Barnwell Co. SC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bush, William Burgess  02 Jun 1789Barnwell Co. SC I10732
2 CASTELLAW, Benjamin  1775Barnwell Co. SC I7727
3 CASTELLAW, James B.  1773Barnwell Co. SC I7726
4 CASTELLAW, James G.  20 Oct 1795Barnwell Co. SC I11108
5 CASTELLAW, John  Bef 1802Barnwell Co. SC I11292
6 CASTELLAW, John Bryant  1770Barnwell Co. SC I7725
7 CASTELLAW, Sarah  1767Barnwell Co. SC I7723
8 CASTELLAW, Sarah  1810Barnwell Co. SC I11293
9 CASTELLAW, Stephen Henry  1805Barnwell Co. SC I11138
10 CASTELLAW, William  1802Barnwell Co. SC I11137
11 Dicks, Josiah  05 Dec 1780Barnwell Co. SC I10737
12 Johnson, Mary  ca 1781Barnwell Co. SC I10735
13 Johnson, Sarah  20 Dec 1783Barnwell Co. SC I10736
14 Johnson, William  1779Barnwell Co. SC I10734
15 PHILPOT, Anderson  1810Barnwell Co. SC I11089
16 PHILPOT, Daniel  ca 1764Barnwell Co. SC I7728
17 PHILPOT, David  1805Barnwell Co. SC I11088
18 PHILPOT, David Alexander  1816Barnwell Co. SC I11075
19 PHILPOT, Harvey Robinson  1813Barnwell Co. SC I11074
20 PHILPOT, James Castellaw  1789Barnwell Co. SC I11072
21 PHILPOT, James Castellaw Jr.  1821Barnwell Co. SC I11077
22 PHILPOT, John Newman  1787Barnwell Co. SC I11067
23 PHILPOT, Margaret  1818Barnwell Co. SC I11076
24 PHILPOT, Mary Ann  22 Dec 1826Barnwell Co. SC I11079
25 PHILPOT, Thomas Newman  1823Barnwell Co. SC I11078


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CASTELLAW, Charlotte  28 Jun 1806Barnwell Co. SC I7690
2 CASTELLAW, James Jr.  26 Sep 1785Barnwell Co. SC I7381
3 CASTELLAW, Penelope  28 Dec 1835Barnwell Co. SC I7691
4 CASTELLAW, Sarah  1830Barnwell Co. SC I7723
5 CASTELLAW, Thomas  10 Apr 1790Barnwell Co. SC I7384
6 Dicks, Josiah  13 Dec 1850Barnwell Co. SC I10737
7 Johnson, Joseph  ca 1784Barnwell Co. SC I10733
8 Johnson, Sarah  03 Jun 1848Barnwell Co. SC I10736
9 PHILPOT, Daniel  1834Barnwell Co. SC I7728
10 WILLIAMS, Sarah Ashley  1750Barnwell Co. SC I7684


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Johnson / CASTELLAW  1778Barnwell Co. SC F6760
2 PHILPOT /   1835Barnwell Co. SC F6850
3 PHILPOT / CASTELLAW  1785Barnwell Co. SC F5188