Princeton, Mercer Co. WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Damewood, Doris  20 Jun 1926Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I19574
2 Damewood, Frank  15 Apr 1925Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I19573
3 Damewood, Fred C.  1927Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I19577
4 Damewood, Jack  14 Nov 1919Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I19571
5 Damewood, Mack  24 Apr 1923Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I19572
6 Damewood, Mary M.  ca 1931Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I19575
7 Hale, Richard Austin  27 Mar 1924Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I34196
8 Hartman, Raymond Daniel  20 Oct 1919Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I31940
9 Hypes, Ada Laura  17 Jul 1886Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I12437
10 Hypes, Anna Mae  17 Oct 1910Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I12429
11 Hypes, Clayton Wallingford  17 Jan 1911Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I12482
12 Hypes, David Luck  18 Feb 1917Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I12432
13 Hypes, Mabel Etheney  06 Mar 1908Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I12481
14 Hypes, William Theodore  16 Sep 1912Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I12430
15 Sanders, Caroline St. Clair (Carole)  10 Apr 1919Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I30862
16 Suiter, Katherine Alma  23 Jan 1913Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I19569
17 Suiter, Roger  21 May 1939Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I19580
18 Teaford, Marian Viola  12 Jun 1924Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I32372


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALTIZER, Douglas Colvard  31 Jul 1999Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I31882
2 Asbury, George Henry  15 Sep 1964Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I19383
3 BEAVERS, Ruby  09 Nov 2011Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I26657
4 CHRISTIAN, Berlin  18 Dec 1988Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I26004
5 CHRISTIAN, Rev. George Riley  24 May 1946Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I9920
6 HAMMOND, Elizabeth Cornelia  21 Nov 1932Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I5211
7 Hartman, Arthur Arnold  19 Dec 1960Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I31937
8 Herndon, Arthur M.  13 Jan 1939Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I34096
9 Herndon, Viola E.  Sep 1985Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I34175
10 Hypes, Della Sue  1965Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I9506
11 Hypes, Emory Eugene  19 May 2003Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I9517
12 Hypes, Ernest Lewis  15 Oct 1988Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I12447
13 Hypes, Jessie Luther  May 1966Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I9502
14 Hypes, Mary Ann  24 May 1941Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I9501
15 Hypes, Rena Alma  07 Dec 1982Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I9507
16 Hypes, William Walker  14 Aug 1950Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I8935
17 Parker, Rollings B.  Nov 1974Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I34176
18 PERALDO, Ernest E.  02 Dec 2011Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I5463
19 Rushbrook, Myrtle Corana  16 Dec 1995Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I24898
20 Sarver, William  1893Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I9735
21 Sarver, William  1983Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I9736
22 Sharrett, Ruth Elizabeth  23 May 2002Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I31855
23 Sowers, Grace  19 Sep 1930Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I34251
24 Stillwell, Charlie William  29 Sep 1992Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I31713
25 Tanner, Virginia (Jenny)  16 May 1960Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I12436
26 Taylor, Albert Channing  12 Dec 1957Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I10404
27 WHITAKER, Lloyd S.  19 Feb 2001Princeton, Mercer Co. WV I24903


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cooper / Hypes  17 Apr 1925Princeton, Mercer Co. WV F6362
2 Hypes / Bledsoe  16 Sep 1917Princeton, Mercer Co. WV F6357
3 James / Suiter  23 Aug 1937Princeton, Mercer Co. WV F9445
4 Strother / Dillon  05 Jan 1920Princeton, Mercer Co. WV F14256
5 Swim / Damewood  30 Mar 1944Princeton, Mercer Co. WV F9440
6 WHITAKER / SPENCER  01 Sep 1945Princeton, Mercer Co. WV F106