Texas Co. MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Corbett, Edna Nora  14 Sep 1897Texas Co. MO I30300
2 FUGATE, Bettie  ca 1924Texas Co. MO I30303
3 FUGATE, Carl B.  ca 1913Texas Co. MO I30296
4 FUGATE, David Adelbert  28 Mar 1918Texas Co. MO I30330
5 FUGATE, Edwin J.  26 Sep 1915Texas Co. MO I30295
6 FUGATE, Flora Jean  21 Jan 1931Texas Co. MO I30305
7 FUGATE, Frances E. C.  28 Nov 1898Texas Co. MO I30233
8 FUGATE, Helen  ca 1925Texas Co. MO I30231
9 FUGATE, I. B.  ca 1921Texas Co. MO I30297
10 FUGATE, Isaac Edworth (Ike)  26 Jun 1915Texas Co. MO I30286
11 FUGATE, James Colbert  20 Jun 1893Texas Co. MO I30227
12 FUGATE, Dr. James P.  ca 1933Texas Co. MO I30302
13 FUGATE, James Vester  27 Feb 1904Texas Co. MO I30307
14 FUGATE, Joseph Kenneth Jr.  12 Feb 1924Texas Co. MO I30299
15 FUGATE, Lucille  ca 1919Texas Co. MO I30230
16 FUGATE, Mildred Larene  02 Sep 1906Texas Co. MO I30266
17 FUGATE, Minnie  ca 1913Texas Co. MO I30329
18 FUGATE, Mona Aline  19 Apr 1914Texas Co. MO I30221
19 FUGATE, Orbie Lawrence  18 May 1905Texas Co. MO I30268
20 FUGATE, Ray  ca 1917Texas Co. MO I30229
21 FUGATE, Robert B.  ca 1922Texas Co. MO I30301
22 FUGATE, Robert K.  23 Jul 1925Texas Co. MO I30222
23 FUGATE, Ruth  ca 1923Texas Co. MO I30298
24 FUGATE, Sarah Lynette  10 Jul 1908Texas Co. MO I30310
25 FUGATE, Thomas King  18 Jul 1891Texas Co. MO I30219
26 Gentry, Martha Jane  ca 1869Texas Co. MO I22567
27 Gentry, Mary E.  ca 1866Texas Co. MO I22566
28 Gentry, Philip W.  ca 1874Texas Co. MO I22569
29 Gentry, Silas A.  ca 1870Texas Co. MO I22568
30 Holt, Celia Ann  29 Sep 1900Texas Co. MO I30308
31 Litton, Allen Roy  04 May 1891Texas Co. MO I30237
32 MERRELL, Daniel  30 Jan 1847Texas Co. MO I15310
33 MERRELL, Mary Clementine  08 Nov 1838Texas Co. MO I15289
34 Rimel, Fern  ca 1912Texas Co. MO I30216
35 Rimel, Irene  ca 1914Texas Co. MO I30217
36 Rimel, Maxine  ca 1917Texas Co. MO I30218
37 Rimel, Verle  ca 1909Texas Co. MO I30215
38 TATE, Charles Douglas  18 Sep 1895Texas Co. MO I15302
39 TATE, Florence  1877Texas Co. MO I15292
40 TATE, H. T. Edwards  Texas Co. MO I22598
41 TATE, Henry N.  Oct 1891Texas Co. MO I15301
42 TATE, John B. (Jack)  22 Mar 1886Texas Co. MO I15298
43 TATE, John Elwin  Texas Co. MO I22599
44 TATE, Julia  Feb 1885Texas Co. MO I15297
45 TATE, Martha (Mattie )  1878Texas Co. MO I15293
46 TATE, Rosa Mae  19 May 1889Texas Co. MO I15300
47 TATE, Slias Newton  26 Mar 1855Texas Co. MO I14656
48 TATE, William Bascomb  Mar 1888Texas Co. MO I15299


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Erwin, Gussie Evelena  02 Mar 1940Texas Co. MO I30294
2 FUGATE, Edwin J.  14 May 1949Texas Co. MO I30295
3 FUGATE, Isaac Beverley  23 Aug 1931Texas Co. MO I30234
4 FUGATE, James Vester  27 Apr 1985Texas Co. MO I30307
5 FUGATE, Joseph Kenneth  05 Oct 1952Texas Co. MO I30261
6 FUGATE, Mary Lucy Virginia  03 Jun 1966Texas Co. MO I30213
7 FUGATE, Thomas E.  13 Feb 1920Texas Co. MO I30208
8 Holt, Celia Ann  18 Apr 1994Texas Co. MO I30308
9 McConnell, Susan D  31 Oct 1950Texas Co. MO I30212
10 Price, Sarah  aft. 1860Texas Co. MO I14647
11 Rimel, James Henry  30 Sep 1971Texas Co. MO I30214
12 TATE, Jahiel Douglas  Aft. 1875Texas Co. MO I14345
13 TATE, Permilia Jane (Polly)  26 Jan 1890Texas Co. MO I5281


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gentry / Flowers  08 Sep 1864Texas Co. MO F10270
2 MERRELL / TATE  27 Dec 1869Texas Co. MO F8134
3 Merrell / TATE  30 Dec 1871Texas Co. MO F7899
4 TATE / MERRELL  1873Texas Co. MO F8130
5 TATE / Wood  ca 1876Texas Co. MO F8131