Norton, Wise Co. VA



Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Body, Horace Ney  02 Oct 1898Norton, Wise Co. VA I15632
2 Bowles, Walter Garfield  11 Apr 1887Norton, Wise Co. VA I31834
3 PACK, Una Zell  04 Aug 1902Norton, Wise Co. VA I2965
4 Stewart, Kathleen Marie  20 Jan 1916Norton, Wise Co. VA I33862
5 Thomas, Lyda Irene  14 Jul 1919Norton, Wise Co. VA I33861


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Ted Allen  29 Aug 2012Norton, Wise Co. VA I31413
2 BARRETT, Rebecca Jane  23 Feb 1959Norton, Wise Co. VA I2935
3 Carter, Harvey Richard  15 Nov 1965Norton, Wise Co. VA I32965
4 Counts, James Palmer  21 Sep 1969Norton, Wise Co. VA I8207
5 OWENS, Gladys  21 Mar 1923Norton, Wise Co. VA I30156
6 PACK, Elender (Ella)  25 Jul 1970Norton, Wise Co. VA I2931
7 Ramey, Paul Meade  09 Jan 1994Norton, Wise Co. VA I33186
8 Ramey, Roy Roscoe  03 Jan 1964Norton, Wise Co. VA I33185
9 Stewart, Kathleen Marie  28 Aug 1978Norton, Wise Co. VA I33862
10 TATE, Clarence Browning  16 Feb 1927Norton, Wise Co. VA I14146
11 TATE, Elbert Sewell  27 Jan 1955Norton, Wise Co. VA I5703
12 TATE, George Strayley Sr.  29 Mar 1965Norton, Wise Co. VA I5699
13 TATE, Ora Howard  20 Mar 1967Norton, Wise Co. VA I32781
14 Thomas, Edward Wallace  06 Aug 1941Norton, Wise Co. VA I33853
15 Thomas, Ellis  26 Jul 1918Norton, Wise Co. VA I33864
16 Thomas, Hannah Margaret  19 Aug 1982Norton, Wise Co. VA I33856
17 Young, Freddie Gaston  19 Jan 1962Norton, Wise Co. VA I22102