Robert TATE, Sr.

Male 1750 - 1806  (~ 56 years)

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  • Name Robert TATE 
    Suffix Sr. 
    Born BETW 1745-1750  Augusta Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
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    Died 24 Jul 1806  Moccasin Creek, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • DAR ID Number 149364 has Robert's DOD as 1832.

      Robert Tate
      Date: Nov 21, 1792
      Location: Augusta Co., VA

      Tate Families of the Southern States, Volume II, by Laura Mentzel and Ethel Updike, 1984

      Robert Tate was not as active in civic affairs and less is known of him.

      Robert Tate Sr. received a land grant of 174 acres in Fincastle, County, VA on December 13, 1774 on Big Moccasin Creek, North Fork of Holston River. On April 20, 1784 he received a land patent of 250 acres in Washington County, VA on both sides of Big Moccasin Creek on a spur of Clinch Mountain on the Holston River some three miles from Col. John Tate. In 1781 he and his brother, John swore allegiance to the United States in Washington County, VA. In 1781.

      In Nov. 1781, John Tate, Robert Tate, William Huston and John Wood were appointed to appraise the estate of Francis Fugate deceased, who was killed by a fall from his horse.

      The following legal petition was filed in 1785 and signed by several Tates.

      This is a petition asking the House of Delegates of VA to place a line "fixed along Clinch Mountain and Montgomery line to the Carolina line" to separate them from Washington Co. These inhabitants include those of Clinch River, Moccasin Creek, Powels Valley, north branch of Holstein River, and "others." Dated Dec. 9, 1785. Washington Co., VA, is in the far southern section of VA, just before the border into TN and not far from NC. Signers of this petition are: John TATE, Thomas TATE, Robert TATE, Jr., Rober TATE, Sr.

      He was an Ensign of the Militia in 1786, while his brother, John was a Lieutenant.



      Sources: Fincastle County, VA, Deed Book, page 80, 81; Russell County, VA will Book 2, page 132; Deed Book 5, pages 537, 539; History of Southwest VA, by Lewis Summers, page 389, 843; David Faris; Leland B. Tate letter; April 1783 to View Road; May 1786 Robert Appointed Ensign or 2nd Lieutenant of Militia; April 1787 Appointed Full Lieutenant.

      Robert Tate was a contemporary with and associated in many court affairs with Col. John Tate. Robert Tate's will did not mention that most of his children were minors, but they were. On October 10, 1816, John Tate and wife Dicey, James Tate and wife Ruth, Robert Tate and wife Susannah, Alexander Tate and wife Delilah, Aaron Tate and wife Betsey and Marady Price and wife Polly, all of Warren County, TN, of the first part to Joseph Tate of Russell County, VA, the home place. The same land this Robert Tate acquired in 1774 and 1784, adjacent to Richard Davis and Hullams, witnessed by John Rodgers and Reuben Berryman. All of the males signed, and Mary (Polly) Tate signed her right of dower to her son Joseph Tate.

      Source: Excerpts from Rebels, Saints and Sinners, An Ancestral History of the Southern States, by Dennis Armfield Tate, 2000

      He received a land grant of 174 acres on December 13, 1774 on Big Moccasin Creek, North Fork of the Holston River in Fincastle County, VA. It begins near Hansonville and is a long valley extending to near Big Moccasin Gap in Scott County, VA. The Valley is paralleled by Clinch Mountain on the South and Moccasin Ridge on the North. Moccasin Valley adjoins Washington County, VA at the top of Clinch Mountain and Scott County, VA to the South. Big Moccasin Creek extends the entire length of the valley flowing into the north fork of the Holston River near Big Moccasin Gap. The story is told that early settlers coming through the valley found Indian moccasin footprints in the soft mud on the banks of the creek. This, the name Moccasin Creek and later Moccasin Valley. The naming of the creek has been attributed to Daniel Boone in about 1769.

      Sources: Annals of Southwest Virginia 1769-1800 by Lewis Preston Summers, Page 843; Copies of Washington County, VA court minutes, Minute Book 1, pages 113, 144 and 188.

      Robert Tate, who, resided in Washington County, VA, assisted in establishing independence while acting in the capacity of a Surveyor of the Road and as a member of a Jury, qualifying him for service as a patriot in the Revolutionary War. He was a Surveyor of the Road from May 14, 1781 until April 16, 1783. He service on a Jury in 1782.

      Source: Heritage of Russell County, VA 975.5755 D3h

      It is also probable that Robert served with the "Kings Mountain Men" a group of militia formed in his area, however we have not yet found documentation to support this. The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) has a concise application on Robert Tate and list all of his sources regarding his service. Descendants have been admitted into the association.

