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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes  1700Bertie Co. NC I12186
2 BUTLER, Martha  Abt 1739Bertie Co. NC I7694
3 CASTELLAW, Larry  1825Bertie Co. NC I10811
4 CASTELLAW, Adaline  15 Jan 1840Bertie Co. NC I10878
5 Castellaw, Albert Fulton  05 Jul 1884Bertie Co. NC I10849
6 CASTELLAW, Alfred  07 Dec 1808Bertie Co. NC I10919
7 CASTELLAW, Allen Thurman  01 Aug 1892Bertie Co. NC I10915
8 CASTELLAW, Amelia Elizabeth  17 Apr 1842Bertie Co. NC I10833
9 CASTELLAW, Aquilla  1807Bertie Co. NC I10808
10 CASTELLAW, Asa  1788Bertie Co. NC I10769
11 CASTELLAW, Barbary E.  1836Bertie Co. NC I10831
12 CASTELLAW, Bartholomew (Bart)  1778Bertie Co. NC I7705
13 CASTELLAW, Benjamin  1843Bertie Co. NC I10850
14 CASTELLAW, Caroline  1837Bertie Co. NC I10832
15 CASTELLAW, Cealy  17 Nov 1837Bertie Co. NC I10877
16 CASTELLAW, Charlotte  1776Bertie Co. NC I7704
17 CASTELLAW, Christian  1832Bertie Co. NC I10829
18 CASTELLAW, Christian Elizabeth (Kitty)  10 Mar 1859Bertie Co. NC I10895
19 CASTELLAW, Dorsey (Danny) (Dossy)  Jan 1829Bertie Co. NC I10883
20 CASTELLAW, Drucilla  10 Aug 1827Bertie Co. NC I10865
21 CASTELLAW, Dwight Morrow  29 Aug 1899Bertie Co. NC I10917
22 CASTELLAW, Elizabeth  ca 1786Bertie Co. NC I10768
23 CASTELLAW, Elizabeth  20 Jun 1825Bertie Co. NC I10864
24 CASTELLAW, Elizabeth Butler  Abt 1759Bertie Co. NC I7696
25 CASTELLAW, Elizabeth Margaret  02 Dec 1795Bertie Co. NC I10804
26 Castellaw, Evelyn  1867Bertie Co. NC I10844
27 CASTELLAW, Fannie  1888Bertie Co. NC I10912
28 Castellaw, Freeman  05 Mar 1882Bertie Co. NC I10848
29 CASTELLAW, George D.  1844Bertie Co. NC I10791
30 CASTELLAW, Happy Jane  01 Oct 1828Bertie Co. NC I10813
31 CASTELLAW, Harriet  1834Bertie Co. NC I10830
32 CASTELLAW, Henry (Harry)  ca 1819Bertie Co. NC I10773
33 CASTELLAW, Henry Dawson  1782Bertie Co. NC I7707
34 CASTELLAW, Henry Dawson Jr.  ca 1801Bertie Co. NC I11032
35 CASTELLAW, Hill Jordan  Apr 1853Bertie Co. NC I10793
36 CASTELLAW, Isaiah  1841Bertie Co. NC I10790
37 CASTELLAW, James Jr.  1735Bertie Co. NC I7381
38 CASTELLAW, James C.  Abt 1770Bertie Co. NC I7700
39 CASTELLAW, James C. Jr.  1803Bertie Co. NC I10806
40 Castellaw, James Edward  Dec 1855Bertie Co. NC I10778
41 CASTELLAW, James H.  1844Bertie Co. NC I10851
42 Castellaw, James Truxton  25 May 1829Bertie Co. NC I10776
43 CASTELLAW, James Turner  02 Jan 1835Bertie Co. NC I10876
44 CASTELLAW, James Turner  07 Jul 1857Bertie Co. NC I10894
45 CASTELLAW, James William  22 Aug 1859Bertie Co. NC I10858
46 CASTELLAW, John  1719Bertie Co. NC I7380
47 CASTELLAW, John  Abt 1768Bertie Co. NC I7699
48 CASTELLAW, John Bunyan  1891Bertie Co. NC I10914
49 CASTELLAW, John Dawson  1780Bertie Co. NC I7706
50 CASTELLAW, John Downing  27 Feb 1844Bertie Co. NC I10879

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CASTELLAW, Amelia Elizabeth  08 Jan 1906Bertie Co. NC I10833
2 CASTELLAW, Elizabeth Butler  1830Bertie Co. NC I7696
3 CASTELLAW, James C.  1825Bertie Co. NC I7700
4 CASTELLAW, John  aaft 11 Dec 1813Bertie Co. NC I7380
5 CASTELLAW, John  1840Bertie Co. NC I7699
6 CASTELLAW, John William  1821Bertie Co. NC I7709
7 CASTELLAW, Mary Cary (Penny)  24 Dec 1897Bertie Co. NC I10882
8 CASTELLAW, Redden Haywood  30 Aug 1909Bertie Co. NC I10814
9 CASTELLAW, Thomas Jefferson  Bertie Co. NC I7710
10 Castellaw, Thomas Q.  May 1906Bertie Co. NC I10841
11 CASTELLAW, William  Bef June 18, 1749Bertie Co. NC I7379
12 CASTELLAW, William  1805Bertie Co. NC I7695
13 Harrell, Samuel  19 Jan 1770Bertie Co. NC I12187
14 Hoggard, Penelope (Penny)  19 Feb 1878Bertie Co. NC I10892
15 Hoggard, Timothy  07 Oct 1914Bertie Co. NC I10887
16 Phelps, Elizabeth  04 Jul 1888Bertie Co. NC I10815
17 WILLIAMS, Ann  1770Bertie Co. NC I7396
18 WILLIAMS, Arthur  1770Bertie Co. NC I7398
19 WILLIAMS, Isaac  1772Bertie Co. NC I7397
20 WILLIAMS, James  21 Aug 1736Bertie Co. NC I7399
21 WILLIAMS, John  26 Jan 1720/21Bertie Co. NC I7395
22 WILLIAMS, Theophilus  1776Bertie Co. NC I7400


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARBER / CASTELLAW  1 Jul 1774Bertie Co. NC F5179
2 Castellaw / Bynum  29 Nov 1855Bertie Co. NC F6767
3 Castellaw / CASTELLAW  09 Jan 1862Bertie Co. NC F6780
4 CASTELLAW / Ellis  14 Apr 1864Bertie Co. NC F6791
5 CASTELLAW / Hoggard  16 Feb 1827Bertie Co. NC F6785
6 CASTELLAW / Hoggard  18 Jan 1855Bertie Co. NC F6788
7 CASTELLAW / Mitchell  31 Mar 1784Bertie Co. NC F6764
8 CASTELLAW / MITCHELL  30 Nov 1785Bertie Co. NC F5180
9 CASTELLAW / Mitchell  1885Bertie Co. NC F6792
10 CASTELLAW / Mountain  Bef 1819Bertie Co. NC F6765
11 CASTELLAW / Phelps  30 Oct 1860Bertie Co. NC F6774
12 CASTELLAW / WILLIAMS  Abt 1748Bertie Co. NC F5089
13 Harrell /   1725Bertie Co. NC F7163
14 Hoggard / CASTELLAW  24 Mar 1858Bertie Co. NC F6787
15 JORDAN / CASTELLAW  10 Jan 1792Bertie Co. NC F5182
16 Ward / CASTELLAW  21 Apr 1859Bertie Co. NC F6775