Lancaster Co. SC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cousar, James H.  ca 1812Lancaster Co. SC I14044
2 Crockett, Margaret McClanahan  02 Oct 1787Lancaster Co. SC I11527
3 Harper, Andrew K.  06 Aug 1787Lancaster Co. SC I28384
4 HARPER, Mary (Polly)  18 Aug 1813Lancaster Co. SC I7518
5 Harper, Sarah  04 Nov 1778Lancaster Co. SC I28381
6 Harper, William A. III  ca 1774Lancaster Co. SC I28380
7 KIRK, Agnes  1789Lancaster Co. SC I14013
8 KIRK, Agnes  1803Lancaster Co. SC I7462
9 KIRK, Agnes Ann  1824Lancaster Co. SC I7522
10 KIRK, Asenath Henrietta (Etta)  27 Sep 1844Lancaster Co. SC I13969
11 KIRK, Charlotte Carolina  1831Lancaster Co. SC I13966
12 KIRK, Eleanor  1790Lancaster Co. SC I14014
13 KIRK, Elizabeth  1784Lancaster Co. SC I14009
14 KIRK, Elizabeth Charlotte  17 Mar 1826Lancaster Co. SC I7523
15 KIRK, Elizabeth Cousar  20 Oct 1810Lancaster Co. SC I14041
16 KIRK, Grace  13 Oct 1802Lancaster Co. SC I7464
17 KIRK, Grace  8 Feb 1822Lancaster Co. SC I7521
18 KIRK, Hugh  1786Lancaster Co. SC I14011
19 KIRK, Isabella  ca 1840Lancaster Co. SC I13986
20 KIRK, Dr. James Dixon  3 Aug 1833Lancaster Co. SC I7456
21 KIRK, Jane  10 Aug 1785Lancaster Co. SC I14010
22 KIRK, Janette (Jincy)  9 Dec 1817Lancaster Co. SC I7520
23 KIRK, John Jr.  1780Lancaster Co. SC I14008
24 KIRK, John Cousar  ca 1812Lancaster Co. SC I14033
25 KIRK, Martha  1787Lancaster Co. SC I14012
26 KIRK, Mary  1779Lancaster Co. SC I14007
27 KIRK, Mary  25 Oct 1813Lancaster Co. SC I7519
28 KIRK, Mary Jane  27 Feb 1826Lancaster Co. SC I7461
29 KIRK, Matthew Biggart  18 Feb 1812Lancaster Co. SC I7466
30 KIRK, Nancy Cousar  1813Lancaster Co. SC I14043
31 KIRK, Robert Butler  03 Mar 1838Lancaster Co. SC I13968
32 KIRK, Dr. Robert Nathaniel  6 Feb 1820Lancaster Co. SC I7454
33 KIRK, Tirzah  30 Sep 1830Lancaster Co. SC I7524
34 KIRK, Tirzeah Ann  26 Apr 1836Lancaster Co. SC I13967
35 KIRK, William  14 May 1790Lancaster Co. SC I7452
36 KIRK, William  24 Mar 1828Lancaster Co. SC I7455
37 MCILLWAIN, Elizabeth  12 Sept 1790Lancaster Co. SC I7453
38 McIllwain, Robert  ca 1750Lancaster Co. SC I14002
39 McMurray, Col. William Harper  27 Sep 1801Lancaster Co. SC I28383
40 Montgomery, Eleanor  ca 1751Lancaster Co. SC I14004
41 Redden, Raymond Dial  01 Oct 1821Lancaster Co. SC I13988
42 WALKER, Andrew  ca 1774Lancaster Co. SC I7467
43 Wrenn, Theodore  03 Mar 1798Lancaster Co. SC I14042


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Martha  01 Jan 1815Lancaster Co. SC I28371
2 Harper, Andrew K.  01 Sep 1833Lancaster Co. SC I28384
3 Harper, Benjamin  12 Jun 1801Lancaster Co. SC I28370
4 Harper, Dr. Daniel  15 Jul 1791Lancaster Co. SC I28376
5 HARPER, Mary (Polly)  23 Oct 1894Lancaster Co. SC I7518
6 Harper, Robert  1777Lancaster Co. SC I28373
7 Harper, Sarah  16 Oct 1860Lancaster Co. SC I28381
8 Harper, William  1777Lancaster Co. SC I28368
9 Harper, William Jr.  19 Sep 1813Lancaster Co. SC I28378
10 Harper, William A. III  05 Feb 1831Lancaster Co. SC I28380
11 KIRK, Agnes Ann  1824Lancaster Co. SC I7522
12 KIRK, Elizabeth Cousar  02 Sep 1846Lancaster Co. SC I14041
13 KIRK, Grace  27 Nov 1880Lancaster Co. SC I7464
14 KIRK, Matthew Biggart  07 Jan 1852Lancaster Co. SC I7466
15 KIRK, Robert  Bef 22 Mar 1843Lancaster Co. SC I7449
16 Knox, Margaret  1780Lancaster Co. SC I28369
17 McIllwain, Robert  Aft 1820Lancaster Co. SC I14002
18 McKee, William  17 Jul 1838Lancaster Co. SC I28264
19 McMurray, John  03 Sep 1813Lancaster Co. SC I28382
20 Montgomery, Hugh  1783Lancaster Co. SC I14005
21 Shaver, John M.  15 May 1890Lancaster Co. SC I14003
22 Stillman, Thomas Traynham  31 Dec 2003Lancaster Co. SC I36508
23 Wrenn, Theodore  08 Aug 1840Lancaster Co. SC I14042
24 Young, Anne  16 Jul 1841Lancaster Co. SC I28379