Wise County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Helen  Abt 1845Wise County, Virginia I5656
2 BAKER, James M.  Abt 1858Wise County, Virginia I5661
3 BAKER, Jefferson  Abt 1854Wise County, Virginia I5659
4 BAKER, Lucinda Jane  Abt 1856Wise County, Virginia I5660
5 BAKER, Martha  Abt 1862Wise County, Virginia I5662
6 BAKER, Sarah  Abt 1865Wise County, Virginia I5663
7 GILLEY, Laura Ellen  01 Jul 1884Wise County, Virginia I5709
8 TATE, Anna E.  Abt 1866Wise County, Virginia I5667
9 TATE, Anna Maude  Jul 1889Wise County, Virginia I5683
10 TATE, Augustus A.  Abt 1879Wise County, Virginia I5676
11 TATE, Bessie  03 Feb 1897Wise County, Virginia I5701
12 TATE, Della  22 Jan 1892Wise County, Virginia I5684
13 TATE, Dennie B.  04 May 1887Wise County, Virginia I5604
14 TATE, Eddie F.  Jan 1887Wise County, Virginia I5697
15 TATE, Elbert Luther  31 Oct 1885Wise County, Virginia I5682
16 TATE, Elbert Sewell  18 Apr 1903Wise County, Virginia I5703
17 TATE, Elisha  3 Nov 1856Wise County, Virginia I5623
18 TATE, Eliza J.  1864Wise County, Virginia I5666
19 TATE, Emory L.  Abt 1868Wise County, Virginia I5668
20 TATE, Esther  Abt 1875Wise County, Virginia I5671
21 TATE, George Strayley Sr.  20 Aug 1892Wise County, Virginia I5699
22 TATE, Hattie  Dec 1894Wise County, Virginia I5700
23 TATE, Henry N.  Mar 1889Wise County, Virginia I5698
24 TATE, James  Abt 1878Wise County, Virginia I5672
25 TATE, James Paul  27 Feb 1909Wise County, Virginia I5693
26 TATE, Jennie Atheline  15 Dec 1917Wise County, Virginia I5708
27 TATE, Jenny A  Abt 1818Wise County, Virginia I5681
28 TATE, Joanna  Abt 1872Wise County, Virginia I5670
29 TATE, Joel Peter  8 Feb 1870Wise County, Virginia I5627
30 TATE, John B.  Abt 1861Wise County, Virginia I5665
31 TATE, Judge Patrick  06 Apr 1898Wise County, Virginia I5687
32 TATE, Laura B.  09 Jul 1881Wise County, Virginia I5695
33 TATE, Laura C.  Abt 1880Wise County, Virginia I5673
34 TATE, Lawerence  15 Dec 1907Wise County, Virginia I5692
35 TATE, Leanah J.  02 Jan 1859Wise County, Virginia I5624
36 TATE, Lura A.  27 Apr 1903Wise County, Virginia I5689
37 TATE, Mack McCorckle  03 Jan 1900Wise County, Virginia I5702
38 TATE, McHenry  Jun 1888Wise County, Virginia I5674
39 TATE, Molly B.  1872Wise County, Virginia I5628
40 TATE, Nancy Adeline  25 Jun 1867Wise County, Virginia I5626
41 TATE, Ollie  05 Jul 1901Wise County, Virginia I5688
42 TATE, Owen  Abt 1870Wise County, Virginia I5669
43 TATE, Robert Belt  13 Jun 1865Wise County, Virginia I5625
44 TATE, Sarah K.  27 Feb 1905Wise County, Virginia I5690
45 TATE, Stella M.  17 Aug 1902Wise County, Virginia I5706
46 TATE, Vernoy (Vanny) (Brownie)  30 Jul 1894Wise County, Virginia I5685
47 TATE, Vinetta (Nettie)  Oct 1896Wise County, Virginia I5686
48 TATE, Wade Hampton  08 Mar 1885Wise County, Virginia I5696


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Jesse M  7 Feb 1896Wise County, Virginia I5655


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 TATE / LANSDOWN  1849Wise County, Virginia F4096
2 TATE / STEWART  20 Jan 1885Wise County, Virginia F4092