Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Buster, Martha  1834Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14289
2 Buster, Winnie  1820Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14288
3 TATE, Anna  1862Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14805
4 TATE, Bonnie  1876Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14811
5 TATE, Cynthia  1832Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14425
6 TATE, David Dock  1857Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14803
7 TATE, Ellen  1866Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14807
8 TATE, Flonnie  1854Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14801
9 TATE, Henrietta  1868Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14808
10 TATE, James  12 Aug 1876Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14809
11 TATE, John  1856Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14802
12 TATE, Lewis Franklin  1827Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14422
13 TATE, Mallie  1874Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14810
14 TATE, Margaret O.  1836Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14427
15 TATE, Martin O.  1834Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14426
16 TATE, Mary Jane  1830Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14424
17 TATE, Samuel  19 Dec 1825Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14415
18 TATE, Samuel Owen  29 Jan 1864Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14806
19 TATE, Judge Stephen Hail  05 Dec 1828Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14423
20 TATE, William  1860Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14804
21 TATE, William W.  Jul 1848Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14433


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Buster, John  26 Mar 1831Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14287
2 FUGATE, Major Samuel Bracken  Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14268
3 TATE, Hannah  03 Jun 1844Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I5304
4 TATE, James  14 Oct 1877Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14809
5 TATE, Martha (Mattie )  1847Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I5589
6 TATE, Robert  03 Aug 1844Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I5579
7 TATE, Samuel  01 Oct 1950Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY I14432