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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Arthur W.  18 Dec 1912Warren Co. KY I24089
2 Alexander, B.  ca 1878Warren Co. KY I24075
3 Alexander, Charles Burton  15 Apr 1885Warren Co. KY I24084
4 Alexander, Charline M.  13 Feb 1911Warren Co. KY I24088
5 Alexander, Claude  Mar 1890Warren Co. KY I24086
6 Alexander, Edward Seeley  26 Nov 1873Warren Co. KY I24056
7 Alexander, F.  ca 1875Warren Co. KY I24074
8 Alexander, Ida  Dec 1882Warren Co. KY I24076
9 Alexander, James H.  Feb 1898Warren Co. KY I24085
10 Alexander, John D.  ca 1870Warren Co. KY I24055
11 Burton, George Claypool  Jun 1886Warren Co. KY I23959
12 Burton, Mary  Aug 1891Warren Co. KY I23961
13 Burton, Robert  08 Oct 1881Warren Co. KY I23956
14 Carpenter, Beulah  18 Dec 1866Warren Co. KY I24022
15 Carpenter, Corinne  ca 1872Warren Co. KY I24024
16 Carpenter, Ella  ca 1858Warren Co. KY I12913
17 Carpenter, Jameson P.  ca 1870Warren Co. KY I24023
18 Carpenter, Luther  15 Sep 1837Warren Co. KY I12904
19 Carpenter, Mary  15 Dec 1834Warren Co. KY I12910
20 Carpenter, Mary J.  Nov 1874Warren Co. KY I24025
21 Carpenter, Mildred  02 Feb 1843Warren Co. KY I24038
22 Carpenter, Mildred (Minnie)  21 Jan 1867Warren Co. KY I12906
23 Carpenter, Sarah (Sally)  Oct 1845Warren Co. KY I12912
24 Carpenter, Spencer  ca 1840Warren Co. KY I23969
25 Carpenter, Spencer  ca 1879Warren Co. KY I24026
26 Claypool, Albert Luther  21 Sep 1885Warren Co. KY I23839
27 Claypool, Andrew S. (Allen)  Dec 1875Warren Co. KY I23817
28 Claypool, Barbara  31 May 1937Warren Co. KY I23833
29 Claypool, Betsey  29 Sep 1897Warren Co. KY I23826
30 Claypool, Cary Lucille  10 Aug 1884Warren Co. KY I23964
31 Claypool, Charles  24 Jul 1873Warren Co. KY I23816
32 Claypool, Charles Carroll  20 Dec 1854Warren Co. KY I23942
33 Claypool, Clare  03 Jul 1887Warren Co. KY I23965
34 Claypool, Clyde  May 1872Warren Co. KY I23805
35 Claypool, Earl  ca 1903Warren Co. KY I23830
36 Claypool, Elizabeth  ca 1865Warren Co. KY I24046
37 Claypool, Elizabeth May  13 Jul 1909Warren Co. KY I23821
38 Claypool, Ella  Sep 1873Warren Co. KY I24050
39 Claypool, Ella C.  Apr 1877Warren Co. KY I23818
40 Claypool, Fay  ca 1907Warren Co. KY I23838
41 Claypool, Florence  Apr 1881Warren Co. KY I23963
42 Claypool, George C.  Nov 1869Warren Co. KY I24048
43 Claypool, George W.  Aug 1863Warren Co. KY I23951
44 Claypool, Guy  Jan 1899Warren Co. KY I23827
45 Claypool, Hannah  24 Jun 1878Warren Co. KY I24052
46 Claypool, Hettie  23 Feb 1880Warren Co. KY I23954
47 Claypool, Hetty  05 Aug 1857Warren Co. KY I23943
48 Claypool, Ida Mitchell  12 Feb 1920Warren Co. KY I23823
49 Claypool, John Webster  02 May 1861Warren Co. KY I23952
50 Claypool, Jonathan S.  23 Mar 1859Warren Co. KY I23944

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Kitty Ellen  13 May 1955Warren Co. KY I23825
2 Brents, Lizzie  06 Mar 1933Warren Co. KY I23953
