Danvers, Essex Co. MA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Bertram Smith  02 Sep 1928Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24210
2 Bennett, Donald Earl  1910Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24203
3 Bennett, Marian Louise  06 Jan 1921Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24207
4 Bennett, Rodney Augustus  02 Oct 1914Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24204
5 Bennett, Shirley  ca 1925Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24209
6 Bennett, Virginia E.  ca 1925Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24208
7 Blanchard, Frank Eben  07 Jun 1899Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24368
8 Blanchard, Irving Frank  21 Mar 1869Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12742
9 Call, Leonard Everett  10 Nov 1923Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12659
10 Call, Ruth  ca 1922Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24486
11 Chute, Elizabeth (Lizzie)  10 Jun 1891Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24476
12 Dickey, Susan Brown  05 Apr 1849Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12683
13 Hartman, Carrie Bell  Sep 1887Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24201
14 Hartman, Lucy B.  1911Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24197
15 Hartman, Myrtle Elizabeth  02 Jun 1898Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24232
16 Hartman, Nellie Mae  28 Nov 1901Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24254
17 Hartman, Oscar Albert  03 Nov 1885Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24195
18 Hartman, Roy Eugene  27 Sep 1889Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24226
19 Hartman, Roy Eugene Jr.  23 May 1913Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24228
20 Hartman, Warren Ainslee  23 Oct 1915Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24198
21 Hooper, Phillip  10 Oct 1938Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24278
22 Hooper, Roger E.  25 Jul 1906Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24276
23 Ingalls, Charles F.  Apr 1873Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12670
24 Ingalls, George A.  20 Feb 1899Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12671
25 Ingalls, Grace  15 Mar 1904Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12678
26 Ingalls, Hollis F.  10 Aug 1900Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12677
27 Ingalls, Howard Albert  05 Feb 1908Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12680
28 Ingalls, Miriam Ethel  08 Jun 1906Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12679
29 Ingalls, Richard Perry  1928Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24183
30 Jones, Dorothy M.  ca 1911Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24316
31 Jones, Harold S.  09 Aug 1899Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24317
32 Kimball, Mary L.  14 Nov 1877Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24339
33 Leighton, Bernice Dora  1926Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24347
34 Leighton, Doris Thelma  1928Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24348
35 Perry, Gertrude E.  17 Jun 1869Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24266
36 Peterson, Bruce  ca 1939Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24488
37 Raymond, Cyrus E.  ca 1858Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24190
38 Raymond, Lovalia S.  1856Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24189
39 Richardson, Mary J.  11 May 1848Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12681
40 RUSSELL, Albert William  23 Feb 1843Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12673
41 RUSSELL, Alice Elizabeth  1932Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24305
42 RUSSELL, Alice M.  ca 1868Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12684
43 RUSSELL, Alice M.  1919Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24462
44 RUSSELL, Annie Brown  12 Jul 1869Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12685
45 RUSSELL, Arthur Preston  09 Jul 1878Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24338
46 RUSSELL, Austin Scott  28 Jun 1888Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12660
47 RUSSELL, Beatrice  02 Dec 1894Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24295
48 RUSSELL, Beatrice Louise  09 Jan 1927Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24329
49 RUSSELL, Benjamin Franklin III  16 Jan 1851Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12654
50 RUSSELL, Benjamin Franklin IV  22 Nov 1890Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12661

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blanchard, Frank Eben  14 Feb 1974Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24368
2 Call, Frank Ezekiel  14 Feb 1964Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12658
3 Call, Frank Ezekiel  14 Feb 1964Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12751
4 Colbert, George G.  03 Aug 1971Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24291
5 COOK, Benjamin F.  23 Sep 1909Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24500
