Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hypes, Add Dewey  21 Oct 1899Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12445
2 Hypes, Edgar  19 Apr 1905Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12448
3 Hypes, Ernest Lewis  05 Nov 1903Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12447
4 Hypes, Ethel Etta  05 Feb 1902Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12446
5 Hypes, Frazier William  10 Dec 1892Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12441
6 Hypes, Germin  24 May 1888Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12438
7 Hypes, Hallie Ruth  29 Dec 1907Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12449
8 Hypes, Howard Asbury  19 Jan 1895Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12442
9 Hypes, John  29 Dec 1898Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12444
10 Hypes, Luther Walton  10 Apr 1889Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12439
11 Hypes, Mattie Mae  18 Dec 1890Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12440
12 Hypes, Ruby  26 Apr 1910Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12450
13 Hypes, Virginia (Virgie)  07 May 1897Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12443
14 Shrader, William S.  30 May 1882Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV  I22253


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hypes, Germin  25 May 1888Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12438
2 Hypes, Hallie Ruth  28 Feb 1995Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12449
3 Hypes, John  03 Jan 1899Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12444
4 Hypes, Virginia (Virgie)  11 Apr 1917Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I12443


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Shrader, William S.  Littlesburg, Mercer Co. WV I22253