Marshall Co. MS



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Craft, Bessie R.  Mar 1894Marshall Co. MS I30652
2 Craft, Frances Young  05 Dec 1891Marshall Co. MS I30643
3 Craft, John Finley  07 Dec 1892Marshall Co. MS I30650
4 FINLEY, Ann Hull  22 Sep 1872Marshall Co. MS I30637
5 FINLEY, Augusta  05 Nov 1876Marshall Co. MS I30639
6 FINLEY, Brodie  27 Dec 1874Marshall Co. MS I30638
7 FINLEY, Dabney  Jun 1881Marshall Co. MS I30646
8 FINLEY, Emma Elizabeth  1877Marshall Co. MS I30528
9 FINLEY, George Thornwell  Nov 1876Marshall Co. MS I30526
10 FINLEY, J. L.  ca 1872Marshall Co. MS I30527
11 FINLEY, John S.  20 Jun 1844Marshall Co. MS I30524
12 FINLEY, John Samuel  26 Aug 1886Marshall Co. MS I30641
13 FINLEY, Mary Tate  21 May 1869Marshall Co. MS I30530
14 FINLEY, Peter  ca 1879Marshall Co. MS I30529
15 FINLEY, Susan  Dec 1878Marshall Co. MS I30640
16 Scruggs, Finley  1866Marshall Co. MS I30532


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Craft, Frances Young  24 Aug 1892Marshall Co. MS I30643
2 Craft, John Finley  03 Oct 1975Marshall Co. MS I30650
3 Dunlap, Nannie  21 Oct 1911Marshall Co. MS I30525
4 FINLEY, Augusta Caroline  16 Jul 1877Marshall Co. MS I30523
5 FINLEY, Emma  04 Oct 1877Marshall Co. MS I30522
6 FINLEY, Emma Elizabeth  1957Marshall Co. MS I30528
7 FINLEY, George James  02 Oct 1910Marshall Co. MS I30520
8 FINLEY, George Thornwell  28 Jul 1921Marshall Co. MS I30526
9 FINLEY, John S.  07 Apr 1889Marshall Co. MS I30524
10 FINLEY, John Tate  27 Apr 1848Marshall Co. MS I30516
11 FINLEY, Mary Tate  14 Dec 1873Marshall Co. MS I30530
12 FINLEY, Mary Virginia  03 Sep 1909Marshall Co. MS I30521
13 Greenlee, Mary Jane  25 Feb 1885Marshall Co. MS I30517
14 Grier, Charles Strong  26 May 1877Marshall Co. MS I28215
15 Grier, Col. James Alexander  12 Sep 1878Marshall Co. MS I28213


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Scruggs / FINLEY  10 Apr 1865Marshall Co. MS F12899