      Brand of Robert Tate's livestock:

      Ordered that Robert Tate's mark for his livestock a crop in the right ear and crop of the left ear be recorded. Washington County, May 16, 1782.


      On Dec. 13, 1774 surveyors for Fincastle County Virginia surveyed a tract of 174 acres on Moccasin Creek in what is now Russell County, Virginia This tract was granted to Robert Tate.

      On May 1, 1782 Washington County Virginia issued land grants of 250 acres to Robert Tate and 100 acres to John Tate, both on Moccasin Creek. On February 20, 1793 William Tate bought 145 acres on Moccasin Creek adjoining the 424 acres granted to Robert Tate.

      Moccasin Creek was located in Botetourt County prior to 1773; in Fincastle County from January 1773 to January 1777; in Washington County from 1777 to May 1786; in Russell County May from 1786 to present.

      August 19, 1799 - Robert Tate - 68 ac - part of Treasury Warrant 2398 dated January 26, 1798 - on the Laurel Fork of Grassy Creek, part of the waters of Clinch River - near the head spring of said fork [Russell County, Surveyors Book]


      Source: This probate record was originally published in "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800. Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County" by Lyman Chalkley.

      Remarks: John Tate's will--Third son, John; oldest son, Thomas, tract to John and Isaac Tate, sons of James, deceased, his grandsons; daughter, Eleanor Stuart; son, Robert Tate; son Robert and son-in-law Benj. Stewart, executors.
      Description: Executor
      Book date: CC1-41,
      Prove date: 1 April, 1801

      Robert Tate
      Date: Apr 1, 1801
      Location: Augusta Co., VA

      Remarks: Robert Tate, executor of John Tate, bond.
      Book date: CC1-81

      Russell County, Virginia
      Will Book 2, Pages 122-123
      Executed 03 Feb 1807

      Be it remembered that I Robert Tate of the county of Russell in the state of Virginia being in a very weak and infirm state of body but of sound mind and desirous of settling my worldly affairs do make this my last will and testament giving and bequeathing as follows, viz:

      1st I do give to my wife Mary Tate one negro woman named Luce and one negro boy named Jim and also one negro boy named Sulas and also four cows and calves two two year old heifers one two year steer and also two bay horses and one gray horse, and also all my household furniture and also all my stock of hogs and also the land I now live on and also all working tools thereto belonging except that piece or parcel of land lying on the south west side of the mill dam Beginning at the big spring thence with the dam to the saw pit thence to the cave by the big sink hole thence to the line where it crosses Ovaltons road and also do give to my wife Mary Tate one still and the complements thereto belonging and also all my flock of sheep and also one yearling steer to hold during her natural life or widowhood then at her death or marriage to be divided between my son Joseph Tate and my son Alexander Tate and my son Aaron Tate and my daughter Polly Tate reserving to my wife Mary Tate her third part only in case she should marry.

      Item, I give to my son John Tate and my son James Tate that piece or parcel of land above mentioned lying south-west of the mill dam and bounded as above directed, only that my son John Tate and my son James Tate do pay my son Robert Tate a ten pounds horse each at the time they receive the land.

      Item, I give to my son Robert Tate one negro girl named Ryah and also one mans saddle.

      Item, I do direct that the above mentioned part of my estate except the land be appraised but not sold and also do except the negro girl named Ryah which I gave to my son Robert Tate.

      Item, I do direct that one mare and colt and one two year old mare, three steers, one two year old heifer and four of the ____ size of the big barrows to be sold to discharge my debts.

      Confirmed and subscribed by me this twentieth day of July one thousand seven hundred and ninety _____.

      Robert X Tate (Seal)

      Test: Robert Tate junr.
      Isaac Tate
      John Tate

      At a court held for Russell County the third day of February 1807.
      This instrument of writing was exhibited in court as and for the last will and testament of Robert Tate dec'd and proven by the oath of John Tate one of the witnesses thereto and the hand writing of Robert Tate junr. another of the witnesses proven by the oath of the said John Tate and William Fugate and thereupon ordered to be recorded. And on motion of Mary Tate who made oath according to law and together with Richard Davis and Colebird Fugate her securities entered into and acknowledged their bond in the penalty of $2,500 conditioned as the law directs administration with the will annexed is granted her on the said decedents estate in due form.

      Teste Henry Dickenson C.R.C.

      Sources: Virginia Historical Magazine, Page 194 states that Robert Tate, (died on July 29, 1806) beneficiaries, wife, Mary; children, Joseph, Alexander, Aaron, Polly, John, James, Robert executors (none) (Mary Tate, administratrix); Testator signed by mark, witnessed, Robert Tate Junr., Isaac Tate, John Tate, Probated February 3, 1807, Page 132, Abstracts of Wills of Russell County, Virginia from 1803 to 1850 by Elihu Jasper Sutherland Will Book B1.


