Appalachian Aristocracy: Adventures in Family History

Wilcox Co. AL

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Baggett, Nicholas Carlyle  ca 1904Wilcox Co. AL I27753 Master File 
2 Brown, Jane E. {Jennie)  Dec 1858Wilcox Co. AL I23745 Master File 
3 Brown, Sterling Price  05 Dec 1857Wilcox Co. AL I23755 Master File 
4 Brown, Thomas A.  ca 1844Wilcox Co. AL I23764 Master File 
5 CAPELL, Annie Malvenia  13 Jun 1894Wilcox Co. AL I13936 Master File 
6 Capell, Harvey Simpson  12 Jan 1827Wilcox Co. AL I9538 Master File 
7 CAPELL, Harvey Simpson  29 Jul 1903Wilcox Co. AL I13944 Master File 
8 CAPELL, Lucy Owen  11 Nov 1874Wilcox Co. AL I6062 Master File 
9 CAPELL, Robert Duke  Oct 1896Wilcox Co. AL I13937 Master File 
10 CAPELL, Sarah Lee  05 Oct 1899Wilcox Co. AL I13938 Master File 
11 CLARKE, William E.  28 Sep 1868Wilcox Co. AL I6785 Master File 
12 Davis, Woodie Ethelbert  24 Jan 1880Wilcox Co. AL I20012 Master File 
13 Dortch, Hiram P.  20 Nov 1860Wilcox Co. AL I27812 Master File 
14 DUKE, Blanche Elizabeth  31 Jan 1917Wilcox Co. AL I6056 Master File 
15 DUKE, Charles Asa Sr.  23 Jun 1921Wilcox Co. AL I6058 Master File 
16 DUKE, Kirk Reaves  13 Feb 1920Wilcox Co. AL I6057 Master File 
17 DUKE, Unamed  23 Nov 1918Wilcox Co. AL I7221 Master File 
18 DUKE, Unnamed  24 May 1924Wilcox Co. AL I6061 Master File 
19 DUKE, Warren Cornelius Jr.  27 Nov 1909Wilcox Co. AL I6064 Master File 
20 DUKE, Welcome Parks Jr.  10 Feb 1863Wilcox Co. AL I7639 Master File 
21 Fail, Alfred Newsom  Nov 1895Wilcox Co. AL I23774 Master File 
22 Fail, Aubrey  28 May 1905Wilcox Co. AL I23776 Master File 
23 Fail, Carrie Bell  Apr 1890Wilcox Co. AL I23772 Master File 
24 Fail, David John Jr.  07 Jan 1863Wilcox Co. AL I23768 Master File 
25 Fail, David John III  Nov 1884Wilcox Co. AL I23770 Master File 
26 Fail, Mary  ca 1859Wilcox Co. AL I23767 Master File 
27 Fail, Mary  Apr 1886Wilcox Co. AL I23771 Master File 
28 Fail, Myrtle  Oct 1897Wilcox Co. AL I23775 Master File 
29 Fail, Vivian  27 Dec 1893Wilcox Co. AL I23773 Master File 
30 FLowers, Martha J.  ca 1858Wilcox Co. AL I20055 Master File 
31 KIRK, Adele Marshall  01 Sep 1879Wilcox Co. AL I13956 Master File 
32 KIRK, Calvin Cellars  ca 1845Wilcox Co. AL I7505 Master File 
33 KIRK, James Monroe  ca 1851Wilcox Co. AL I13949 Master File 
34 KIRK, John S.  Oct. 1859Wilcox Co. AL I13953 Master File 
35 KIRK, Joseph Marshall  05 May 1848Wilcox Co. AL I7506 Master File 
36 KIRK, Margaret O.  ca 1857Wilcox Co. AL I13952 Master File 
37 KIRK, Martha V.  ca 1852Wilcox Co. AL I13950 Master File 
38 KIRK, Mary E.  ca 1855Wilcox Co. AL I13951 Master File 
39 KIRK, Maud  10 Jul 1878Wilcox Co. AL I13955 Master File 
40 KIRK, Nannie Estelle  ca 1910Wilcox Co. AL I27663 Master File 
41 KIRK, Oliver Hazard Perry  18 Feb 1842Wilcox Co. AL I7504 Master File 
42 KIRK, Richard Calvin  01 Nov 1880Wilcox Co. AL I13957 Master File 
43 Morgan, Berrey Oscar  08 Feb 1918Wilcox Co. AL I20106 Master File 
44 Poole, Edward  08 Jan 1921Wilcox Co. AL I13940 Master File 
45 Poole, James  ca 1927Wilcox Co. AL I13943 Master File 
46 Poole, Sarah  ca 1924Wilcox Co. AL I13941 Master File 
47 Poole, Will R. Jr.  ca 1926Wilcox Co. AL I13942 Master File 
