Apolonia Abigail Wamser

Female 1740 - 1833  (92 years)

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Martin Gross
Male 1798-1874
Sarah Taylor
Female 1804-1888
Jacob Gross
Male 1750-Bef 1809
Henry Abel
Male 1793-1879
Eli Dillman
Male 1825-1902
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Noah Dillman
Male 1830-1899
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David Dillman
Male 1833-1913
Matilda Brown
Female 1840-Bef 1900
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Peter Dillman
Male 1839-1892
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Elizabeth Hypes
Female 1800-Aft 1870
Abraham Dillman
Male 1790-Bef 1860
Mahala Hypes
Female 1833-1851
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John Hypes, Jr.
Male 1803-1885
Sarah Francisco
Female 1803-1885
Thomas E. Hively
Male 1824-Bef 1899
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Catherine Hively
Female 1831-1916
Michael Damewood
Male 1829-1912
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John A. Hively
Male 1833-1898
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Mary C. Hively
Female 1840-1914
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Margaret Hypes
Female 1805-1879
John Hively
Male 1807-1888
Rachel Dorsey
Female 1832-1911
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Isaac Backus
Male 1837-1889
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John Floyd Hypes
Male 1840-1917
Jane McGraw
Female 1845-1918
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William Andrew Hypes
Male 1843-Bef 1930
Martha Louemma Webb
Female 1849-Bef 1900
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Arminta A. Hypes
Female 1846-Aft 1880
William H. Brown
Male 1841-Aft 1880
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John McGraw
Male 1846-1907
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Abimalech Moore
Male 1845-1905
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Harriette Ann Nutter
Female 1851-Bef 1905
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Susan B. Hypes
Female Aft 1858-Bef 1870
Joseph Hypes
Male 1805-1890
Susan Keifer
Female 1820-1912
Mary Etta Britts
Female 1866-1949
Peter Hypes
Male 1806-1868
Susanna Caldwell
Female 1797-1856
John Hypes
Male 1835-1920
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Samuel Hypes
Male 1836-1919
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Mary Jane Hypes
Female 1840-1862
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Catherine Hypes
Female 1842-1865
Robert McCloud
Male 1836-1910
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Henry Hypes
Male 1844-1904
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James Hypes
Male 1846-1863
Susan Hypes
Female 1848-1915
Charles Fleager
Male 1844-1928
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Sarah Hypes
Female 1849-1914
John S. Routh
Male 1837-1902
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Adam Sinift
Male 1833-1913
Jacob Hypes
Male 1809-1851
Mary Pefly
Female 1816-1886
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Elizabeth Duncan
Female 1861-1939
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Harvey Pendleton Hypes
Male 1858-Aft 1930
Ollie Mae Taylor
Female 1869-1919
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Abraham Hypes
Male 1811-1873
Mary Ann Davis
Female 1815-1899
James H. Hypes
Male Abt 1844-1864
Nancy Ann Hypes
Female Abt 1855-Bef 1900
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Samuel Hypes
Male 1816-1891
Mary A. Caldwell
Female 1820-1873
David Millirons
Male 1826-1901
Susan Woodyard
Female 1835-1911
John Millirons
Male 1798-1855
John Heibst
Male 1770-1845
Elizabeth Wimond
Female 1777-1857
Male 1820-1897
Sarah Smiley
Female 1817-1901
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Male 1821-Bef 1900
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Male 1823-1906
Rebecca Grace HERNDON
Female 1834-Bef 1880
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Hester J. Layman
Female 1841-1902
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Elizabeth HAMMOND
Female 1829-Abt 1865
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Male 1790-1868
Catherine MYERS
Female 1790-1829
Female 1832-1907
Frances Carper
Female 1837-1888
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Mayberry HAMMOND
Male 1841-1864
John Kelly
Male 1824-1872
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Male 1791-1853
Martha P. Prunk
Female 1818-1889
Jane Prunk
Female 1820-
John Prunk
Male 1822-
Lavender Prunk
Female 1838-1839
Catherine Prunk
Female 1841-1881
Catherine HAMMAN
Female 1797-1881
Male 1801-1859
Male 1768-1840
William Hypes
Male 1792-Bef 1850
Joseph Hypes
Male 1795-Bef 1850
Samuel Hypes
Male 1796-1858
Catherine Lupp
Female 1794-1885
Hester Hypes
Female 1796-Bef 1850
Nicholas Hypes
Male 1797-1858
Elizabeth Hypes
Female 1798-1853
John Henry Lupp
Male 1795-1859
James Hypes
Male 1803-1872
John Hypes
Male 1803-1872
Malinda Sullivan
Female 1814-Aft 1880
John Reid
Male 1787-
Peter Heibst
Male 1773-1850
Sarah Breins
Female 1777-1816
Maria L. Hypes
Female 1818-1894
Harrison Hypes
Male 1824-1900
Sarah (Sally) Dodd
Female 1800-Bef 1843
Henry Heibst
Male 1775-1854
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Apolonia Abigail Wamser
Female 22 Mar 1739/40-1833
Johann Nicholas Heibst
Male 8 Mar 1726/27-1802