Nashville, Davidson Co. TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Benjamin K.  29 Sep 1920Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I24091
2 Carothers, James  30 Jan 1792Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I11424
3 Cockrill, Benjamin F. Jr.  09 Aug 1866Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I31239
4 Cockrill, Benjamin Franklin  08 Oct 1934Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I31259
5 King, Clyde Edward (Jack)  30 Jun 1924Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22579
6 King, Flora Lucile  25 Nov 1925Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22581
7 King, George Cullum  21 May 1922Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22578
8 King, Gertrude Marie  18 Mar 1932Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22585
9 King, Joe Sherrill  25 Jan 1928Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22583
10 King, John Amber Jr.  07 May 1915Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22573
11 King, Lena Ruth  30 Aug 1933Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22587
12 King, Robert Lentz  06 Nov 1926Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22582
13 King, Taylor L.  ca 1920Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22591
14 King, Thomas Millard  12 Oct 1917Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22575
15 King, Wilma  29 Apr 1935Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22588
16 Loftis, Warren Bell  30 Jun 1938Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22577
17 TATE, Eva M.  ca 1887Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I15638
18 TATE, Johnnie Lee  31 Oct 1896Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I15637
19 TATE, Kelly Olivia  Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I15634
20 TATE, Mary Gertrude  15 Apr 1887Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I15636
21 TATE, Walter  Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I15635


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alexander, Charles Burton  04 Feb 1943Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I24084
2 Anderson, Annie Laurie  16 Oct 2004Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I30960
3 Barrett, Sarah Lucinda  23 Jan 1937Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22596
4 Black, Margaret Ellen  05 Jan 2004Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I32513
5 Boyd, Mary  Jan 1980Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I34807
6 Christian, Willie M.  19 Nov 1951Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I31238
7 Claypool, Ruth Webb  27 Aug 1919Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I23829
8 Cockrill, Benjamin F. Jr.  03 Mar 1936Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I31239
9 Cockrill, Benjamin Franklin  02 May 1974Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I31240
10 Cockrill, Benjamin Franklin  23 Jun 2000Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I31259
11 Cockrill, Mary Kingsbury  28 Feb 1943Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I31260
12 Henderson, Jane Caroline  29 Nov 1903Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I28283
13 King, Clyde Edward (Jack)  20 Jul 1992Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22579
14 King, Flora Lucile  15 Jul 1926Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22581
15 King, George Cullum  21 Oct 1922Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22578
16 King, Gertrude Marie  14 Nov 1996Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22585
17 King, Joe Sherrill  25 May 2011Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22583
18 King, John Amber Sr.  15 Mar 1967Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22572
19 King, John Amber Jr.  03 Oct 1988Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22573
20 King, John Miller  03 Dec 1933Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22595
21 King, Lena Ruth  04 Oct 1933Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22587
22 King, Thomas Millard  17 Apr 2000Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22575
23 King, Wardy Edward Sr.  23 Dec 1972Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22571
24 King, Wilma  28 Jul 1935Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22588
25 Lafever, Maud  27 Nov 1994Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I29429
26 Newby, Emma Luceal  22 Jul 2005Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I22574
27 Ramsey, William Bain Alexander  27 Apr 1874Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I11498
28 TATE, Joel Sherrill  01 Jul 1935Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I15269
29 TATE, Johnnie Lee  26 Sep 1981Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I15637
30 TATE, Mary Gertrude  19 Apr 1983Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I15636
31 TATE, William Thomas {Tommy)  11 Dec 2005Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I15740
32 Teeters, Julia Edna  14 May 2014Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I34695
33 VanStone, William Henry II  06 May 1989Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I30961
34 Yates, Flora Denton  16 Apr 1958Nashville, Davidson Co. TN I15270