Altamont, Grundy Co. TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Coppinger, Carrie Hadley  19 Aug 1875Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I14866
2 Fults, Mary Lou  24 Oct 1907Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15753
3 TATE, Harris B. (Link)  15 Jun 1872Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15013
4 TATE, John Robert  12 Jan 1918Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15736
5 TATE, Josiah B.  15 Sep 1863Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15006
6 TATE, Linda  Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15743
7 TATE, Louise  July 04, 1876,Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15015
8 TATE, Melba  31 Jul 1940Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15745
9 TATE, Owen K. (Tookie)  16 Jul 1935Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15742
10 TATE, Peggy  Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15738
11 TATE, Stella Mae  1867Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15009
12 TATE, William L.  18 Nov 1870Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15011
13 TATE, William Thomas {Tommy)  1932Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dutton, Serena America  18 May 1932Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I14855
2 Fults, Mary Lou  06 Dec 1963Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15753
3 Gross, Flora Belle  18 Nov 1969Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15014
4 Killian, Jesse  20 Aug 1947Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15016
5 Lockhart, Elizabeth (Betty)  03 Feb 1933Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15005
6 TATE, Harris B. (Link)  22 Oct 1920Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15013
7 TATE, James D.  12 Aug 1849Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I14849
8 TATE, Louise  14 Jan 1941Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15015
9 TATE, Melba  01 Jun 2001Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I15745
10 TATE, Robert David Richard  08 Feb 1926Altamont, Grundy Co. TN I14854