Somerset Co. MD



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Abigail  15 Sep 1677Somerset Co. MD I10617
2 Alexander, Abigail  ca 1693Somerset Co. MD I10654
3 Alexander, Col. Adam  28 Sep 1728Somerset Co. MD I10709
4 Alexander, Agnes  ca 1705Somerset Co. MD I10707
5 Alexander, Agnes  1705Somerset Co. MD I10708
6 Alexander, Andrew  ca 1717Somerset Co. MD I10652
7 Alexander, Capt. Charles  1735Somerset Co. MD I10710
8 Alexander, Elias  26 Feb 1679Somerset Co. MD I10618
9 Alexander, Ezekiel  ca 1725Somerset Co. MD I10711
10 Alexander, Francis  ca 1695Somerset Co. MD I10659
11 Alexander, Henry Jr.  ca 1720Somerset Co. MD I10631
12 Alexander, Jane  1691Somerset Co. MD I10642
13 Alexander, Mary  ca 1698Somerset Co. MD I10644
14 Alexander, Sophia  ca 1692Somerset Co. MD I10643
15 Alexander, William  ca 1704Somerset Co. MD I10647
16 Clapham, Francis  Bef 1690Somerset Co. MD I10655
17 McKnitt, Jane  ca1698Somerset Co. MD I10675
18 McKnitt, Margaret  26 Dec 1693Somerset Co. MD I10673
19 McKnitt, William  1696Somerset Co. MD I10674
20 Wallace, Catherine  1673Somerset Co. MD I10609
21 Wallace, David  1681Somerset Co. MD I10668
22 Wallace, Dorothy  ca 1687Somerset Co. MD I10605
23 Wallace, Ezekiel  ca 1680Somerset Co. MD I10612
24 Wallace, Isabella  1690Somerset Co. MD I10671
25 Wallace, James  1670Somerset Co. MD I10613
26 Wallace, Jane  1662Somerset Co. MD I10611
27 Wallace, John  1668Somerset Co. MD I10614
28 Wallace, Mary  ca 1684Somerset Co. MD I10669
29 Wallace, Matthew Jr.  1672Somerset Co. MD I10610
30 Wallace, Oliver  ca 1691Somerset Co. MD I10672
31 Wallace, Richard  ca 1683Somerset Co. MD I10606
32 Wallace, Samuel  ca 1667Somerset Co. MD I10608
33 Wallace, Thomas  ca 1682Somerset Co. MD I10607
34 Wallace, William  ca 1686Somerset Co. MD I10670


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Henry Sr.  1727Somerset Co. MD I10629
2 Ball, George Andrew  08 Sep 1998Somerset Co. MD I33218
3 McKnitt, John Sr.  1708Somerset Co. MD I10664
4 WELCH, Gaylord  04 Aug 1995Somerset Co. MD I24626


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Alexander /   1700Somerset Co. MD F6730
2 Alexander / Alexander  1709Somerset Co. MD F6733
3 Alexander / McKnitt  ca 1686Somerset Co. MD F6732
4 Clapham / Alexander  1710Somerset Co. MD F6734