Shapleigh, York Co. ME



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Adoline  03 Jun 1827Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12565
2 BAKER, Ahira  23 Dec 1801Shapleigh, York Co. ME I7891
3 BAKER, Charles Wiley  09 May 1833Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12569
4 BAKER, Horace Ahira  1835Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12570
5 BAKER, John A.  22 Oct 1831Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12568
6 BAKER, Mary  1829Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12566
7 Batchelder, Joshua Connor  01 Feb 1821Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12571
8 Coffin, Jennie  16 Jan 1846Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12876
9 Conant, Charles  01 Apr 1821Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12893
10 Conant, Charles  01 Apr 1821Shapleigh, York Co. ME I13340
11 COOK, Benjamin F.  Sep 1837Shapleigh, York Co. ME I24500
12 COOK, Herbert G.  ca 1864Shapleigh, York Co. ME I24507
13 COOK, John  ca 1850Shapleigh, York Co. ME I24502
14 COOK, Joseph  ca 1836Shapleigh, York Co. ME I24499
15 COOK, Nathan J.  ca 1849Shapleigh, York Co. ME I24501
16 COOK, Rosette  ca 1860Shapleigh, York Co. ME I24506
17 COOK, Sarah D.  ca 1856Shapleigh, York Co. ME I24505
18 Low, Lila Clara  22 Jun 1865Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12636
19 Meserve, Sarah  Mar 1855Shapleigh, York Co. ME I13365
20 PITTS, John  27 May 1794Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6970
21 Ross, Mahala W.  03 Jan 1835Shapleigh, York Co. ME I36380
22 Ross, Noah Sr.  14 Mar 1776Shapleigh, York Co. ME I36394
23 Ross, Noah  24 Apr 1807Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12591
24 Ross, Phoebe Elizabeth  1812Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12593
25 RUSSELL, Benjamin Franklin Jr.  11 Sep 1814Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6971
26 RUSSELL, Helen E.  26 Dec 1892Shapleigh, York Co. ME I13440
27 RUSSELL, Margaret Webber  22 Apr 1890Shapleigh, York Co. ME I13435
28 RUSSELL, Rosamond  21 Oct 1812Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6972
29 Thing, Augusta M.  ca 1874Shapleigh, York Co. ME I13371
30 WARREN  1807Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12589
31 WARREN, Aphia  06 Jun 1812Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12590
32 WARREN, Arletta  ca 1843Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12885
33 WARREN, Charles  1850Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12888
34 WARREN, Electa  ca 1840Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12884
35 WARREN, Eliza  1818Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12594
36 WARREN, Eunice  16 Jun 1794Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6969
37 WARREN, Isabelle  ca 1838Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12883
38 WARREN, James  28 Feb 1815Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12592
39 WARREN, James Jr.  ca 1846Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12886
40 WARREN, John  ca 1848Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12887
41 WARREN, Nancy  Abt 1784Shapleigh, York Co. ME I5996
42 WARREN, Salmon L.  ca 1837Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12882
43 WARREN, Tristram (Thurston) R.  ca 1834Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12881
44 WARREN, William  Abt 1784Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6976
45 WELCH, Alvah  1845Shapleigh, York Co. ME I7770
46 WELCH, Benjamin F.  1847Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6757
47 WELCH, Charles Warren  05 Aug 1836Shapleigh, York Co. ME I7767
48 WELCH, Emily A.  1834Shapleigh, York Co. ME I7766
49 WELCH, George  4 Dec 1804Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6751
50 WELCH, Horace Moody  Oct 1837Shapleigh, York Co. ME I7768

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Adoline  05 Jun 1853Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12565
2 BAKER, Ahira  26 Jan 1881Shapleigh, York Co. ME I7891
3 BEAN, Aphia  20 Jan 1848Shapleigh, York Co. ME I7890
4 COOK, Stephen S.  25 Mar 1884Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6973
5 PITTS, John  13 Dec 1878Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6970
6 Ross, Noah Sr.  02 Sep 1858Shapleigh, York Co. ME I36394
7 RUSSELL, Betsey  01 Apr 1826Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6975
8 RUSSELL, Rosamond  28 Mar 1892Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6972
9 Ward, Charity S.  Aft 1880Shapleigh, York Co. ME I7773
10 WARREN  26 Jan 1817Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12589
11 WARREN, Aaron  25 Mar 1821Shapleigh, York Co. ME I7086
12 WARREN, Ada  Aft 14 May 1821Shapleigh, York Co. ME I7092
13 WARREN, Eliza  27 Mar 1864Shapleigh, York Co. ME I12594
14 WARREN, Eunice  08 Apr 1862Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6969
15 WARREN, Sarah  12 May 1834Shapleigh, York Co. ME I7093
16 WARREN, William  Aft 1830Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6976
17 WELCH, Emily A.  20 Jan 1902Shapleigh, York Co. ME I7766
18 WELCH, George  6 Nov 1880Shapleigh, York Co. ME I6751
19 WELCH, Otis R.  25 Jul 1911Shapleigh, York Co. ME I7765


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAKER / BEAN  13 Nov 1825Shapleigh, York Co. ME F5236
2 Batchelder / BAKER  27 Jun 1847Shapleigh, York Co. ME F7277
3 COOK / RUSSELL  07 Sep 1832Shapleigh, York Co. ME F4920
4 Pike / BAKER  08 Oct 1848Shapleigh, York Co. ME F7278
5 PITTS / WARREN  11 Nov 1828Shapleigh, York Co. ME F4918
6 Rogers / WARREN  01 May 1811Shapleigh, York Co. ME F7370
7 Ross / Thompson  24 Oct 1799Shapleigh, York Co. ME F15021
8 RUSSELL / Fernald  13 Apr 1848Shapleigh, York Co. ME F7285
9 RUSSELL / Low  25 Jun 1888Shapleigh, York Co. ME F7295
10 SANBORN / RUSSELL  17 Jun 1845Shapleigh, York Co. ME F4913
11 WARREN / Ross  11 Dec 1831Shapleigh, York Co. ME F7281
12 WELCH / RUSSELL  30 Sep 1827Shapleigh, York Co. ME F4817