48 YOW, Annie Adelle  01 Apr 1868Wilcox Co. AL I27689 Master File 
49 YOW, Ausie Esten  06 Mar 1888Wilcox Co. AL I27749 Master File 
50 YOW, Clara  12 Aug 1893Wilcox Co. AL I27751 Master File 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Bobbitt, Mary (Polly)  1850Wilcox Co. AL I23757 Master File 
2 Brown, Jane E. {Jennie)  22 Apr 1928Wilcox Co. AL I23745 Master File 
3 Brown, John Henry  1867Wilcox Co. AL I23266 Master File 
4 Brown, Rheasa  01 Mar 1852Wilcox Co. AL I23761 Master File 
5 Brown, Sterling  ? 21, 1884Wilcox Co. AL I23756 Master File 
6 Brown, Sterling Price  18 Jun 1934Wilcox Co. AL I23755 Master File 
7 Brown, Thomas A.  1854Wilcox Co. AL I23764 Master File 
8 Capell, Charles  Jul 1830Wilcox Co. AL I9540 Master File 
9 Capell, Harvey Simpson  08 Aug 1909Wilcox Co. AL I9538 Master File 
10 CAPELL, Lucy Owen  2 Dec 1911Wilcox Co. AL I6062 Master File 
11 Drury, Margaret  aft. 1880Wilcox Co. AL I7501 Master File 
12 DRURY, Mary  1861Wilcox Co. AL I7492 Master File 
13 DUKE, Izora Daney  01 Nov 1956Wilcox Co. AL I17654 Master File 
14 DUKE, Nancy  17 Aug 1910Wilcox Co. AL I6096 Master File 
15 DUKE, Unamed  23 Nov 1918Wilcox Co. AL I7221 Master File 
16 DUKE, Unnamed  24 May 1924Wilcox Co. AL I6061 Master File 
17 Eslava, Malvenia  11 Nov 1888Wilcox Co. AL I9539 Master File 
18 Fail, Alfred Newsom  1945Wilcox Co. AL I23774 Master File 
19 Fail, Aubrey  31 Aug 1955Wilcox Co. AL I23776 Master File 
20 Fail, David (Dave) J. Sr.  21 Jan 1897Wilcox Co. AL I23766 Master File 
21 Fail, David John Jr.  07 Jun 1907Wilcox Co. AL I23768 Master File 
22 Fail, Mary  Apr 1860Wilcox Co. AL I23767 Master File 
23 Fail, Vivian  17 Dec 1984Wilcox Co. AL I23773 Master File 
24 GATES, John W.  13 Feb 1988Wilcox Co. AL I6067 Master File 
25 Green, John Archie  31 Jul 1986Wilcox Co. AL I20098 Master File 
26 Green, Raymond  15 Oct 1955Wilcox Co. AL I20120 Master File 
27 Green, Roy Perry  05 Nov 2009Wilcox Co. AL I20102 Master File 
28 HARRIS, Nancy  Aft 1860Wilcox Co. AL I7530 Master File 
29 Jeffrey, Martha Ann  14 Jan 1935Wilcox Co. AL I13954 Master File 
30 KIRK, Adele Marshall  01 Jan 1961Wilcox Co. AL I13956 Master File 
31 KIRK, James Bradley  21 Nov 1910Wilcox Co. AL I6736 Master File 
32 KIRK, Joseph Marshall  27 Jul 1931Wilcox Co. AL I7506 Master File 
33 KIRK, Maud  13 May 1932Wilcox Co. AL I13955 Master File 
34 KIRK, Oliver Hazard Perry  20 Nov 1882Wilcox Co. AL I7504 Master File 
35 Newsom, Elizabeth  28 May 1911Wilcox Co. AL I23769 Master File 
36 Overton, Minnie Earline  02 Aug 1988Wilcox Co. AL I20099 Master File 
37 WALKER, Andrew  31 Jul 1858Wilcox Co. AL I7486 Master File 
38 WALKER, Jane  Sep 1835Wilcox Co. AL I7443 Master File 
39 YOW, Bradley  18 Oct 1861Wilcox Co. AL I7529 Master File 
40 YOW, Eli  6 Aug 1908Wilcox Co. AL I7533 Master File 
41 YOW, Eli Bradley  18 Dec 1900Wilcox Co. AL I27746 Master File 


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   Family   Married   Family ID   Tree 
1 DUKE / Tarleton  17 Jun 1860Wilcox Co. AL F5164 Master File 
2 Dortch / KIRK  07 Jan 1885Wilcox Co. AL F12018 Master File 
3 DUKE / CAPELL  17 Dec 1901Wilcox Co. AL F4538 Master File