      On Page 148 of the Russell County, VA Will Family History Library 33826, An Inventory of the Personal Estate of Robert Tate, deceased dated March 5, 1807 appears:

      One Stud horse, 36 pounds sterling; one brown mare, 24 pounds sterling, total 60 pounds sterling. One bay gelding, 36 pounds sterling; one brown jack horse, 24 pounds sterling, total 60 pounds sterling; one sorrel two years old, 12 pounds sterling; one bay filly 3 years old, 15 pounds sterling; one dun colt 7 y, total 18 pounds sterling, 12 shilling; one still, one worm, and one funnel 9 pounds sterling; six wash tubs, 1 fleakabout, 1 barrel and 1 keg, 2 pounds, 13 shilling; 1 large kettle and scale 6 oz., 1 pot and 1 cale ly 3 pounds and 12 shilling; five cows 1 calf, 18 pounds, 5 head of 2 year old cattle, 10 pounds, total 28 pounds; two iron pot racks, 1 pound, 4 shilling; one cutting knife, steel screws and box, 15 shilling; one mulatto girl named Janet, 60 pounds, one set of smith tools, 11 pounds and 2 shilling, twenty head of sheep, 9 pounds, 1 Negro boy named Jack 75 pounds, total 84 pounds, 4 yearlings 3 pounds 6 shilling, one corn harrow, 1 pound, total 4 pounds, 6 shilling. One drag harrow 1/2 belonging to Joseph Tate, 18 shilling, two carshars ploughs #1 clevis, 3 pounds; 4 pair of gears, 5 pounds, 8 shilling; total 8 pounds and 8 shilling. One pair stretchers and one pair double trees, 1 pound, 4 shilling; One big wheel, 15 shilling, one hand saw and one foot auger, 24 shilling, total 1 pound sterling and 19 shilling, one fros?, one iron wedge, 1 inch auger & 1 drawing knife, 17 shilling.

      Two chisels, 1 gauge, 1 claw hammer and one round shavs, 12 shilling; three cast boxes, two jack planes and one ford plane total 1 pound sterling and 4 shilling; one sang hoe, 1 twisted link, 1 gig, 2 bells and bell collars, 10 shilling; one old chest and old iron lumber, 6 shilling; four stirrup irons, 1 scythe anvil, 1 inshars and one chisel, 10 shilling, 6 pence, one scythe and cradle, 3 grass scythes and hangings, 2 pounds sterling and 6 pence, two yearling skins 1 y two mash tubs total 1 pound sterling, 4 pence; one wagon, 12 pounds, one log chain, one crowbar, 3 1/2 lbs of iron and two clevises, 13 pounds sterling, 10 shilling and 15 pence; three axes, one mattock, four weeding hoes, one shovel plough, and one sledge hammer, 3 pounds sterling, 6 shilling; two men's saddles and two bridles, 4 pounds sterling and 16 schilling, one side saddle and bridle 6 pounds, four iron pots, 3 dutch ovens and 3 pair of pot hooks, 3 pounds, 15 schilling; one iron pot rack, one pair fire tongs and one fire shovel, 1 pound sterling and 4 schilling, one loom, three slays, one quill wheel dividing bars, 2 pounds sterling and 8 schilling. Total 409 pounds sterling, 17 schilling 2 1/4 pence

      /s/ Joseph Sampson, Jonathan Wood and John Wood, witnesses

      The foregoing inventory continued March 20, 1807, one whip saw and filings, 2 pounds, 2 schilling; one broad axe 15/total 2 pounds sterling, 17 schilling; one flat iron 4/6, 4 sickles 1y, 1 pair saddle bags 15y, total 1 pound 9 schilling 6 pence; two pewter dishes, 3 casons, eight plates and 25 spoons, 4 pounds, 10 schilling, two coats, 1 waist coat, 1 pair shoe buckles and one small trunk, 3 pounds 12 shilling, two pair old cotton cords and pair wool cords, 13 shillings 6 pence, one pair tow cords 16, razor and strap 6, nine books 18/total 1 pound, 1 schilling 6 pence; one coffee mill and coffee pot 6/ two hackles 10/ total 16 schilling; two bottles 3/ 1 bottle with camphor 4/6; one jug owl 2/9 schilling 6 pence, one large delf dish, 2 plates and 2 earthen crocks, 16 schilling, six punch bowls 11/ two pitchers 6/ total 17 schilling, eleven saucers, eight tea cups, one cream jug, seven tea spoons and one pepper box 7 schilling; three tea pots, 1 sugar pot and one half pint mug, 8 schilling; one vinegar cruet, one have gill glass and one half pint tumbler, 3 schilling.

