Davidson Co. TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bell, James S.  1803Davidson Co. TN I14049
2 Bell, Leander  12 Jun 1810Davidson Co. TN I14051
3 Bell, Samuel Green Jr.  1801Davidson Co. TN I14048
4 Bell, Rev. William M.  02 Mar 1806Davidson Co. TN I14050
5 Cockrill, Archer  17 Oct 1902Davidson Co. TN I31255
6 Cockrill, Charles Vernon  12 Aug 1904Davidson Co. TN I31256
7 Cockrill, Charles Vernon Jr.  20 Apr 1932Davidson Co. TN I31258
8 Cockrill, Emmaline Bell (Daisy)  08 Mar 1897Davidson Co. TN I31242
9 Cockrill, Frances Scott  Feb., 1901Davidson Co. TN I31253
10 Cockrill, Martha S.  26 May 1899Davidson Co. TN I31243
11 Cockrill, Mary Kingsbury  16 Aug 1940Davidson Co. TN I31260
12 Cockrill, Susan Foster  17 Oct 1903Davidson Co. TN I31254
13 Guynn, Dorothy  ca 1927Davidson Co. TN I22130
14 Guynn, Jocie Lee  ca 1925Davidson Co. TN I22129
15 Guynn, Selene  ca 1923Davidson Co. TN I22128
16 Madewell, Addie Marie  15 Jun 1920Davidson Co. TN I34848


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cockrill, Archer  Jan 1968Davidson Co. TN I31255
2 Cockrill, Charles Vernon Jr.  12 Aug 1934Davidson Co. TN I31258
3 Cockrill, Charles Vernon  31 Jul 1992Davidson Co. TN I31256
4 Cockrill, Emmaline Bell (Daisy)  Dec 1986Davidson Co. TN I31242
5 Cockrill, Frances Scott  22 Jun 1901Davidson Co. TN I31253
6 Cockrill, Susan Foster  24 Sep 1928Davidson Co. TN I31254
7 DOAK, Samuel  Aft 1794Davidson Co. TN I26484
8 Frady, Beatrice  ul. 11, 2009Davidson Co. TN I22580
9 Johnston, Mary (Polly)  05 Oct 2007Davidson Co. TN I31257
10 KIRK, Malissa J.  12 Aug 1910Davidson Co. TN I14030
11 Mitchell, Laura Lee  20 Jun 2004Davidson Co. TN I31856
12 OWENS, Robert Stanley  16 Jan 2008Davidson Co. TN I30158
13 Phifer, Clifford Winchester  23 Jul 1954Davidson Co. TN I34813
14 Phifer, James O.  06 May 1971Davidson Co. TN I34814