Portland, Multnomah Co. OR



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baxter, Christenia Marie  14 Feb 1889Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I28791
2 Butts, Lester Louis  15 May 1909Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I28792
3 Fuller, Norma Darlene  21 Aug 1916Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I30991
4 WHITEAKER, Nathiel  ca 1908Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I29465


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baxter, Christenia Marie  26 Feb 1913Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I28791
2 Butts, Nettie Gertrude  28 Aug 1976Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I28770
3 CHRISTIAN, Sarah Margaret (Sally)  27 Sep 1961Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I18103
4 Claytor, James Farrell Sr.  29 Aug 2010Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I26149
5 Davis, Franklin Leroy (Roy)  22 May 1988Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I28587
6 Dougan, James Madison  12 Apr 1928Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I29437
7 Gray, Jimmie Sue  May 30 2010Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I26152
8 McDonald, Ronald Walter  21 Sep 1986Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I18107
9 Mecum, Frank Edmund  23 Jun 1973Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I18220
10 PANNELL, Robert Grady  23 Nov 2001Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I132
11 Reid, Myrtle  22 Mar 1994Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I28586
12 Scobert, Celcia K.  14 Oct 1951Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I29464
13 WHITEAKER, Glendon  02 Oct 1945Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I29461
14 WHITEAKER, Nathiel  Bef 1920Portland, Multnomah Co. OR I29465