3 Carpenter, Elizabeth  15 Dec 1913Warren Co. KY I12911
4 Carpenter, John F.  15 Dec 1835Warren Co. KY I12900
5 Carpenter, Jonathan T.  13 Feb 1866Warren Co. KY I12901
6 Carpenter, Luther  05 Nov 1897Warren Co. KY I12904
7 Carpenter, Mary  16 Aug 1913Warren Co. KY I12910
8 Carpenter, Mary Ann  20 May 1845Warren Co. KY I23788
9 Carpenter, Mildred  19 Jul 1917Warren Co. KY I24038
10 Carpenter, Mildred (Minnie)  17 May 1933Warren Co. KY I12906
11 Claypool, Austin J.  07 Sep 1899Warren Co. KY I24039
12 Claypool, Betsey  06 Mar 1976Warren Co. KY I23826
13 Claypool, Cary Lucille  08 Apr 1907Warren Co. KY I23964
14 Claypool, Charles  11 Mar 1933Warren Co. KY I23816
15 Claypool, Charles Carroll  17 Sep 1929Warren Co. KY I23942
16 Claypool, George C.  17 May 1955Warren Co. KY I24048
17 Claypool, George W.  07 Feb 1863Warren Co. KY I23941
18 Claypool, Guy  25 May 1904Warren Co. KY I23827
19 Claypool, Hannah  16 Jun 1948Warren Co. KY I24052
20 Claypool, Hettie  14 Oct 1883Warren Co. KY I23954
21 Claypool, Ida Mitchell  13 Dec 1997Warren Co. KY I23823
22 Claypool, John Webster  12 Jan 1944Warren Co. KY I23952
23 Claypool, Jonathan S.  31 Jul 1890Warren Co. KY I23944
24 Claypool, Joseph J.  16 Jun 1911Warren Co. KY I23945
25 Claypool, Mary Helen  25 Jun 1986Warren Co. KY I23834
26 Claypool, Roy  23 Feb 1957Warren Co. KY I23819
27 Claypool, Sallie  29 Jul 1918Warren Co. KY I24040
28 Claypool, Stephen  10 Nov 1937Warren Co. KY I23949
29 Claypool, Thomas J.  12 Feb 1913Warren Co. KY I23804
30 Claypool, Whitfield  Warren Co. KY I23950
31 DOAK, Alexander  1820Warren Co. KY I26488
32 Duncan, Sarah Eleanor  15 Dec 1912Warren Co. KY I12905
33 Dunn, Elizabeth  03 Mar 1868Warren Co. KY I12902
34 Dunn, Elizabeth  03 Mar 1868Warren Co. KY I12903
35 Dunn, Jonathan C.  Aft 1880Warren Co. KY I23845
36 Dunn, Mary Jane  28 Aug 1936Warren Co. KY I23799
37 Dunn, Spencer  Sep1877Warren Co. KY I23789
38 Hampton, Ida  30 Apr 1902Warren Co. KY I23962
39 Hardcastle, Heber Roy  05 Aug 1958Warren Co. KY I23828
40 HICKS, Carl Edward  18 Feb 1986Warren Co. KY I2954
41 Lawson, Alex R.  17 Apr 1925Warren Co. KY I24041
42 Lawson, Shelby Claypool  24 Mar 1984Warren Co. KY I24042
43 Looney, Darrell Paul  07 May 2003Warren Co. KY I33518
44 Lovan, Laurel Dacre  09 Oct 1976Warren Co. KY I23835
45 Lowery, Sarah J.  Aft 1880Warren Co. KY I23846
46 Mastin, Elizabeth  09 Oct 1845Warren Co. KY I12899
47 Mitchell, Sarah  31 Dec 1972Warren Co. KY I23822
48 Motley, Lena  07 Nov 1913Warren Co. KY I23820
49 Parks, Lottie  23 Feb 1946Warren Co. KY I24049
50 Potter, Albert T.  28 Sep 1873Warren Co. KY I23801

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Carpenter / Duncan  05 Apr 1866Warren Co. KY F7367
2 Carpenter / Dunn  21 Sep 1831Warren Co. KY F7366
3 Ferguson / Carpenter  05 Nov 1876Warren Co. KY F10762
4 Hardcastle / Tucker  26 Aug 1925Warren Co. KY F7369
5 Potter / Dunn  15 Oct 1879Warren Co. KY F10672
6 Tucker / Carpenter  19 Jun 1888Warren Co. KY F7368