Marshall Co. WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allman, Mary Ellen  ca 1844Marshall Co. WV I20336
2 Crebs, Abbie  15 Feb 1889Marshall Co. WV I13575
3 Crebs, Averel G.  15 Feb 1889Marshall Co. WV I13576
4 Crebs, Ethel Agnes  15 Apr 1888Marshall Co. WV I13574
5 Crebs, Euleus Evelyn  11 Apr 1896Marshall Co. WV I13579
6 Crebs, Helen  Aug 1899Marshall Co. WV I13580
7 Crebs, Marvin Ellsworth  25 Jun 1879Marshall Co. WV I13571
8 Crebs, Mary J.  22 Jul 1875Marshall Co. WV I13569
9 Crebs, Stella  Jul 1882Marshall Co. WV I13572
10 Crebs, Violet Irene  16 Aug 1885Marshall Co. WV I13573
11 Evans, Adeline  ca 1852Marshall Co. WV I20323
12 Hawkins, Catherine  ca 1868Marshall Co. WV I20317
13 Hawkins, Elisabeth J.  ca 1869Marshall Co. WV I20318
14 Hawkins, Eugenia  ca 1871Marshall Co. WV I20319
15 Hawkins, Mary E.  ca 1861Marshall Co. WV I20316
16 Hazlett, Dennis Charles  02 Dec 1925Marshall Co. WV I20392
17 Miner, Alexander  ca 1860Marshall Co. WV I20338
18 Rine, Aaron Columbus  ca 1865Marshall Co. WV I20324
19 Rine, David  Apr 1843Marshall Co. WV I20322
20 Rine, Isaac N.  ca 1873Marshall Co. WV I20328
21 Rine, James E.  ca 1871Marshall Co. WV I20327
22 Rine, Jehu  Jul 1866Marshall Co. WV I20325
23 Rine, John W.  10 Sep 1868Marshall Co. WV I20326
24 Stackpole, Mary  ca 1928Marshall Co. WV I20381
25 Van Scyoc, Agnes M.  ca 1867Marshall Co. WV I20340
26 Van Scyoc, Cornelius  ca 1849Marshall Co. WV I20330
27 Van Scyoc, Emily  ca 1844Marshall Co. WV I20321
28 Van Scyoc, James Wiley Oldham  07 Apr 1877Marshall Co. WV I20277
29 Van Scyoc, John S.  Dec 1852Marshall Co. WV I20331
30 Van Scyoc, Margaret Jane  29 Apr 1855Marshall Co. WV I10042
31 Van Scyoc, Sarah Melinda or Belinda  27 May 1858Marshall Co. WV I20337
32 Van Scyoc, Serena Ann  ca 1837Marshall Co. WV I10041
33 Van Scyoc, William  13 Feb 1846Marshall Co. WV I20329
34 Wetzel, William  Jan 1859Marshall Co. WV I20341


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Evans, Adeline  08 Feb 1918Marshall Co. WV I20323
2 Fetty, Mary Ellen  26 Mar 1971Marshall Co. WV I20384
3 Rine, David  27 Dec 1917Marshall Co. WV I20322
4 Springer, Benjamin  01 Feb 1936Marshall Co. WV I20339
5 Stackpole, Clarence Jimison  Aug 1987Marshall Co. WV I20349
6 Van Scyoc, John S.  30 Jan 1914Marshall Co. WV I20331
7 Van Scyoc, Sarah Melinda or Belinda  02 Jan 1934Marshall Co. WV I20337
8 Wetzel, William  31 Aug 1909Marshall Co. WV I20341


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hawkins / Van Scyoc  28 Dec 1854Marshall Co. WV F9651
2 Miner / Van Scyoc  29 Sep 1882Marshall Co. WV F9656
3 Rine / Van Scyoc  17 Dec 1861Marshall Co. WV F9652
4 Springer / Van Scyoc  23 Apr 1896Marshall Co. WV F9657
5 Van Scyoc / Allman  10 Oct 1866Marshall Co. WV F9655
6 Van Scyoc / Berry  13 Jan 1903Marshall Co. WV F9638
7 Van Scyoc / Blake  11 May 1843Marshall Co. WV F9650
8 Wetzel / Van Scyoc  15 Sep 1885Marshall Co. WV F9658