Mobile, Mobile Co. AL



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alvarez, Louisa Maria  1827Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22728
2 DUKE, Shelby Jean  16 Jun 1940Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I12808
3 Hallett, Anna Nora  25 Jul 1913Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27816
4 Hallett, Irma Erline  ca 1925Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27820
5 Hallett, Lawrence J.  04 Dec 1917Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27817
6 Hallett, Mary J.  06 Sep 1919Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27818
7 Hallett, Robert D. Jr.  14 Dec 1911Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27815
8 Kroutter, Katherine (Kitty)  21 Apr 1923Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27786
9 TOWLE, Agnes  10 Nov 1851Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22730
10 TOWLE, Albert Spaulding  05 Jun 1867Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22736
11 TOWLE, Florence  08 Aug 1856Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22732
12 TOWLE, Grace  1864Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22734
13 TOWLE, Laura  1859Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22733
14 TOWLE, Paulite E.  Jul., 1849Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22729
15 Wallace, James Marshall  25 May 1940Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I12806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allen, Mary Ann (Mollie)  11 Jan 1914Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I23267
2 Alvarez, Louisa Maria  03 Jan 1898Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22728
3 Baggett, Nicholas M.  09 Apr 1923Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27752
4 Biggs, Albert Lee  06 Jul 1980Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I20192
5 Bishop, Edna  17 Apr 1952Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22737
6 Camp, Capt, Dewitt Thomas Foster  28 May 1930Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22735
7 Cazalas, Oriela C  16 Sep 1970Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27754
8 Cox, G. Wade  Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I13056
9 Davis, Olga  24 Nov 2006Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I20016
10 Dortch, Hiram Johnson  27 Oct 1956Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27847
11 Dortch, Nora  03 Mar 1948Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27813
12 DUKE, Albert N.  26 Dec 1990Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I20243
13 DUKE, Clara Lucille  13 Jan 1936Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I20063
14 DUKE, Clara Mabel  12 Nov 2005Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I20189
15 DUKE, Floyd Thomas  08 Mar 1956Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I17678
16 DUKE, Glendine  Mar 1984Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I6130
17 DUKE, James W.  23 Aug 1979Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I6129
18 DUKE, Marvette  Jan 1985Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I20231
19 DUKE, Robert Fletcher  07 Jul 2001Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I20234
20 DUKE, Shelby Jean  08 Aug 2009Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I12808
21 DUKE, Sim Edward  27 Jan 1958Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I17622
22 DUKE, Thomas Jefferson  17 Jun 2006Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I6131
23 Garrick, Emma Daisye  29 Jul 1966Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I5923
24 Hallett, Anna Nora  19 Dec 1980Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27816
25 Hallett, Lawrence J.  18 Apr 2004Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27817
26 Hallett, Robert D. Sr.  20 Dec 1957Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27814
27 Hallett, Robert D. Jr.  15 Feb 1975Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27815
28 KIRK, Cecil Bradley  17 Sep 1971Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27661
29 KIRK, Richard Calvin  13 Apr 1948Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I13957
30 McMullen, Doris  23 Dec 1991Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I13061
31 Morgan, Ann Lee  28 May 2010Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I12496
32 O'Gwynn, Leslie Chapman  11 Dec 1964Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I20183
33 Petrey, Annys O.  07 Jan 1970Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I20121
34 Stone, Annie  22 Jul 1969Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27668
35 TOWLE, Agnes  15 Jul 1895Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22730
36 TOWLE, Amos J.  22 Feb 1897Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22727
37 TOWLE, Florence  14 Aug 1857Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22732
38 TOWLE, Laura  05 Jun 1865Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22733
39 TOWLE, Paulite E.  23 Apr 1851Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I22729
40 Wallace, Marshall Nathaniel (Chick)  Dec 1975Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I12804
41 Wheat, Myrtle  29 Jun 2007Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27785
42 YOW, Elvin G.  20 Nov 1998Mobile, Mobile Co. AL I27763