Gloucester Co. VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Santie Lee  22 Dec 1898Gloucester Co. VA I30541
2 Bowden, Edward  ca 1848Gloucester Co. VA I30578
3 Bowden, Emma Elizabeth  06 Nov 1882Gloucester Co. VA I30568
4 Bowden, Hester  ca 1835Gloucester Co. VA I30575
5 Bowden, James J.  ca 1841Gloucester Co. VA I30576
6 Bowden, John  29 Jul 1803Gloucester Co. VA I30570
7 Bowden, John  ca 1830Gloucester Co. VA I30573
8 Bowden, Joseph G.  ca 1843Gloucester Co. VA I30577
9 Bowden, Leila  12 Jan 1874Gloucester Co. VA I30537
10 Bowden, Mary  ca 1827Gloucester Co. VA I30572
11 Bowden, Thomas Bennett  29 Apr 1872Gloucester Co. VA I30567
12 Bowden, William G.  ca 1832Gloucester Co. VA I30574
13 BROTHERS, Lewis W.  16 Jul 1908Gloucester Co. VA I5891
14 CLUVERIUS, Elizabeth  1787Gloucester Co. VA I8041
15 CLUVERIUS, Gibson  Gloucester Co. VA I1017
16 CLUVERIUS, Jane  1801Gloucester Co. VA I6326
17 Corr, Frances  09 Mar 1784Gloucester Co. VA I30589
18 Guthrie, Frances  24 Mar 1775Gloucester Co. VA I30601
19 Hipkins, Mary  ca 1720Gloucester Co. VA I30618
20 HOBDAY, Frances (Fanny)  28 May 1761Gloucester Co. VA I7902
21 Jenkins, Annie Fisher  25 Jun 1874Gloucester Co. VA I30590
22 Jones, Dr. John T.  Gloucester Co. VA I26843
23 Pollard, Elizabeth (Polly)  ca 1739Gloucester Co. VA I30610
24 Roane, Alexander Jr.  ca 1748Gloucester Co. VA I30609
25 Roane, Charles S.  14 Oct 1776Gloucester Co. VA I30600
26 Roane, Maria  ca 1842Gloucester Co. VA I30586
27 Roane, Mary S.  ca 1849Gloucester Co. VA I30580
28 Roane, Sarah  29 Jul 1806Gloucester Co. VA I30571
29 Roane, Thomas  08 Mar 1781Gloucester Co. VA I30588
30 Roane, W. L.  ca 1845Gloucester Co. VA I30587
31 Roane, Wiley Pollard  10 Jun 1804Gloucester Co. VA I30598
32 Roane, William S.  23 Jan 1785Gloucester Co. VA I30629
33 SEAWELL, Benjamin  Abt 1801Gloucester Co. VA I7996
34 SEAWELL, Courtney  Between 1790 and 1794Gloucester Co. VA I6740
35 SEAWELL, John  6 Feb 1760Gloucester Co. VA I7901
36 SEAWELL, John H.  Abt 1822Gloucester Co. VA I7999
37 SEAWELL, Brigadier General Washington  1802Gloucester Co. VA I7997
38 VAN NAME, Dr. Arthur LaGrange (Doc) Jr.  13 Apr 1911Gloucester Co. VA I5889
39 WALKER, Capt. John  1654Gloucester Co. VA I6430
40 WALKER, Thomas  1652Gloucester Co. VA I8751


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOSWELL, Major Thomas  1797Gloucester Co. VA I7940
2 Bowden, John  15 Mar 1853Gloucester Co. VA I30570
3 Bowden, Richard Thomas  21 Mar 1914Gloucester Co. VA I30552
4 CLUVERIUS, Gibson  23 Feb 1789Gloucester Co. VA I1017
5 Guthrie, Frances  12 Aug 1823Gloucester Co. VA I30601
6 Hipkins, Mary  14 Jan 1799Gloucester Co. VA I30618
7 LOWRY, John  1821Gloucester Co. VA I8082
8 Pollard, Elizabeth (Polly)  ca 1794Gloucester Co. VA I30610
9 Roane, Alexander Jr.  Bef 2 Jun 1785Gloucester Co. VA I30609
10 Roane, Charles S.  07 Jul 1858Gloucester Co. VA I30600
11 Roane, William S.  ca 1816Gloucester Co. VA I30629
12 SEAWELL, John  1806Gloucester Co. VA I7901
13 West, Mary Ruth  09 Jan 1994Gloucester Co. VA I33944


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURRESS / Givans  24 Jul 1970Gloucester Co. VA F14132
2 BURRESS / Owens  10 Jun 1978Gloucester Co. VA F14133
3 BURRESS / West  24 Dec 1947Gloucester Co. VA F14131
4 CLUVERIUS / WHITING  4 Mar 1786Gloucester Co. VA F5953
5 LOWRY / WHITING  29 Sep 1791Gloucester Co. VA F5970
6 WALKER / CLUVERIUS  14 Dec 1828Gloucester Co. VA F4627


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 BURRESS / West  25 Nov 1957Gloucester Co. VA F14131