Knoxville, Knox Co. TN



Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHAPMAN, David Carpenter  09 Aug 1876Knoxville, Knox Co. Tn I724
2 JOHNSTON, Jane Jaques (Janie)  30 Apr 1876Knoxville, Knox Co. Tn I25358
3 JOHNSTON, Joseph Jaques  17 Feb 1878Knoxville, Knox Co. Tn I25360
4 JOHNSTON, Susan Ayers (Sue)  Nov 1880Knoxville, Knox Co. Tn I723
5 Keeler, William Harold  21 Dec 1921Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I32830
6 McGehee, Lizzie  08 May 1867Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I6147


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BURROW, William Milburn  24 Sep 1925Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I738
2 CHAPMAN, David Carpenter  26 Jul 1944Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I724
3 Davis, Thomas E.  26 Apr 2012Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I33497
4 JAQUES, Joseph  19 Jun 1883Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I780
5 JOHNSTON, Jane Jaques (Janie)  21 Nov 1950Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I25358
6 JOHNSTON, John Yates  14 Aug 1916Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I722
7 JOHNSTON, Joseph Jaques  03 Oct 1885Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I25360
8 Mayberry, Addie Virginia (Jen)  06 Apr 2011Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I34742
9 MCKANN, Dorothy  27 Nov 2006Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I24137
10 McKeldin, Anna Augusta  26 Jan 1908Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I25361
11 PAYNE, Eliza  26 Feb 1921Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I29692
12 PAYNE, Laura M.  30 Aug 1944Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I29694
13 Saunders, Ebenezer Hepburn  24 Nov 1933Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I25359
14 St. Martin, Edward Victor Jr.  Mar., 1986Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I29931
15 TATE, Elizabeth Sue  21 Oct 2000Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I32828
16 TATE, Margaret Elizabeth  4 Sep 1979Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I5410
17 TATE, Paris Sutton Jr.  28 Dec 2005Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I14148
18 TATE, Paris Sutton III  7 Jun 2015Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I5204
19 WHITEAKER, Gary St. John  02 Dec 1958Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I25232
20 WHITEAKER, Jane  31 Jul 1897Knoxville, Knox Co. TN I759