6 Hartman, Myrtle Elizabeth  Oct 1968Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24232
7 Hartman, Warren Ainslee  10 Jan 1983Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24198
8 Howe, Susan  02 Mar 1972Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24322
9 Ingalls, George A.  04 Jan 1981Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12671
10 Ingalls, Grace  06 Feb 2000Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12678
11 Ingalls, Howard Albert  24 Aug 1982Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12680
12 Ingalls, Miriam Ethel  30 Nov 1999Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12679
13 Jones, Harry G.  Aft 1940Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24315
14 Richardson, Mary J.  12 Jul 1892Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12681
15 RUSSELL, Albert William  Aft 1900Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12673
16 RUSSELL, Austin Scott  Jun 1967Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12660
17 RUSSELL, Benjamin Franklin Jr.  2 Oct 1890Danvers, Essex Co. MA I6971
18 RUSSELL, Benjamin Franklin III  22 Nov 1923Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12654
19 RUSSELL, Bertha Blanche  12 Mar 1974Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12741
20 RUSSELL, Charles Preston  Oct 1968Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24326
21 RUSSELL, Charles Preston Jr.  17 Sep 1984Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24328
22 RUSSELL, Charles Warren  06 Mar 1904Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12675
23 RUSSELL, Clara Anna  10 Aug 1952Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12662
24 RUSSELL, Clarence Albert  04 May 1872Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24318
25 RUSSELL, Clarence Wilford  27 Jul 1977Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24296
26 RUSSELL, Dora W.  Aft 1940Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24314
27 RUSSELL, Edmond N.  Bef 1920Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12676
28 RUSSELL, Edmund Needham  29 Aug 1849Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12692
29 RUSSELL, Edward  08 Sep 1849Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24367
30 RUSSELL, Ella F.  Aft 1910Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12686
31 RUSSELL, Ethel F.  11 Mar 2007Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24475
32 RUSSELL, George Warren  23 Jan 1880Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12672
33 RUSSELL, Gertrude Elizabeth  17 Apr 1990Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24273
34 RUSSELL, James Needham  05 Jan 1880Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12674
35 RUSSELL, Leonard Everett  22 Feb 1986Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12665
36 RUSSELL, Margaret Ellen (Nellie)  1948Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24193
37 RUSSELL, Marian  04 Feb 1905Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12753
38 RUSSELL, Martha D.  04 Oct 1875Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24366
39 RUSSELL, Rachel May  09 Oct 1956Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12657
40 RUSSELL, Ralph Chaplin  29 Jan 1920Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12745
41 RUSSELL, Richard Boynton  06 Nov 1897Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12750
42 RUSSELL, Ruth L.  16 Oct 1973Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12663
43 RUSSELL, Sarah Jane  20 Jan 1908Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12666
44 RUSSELL, Serene P.  26 Nov 1989Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24269
45 RUSSELL, Vernon Carl  26 Jun 1974Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24300
46 RUSSELL, Vernon Carl Jr.  12 Sep 2010Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24304
47 Tipert, Hilda Emma  Dec 1976Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24460
48 Wells, Ralph Hutson  26 Aug 1965Danvers, Essex Co. MA I24323
49 Wilson, George Alden  25 Jun 1882Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12667
50 Withey, Clara Anna  11 Apr 1938Danvers, Essex Co. MA I12656


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COOK / Waite  02 Jan 1886Danvers, Essex Co. MA F10891
2 COOK / Wilson  14 May 1865Danvers, Essex Co. MA F10890
3 Evans / RUSSELL  19 Jun 1901Danvers, Essex Co. MA F7326
4 Hartman / Banks  12 Jan 1910Danvers, Essex Co. MA F10799
5 Hartman / RUSSELL  06 May 1885Danvers, Essex Co. MA F10798
6 Henry / RUSSELL  23 Dec 1900Danvers, Essex Co. MA F7324
7 Jones / RUSSELL  06 Jul 1898Danvers, Essex Co. MA F10837
8 RUSSELL / Foster  11 Aug 1892Danvers, Essex Co. MA F10838
9 RUSSELL / Graves  24 Mar 1906Danvers, Essex Co. MA F10882
10 RUSSELL / Holman  14 Jul 1904Danvers, Essex Co. MA F7328
11 RUSSELL / Howe  27 Jun 1894Danvers, Essex Co. MA F10839
12 RUSSELL / Kimball  18 Dec 1901Danvers, Essex Co. MA F10847
13 RUSSELL / Perry  30 Nov 1887Danvers, Essex Co. MA F10824
14 RUSSELL / Richardson  01 May 1869Danvers, Essex Co. MA F7304
15 RUSSELL / Whitehouse  04 Oct 1892Danvers, Essex Co. MA F10833
16 Wilson / RUSSELL  10 Dec 1868Danvers, Essex Co. MA F7302