      Inventory of Tate's Estate continued: One fire glass and one pair candle snuffers, 1 schilling, one pewter 9, 1 small tin bucket and 1 tin skimmer, total 11 schilling; half a dozen tin cups, 1 tin quart, 1 tin humpet and strainer, total 7 schilling, 6 pence; 4 3/4 blue cotton yarn 24, 4 vials 2/ one pair shears, 1 pound 6 schilling 6 pence; three spinning wheels and one check reel, 2 pounds 11 schilling, one lindsey hunting shirt, 1 lady shirt and 1 waist coat, 6 schilling; one looking glass 6/; 7 chairs and table 16/ ; 1 large trunk, total 2 pounds 6 schilling, two beds, steads, and furniture below stairs 12 pounds sterling, three beds steads, cords and furniture above stairs, 18 pounds; one woman's saddle and surcingle, 1 pound, 4 schilling; seven knives and nine forks, 6 schilling; 12 lbs feathers 36/; 1 pair steelyards 24/; 1 man;s had 2/; 3 pounds 2 schilling; one small sorrel mare, 17 pounds; 1 Negro girl names Riah; 100 pounds; total 117 pounds; twenty three out hogs, 8 pounds 17 schilling 6 pence, 2 in the pen 19/6 total 9 pounds, 12 schilling; two barrels, one churn, one dye tub, one vinegar cag, one honey cag and one can total 18 schilling; one middle 16, one meal sifter 16, one santhern, 6 pence, total 3 schilling, 6 pence; one ball scythe and one candlestick 7 schilling 6 pence, Total of this page 188 pounds 2 schilling.

      /s/ J. Sampson, John Wood, Z Fugate /witnesses/

      The foregoing Inventory still continued October 31, 1807; one bay mare and colt; bell and collar, 21 pounds, one small filly one year old, 9 pounds; 1 old sorrel horse, 12 pounds, total 21 pounds; one bay filly two years old, 16 pounds, 10 schilling, Total 58 pounds and 10 schilling plus 188 pounds 2 schilling and 4909 pounds 17 schilling and 2 1/2 pence for a total amount of 655 pounds 9 schilling 2 1/2 pence. We the underneath commissioners being first duly sworn for that purpose do certify that we have appraised the personal estate of Robert Tate deceased, and find the same to be as above stated. Given under our hands this third day of November 1807.

      /s/ J. Sampson, John Wood, Z Fugate, Mary Tate Administratrix. At November court 1807, this inventory and appraisement of the estate of Robert Tate, deceased was produced in court and ordered to be recorded, Testa: /s/ Henry Dickenson C R C.

      James Striegel Tate Papers, Tennessee State Library and Archives 1742 - 1980

      "I have wondered why there was so much time (over six months) between Robert's death and the processing of the Will for probate. My own belief is that a number of the heirs were in Tennessee looking for place to which they would migrate.

      At some date, after February 3, 1807, Robert's widow, Mary and all their children, except Joseph, moved to Warren County, Tennessee. They were all listed on the tax rolls of Warren County TN for the year 1812.

      On October 14, 1816, all of the children sold their inherited interest in 177 acres of land to their brother Joseph, who stayed on the family home place in Virginia. Their mother relinquished her dower rights on the same date. This action is the last record we have a Polly Tate and her husband, Meredith Price and of Mary Tate, their mother. The remaining children, Alexander, Aaron, John, James and Robert (H.) Jr., all continue to appear in the public records of Warren County, Tennessee and of Grundy County, Tennessee that was founded from Warren County in 1844."
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    Father Robert Tate,   b. 1725,   d. 1796, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 71 years) 
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    Family Mary 
    Married 1774  Rockbridge, VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    +1. Joseph TATE,   b. 11 Sep 1778, Washington Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 16 Mar 1843, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 64 years)
    +2. Alexander TATE,   b. ca 1780, Washington Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1847, McMinnville, Warren Co. TN Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 67 years)
    +3. John TATE,   b. 1783, Washington Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1845  (Age 62 years)
    +4. Aaron TATE,   b. ca 1788, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Jun 1862, Fort Payne, DeKalb Co. AL Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 74 years)
    +5. Major James TATE,   b. Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 19 Apr 1849, Warren Co. TN Find all individuals with events at this location
    +6. Robert TATE, Jr.,   b. Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Aft 08 Apr 1864, Grundy Co. TN Find all individuals with events at this location
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