Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Archibald  1832Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10391
2 ALEXANDER, George Cabell  1831Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10390
3 ALEXANDER, Henry Carrington D.D.L.D,  27 Sep 1835Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10389
4 ALEXANDER, Henry Martin  1822Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10408
5 ALEXANDER, James Waddel Jr.  19 Jul 1839Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10392
6 ALEXANDER, Janetta  06 Jan 1817Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10387
7 ALEXANDER, Janetta  1850Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10395
8 ALEXANDER, John  1845Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10393
9 ALEXANDER, William  05 Sep 1848Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10394


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER, Archibald  1834Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10391
2 ALEXANDER, Rev. Archibald  22 Oct 1851Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10382
3 ALEXANDER, George Cabell  1839Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10390
4 ALEXANDER, James Waddel III  1878Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10400
5 ALEXANDER, Janetta  1851Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10395
6 ALEXANDER, Janetta  29 Oct 1901Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10387
7 ALEXANDER, John  1847Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10393
8 ALEXANDER, Joseph Addison  28 Jan 1860Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10386
9 ALEXANDER, William Cowper  23 Aug 1874Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10385
10 Cabell, Elizabeth  03 Nov 1885Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10388
11 Waddel, Janetta  1852Princeton, Mercer Co. NJ I10383