Chesterfield Co. VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Belcher, Isham  ca 1732Chesterfield Co. VA I35272
2 Clay, Amey  ca 1708Chesterfield Co. VA I35948
3 Clay, Elizabeth  ca 1735Chesterfield Co. VA I34
4 Clay, Henry  1672Chesterfield Co. VA I35289
5 Eubank, Frances  ca 1923Chesterfield Co. VA I26387
6 Eubank, Helen V.  ca 1924Chesterfield Co. VA I26386
7 Eubank, Leonard Vincent  ca 1921Chesterfield Co. VA I26385
8 Eubank, Marian  ca 1919Chesterfield Co. VA I26383
9 Eubank, Milton H.  ca 1916Chesterfield Co. VA I26382
10 Eubank, Thomas A.  ca 1914Chesterfield Co. VA I26381
11 Eubank, Thomas Leonard  26 Jun 1887Chesterfield Co. VA I26380
12 Eubank, Woodrow W.  18 Feb 1917Chesterfield Co. VA I26384
13 Hopson, Dorothy Tucker  03 Oct 1925Chesterfield Co. VA I26389
14 Hopson, Grace E.  ca 1919Chesterfield Co. VA I26376
15 Hopson, Margaret E.  24 Nov 1916Chesterfield Co. VA I26375
16 Hopson, Mary Rosa  18 Mar 1924Chesterfield Co. VA I26379
17 Hopson, Rachel E.  12 Jan 1922Chesterfield Co. VA I26378
18 Hopson, William Wellingon  04 Jun 1881Chesterfield Co. VA I26374
19 Hopson, William Wellingon Jr.  22 Feb 1920Chesterfield Co. VA I26377
20 Lambert, Bruce Allen  16 Sep 1957Chesterfield Co. VA I28999
21 Mann, Barbara Jewel  04 Apr 1924Chesterfield Co. VA I26404
22 Mann, Robert C.  18 Jul 1891Chesterfield Co. VA I26403
23 Mitchell, Mary  16 Jan 1693Chesterfield Co. VA I35290
24 Motley, Fay D.  ca 1939Chesterfield Co. VA I26372
25 Motley, Maston Davis  18 Mar 1914Chesterfield Co. VA I26371
26 Overby, William Epps  28 Dec 1818Chesterfield Co. VA I8344
27 Puckett, Mary  29 Jun 1920Chesterfield Co. VA I26373
28 RAGLAND, John Shelton  14 Oct 1904Chesterfield Co. VA I5974
29 RUSSELL, Anne E.  ca 1914Chesterfield Co. VA I13457
30 RUSSELL, Charles Clement Jr.  ca 1936Chesterfield Co. VA I26420
31 RUSSELL, Frances F.  ca 1921Chesterfield Co. VA I13463
32 RUSSELL, John W.  ca 1916Chesterfield Co. VA I13458
33 RUSSELL, Katherine E.  ca 1926Chesterfield Co. VA I13465
34 RUSSELL, Martha H.  ca 1918Chesterfield Co. VA I13459
35 RUSSELL, Vincent M.  ca 1923Chesterfield Co. VA I13464
36 Tucker, Anderson J.  12 Feb 1852Chesterfield Co. VA I26360
37 Tucker, Andrew Jackson Jr.  28 Jan 1919Chesterfield Co. VA I26367
38 Tucker, Andrew Jackson (Hank) Sr.  31 Jul 1897Chesterfield Co. VA I26363
39 Tucker, Annie M.  May 1892Chesterfield Co. VA I26361
40 Tucker, Charlotte  23 Dec 1925Chesterfield Co. VA I26370
41 Tucker, Edith M.  20 Jun 1921Chesterfield Co. VA I26368
42 Tucker, Garland Reames  10 Oct 1923Chesterfield Co. VA I26369
43 Tucker, Grace Estelle  03 Oct 1894Chesterfield Co. VA I26362
44 Tucker, Helen Eugenia  ca 1901Chesterfield Co. VA I26364
45 Tucker, Woodlef Clement  13 Jan 1903Chesterfield Co. VA I26365
46 VINCENT, Charles Clement  30 May 1822Chesterfield Co. VA I7866


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Betty Joan  09 Mar 1996Chesterfield Co. VA I5913
2 Andrews, Edith Mann  Feb 1983Chesterfield Co. VA I26366
3 CHRISTIAN, Alvis Mastin  19 Nov 1988Chesterfield Co. VA I17426
4 Clay, Henry  03 Aug 1760Chesterfield Co. VA I35289
5 CLUVERIUS, Thelma Walker  05 Dec 1985Chesterfield Co. VA I5879
6 Daugherty, Mary Magdaline (Maggie)  15 Feb 1997Chesterfield Co. VA I32702
7 Duncan, Virgil Kermit  16 Dec 1997Chesterfield Co. VA I31484
8 Holt, Edna Mae  Oct 1978Chesterfield Co. VA I26401
9 Hopson, Dorothy Tucker  25 Oct 1926Chesterfield Co. VA I26389
10 Hopson, Margaret E.  22 Sep 2004Chesterfield Co. VA I26375
11 Hopson, Rachel E.  28 Feb 2010Chesterfield Co. VA I26378
12 Markham, Hyla  15 Mar 1980Chesterfield Co. VA I13462
13 Miller, Anna Middleton  24 Dec 2006Chesterfield Co. VA I30906
14 Mitchell, Mary  07 Aug 1777Chesterfield Co. VA I35290
15 Motley, Maston Davis  08 Sep 1996Chesterfield Co. VA I26371
16 Nuckols, Nannie Winfrey  19 Jun 1982Chesterfield Co. VA I23621
17 OVERBY, Andrew S.  25 Nov 1877Chesterfield Co. VA I5945
18 RUSSELL, Charles Francis (Frank)  24 Oct 1933Chesterfield Co. VA I5948
19 RUSSELL, Francis Vincent  15 Nov 1972Chesterfield Co. VA I13455
20 Tate, Geraldine  11 Jun 2008Chesterfield Co. VA I32706
21 Tucker, Anderson J.  01 Jun 1917Chesterfield Co. VA I26360
22 Tucker, Charlotte  14 Apr 1995Chesterfield Co. VA I26370
23 Tucker, Edith M.  06 Feb 2004Chesterfield Co. VA I26368
24 Tucker, Garland Reames  29 Jun 2002Chesterfield Co. VA I26369
25 VIA, Ann Elizabeth (Bettie)  07 Jan 1931Chesterfield Co. VA I5955
26 Via, Lula B.  20 Nov 1950Chesterfield Co. VA I13468
27 VINCENT, Rosa D.  Aft 1930Chesterfield Co. VA I26325


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Belcher / Clay  ca 1759Chesterfield Co. VA F1
2 Belcher / Royall  28 May 1789Chesterfield Co. VA F14565
3 DRISKILL / Drumheller  20 Aug 1976Chesterfield Co. VA F12910
4 Ferguson / Ozmar   11 Jul 1970Chesterfield Co. VA F13745


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 DRISKILL / ANDERSON  12 Aug 1976Chesterfield Co. VA F4477
2 DRISKILL / Drumheller  13 Feb 1979Chesterfield Co. VA F12910
3 Ward / Combs  28 Nov 1973Chesterfield Co. VA F14521