 Oiler, Harry  03 Dec 1955Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I29002
25 Pinson, Melvina Marie  17 Nov 1937Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I16676
26 Pruitt, Maud  07 Dec 1961Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I19695
27 Stackpole, Granville B.  19 Oct 1945Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I20442
28 Stackpole, Virgia Lee  15 Jul 1989Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I20548
29 Welling, Hannah Jane  11 Jun 1954Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I20547
30 West, Lloyd Sherrill  16 Jul 2011Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I26707
31 Wickline, Hattie Anna  01 Dec 1935Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I27589
32 Williams, Fannie J.  10 Aug 1938Huntington, Cabell Co. WV I23650