Magoffin Co. KY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALTIZER, Anna  ca 1877Magoffin Co. KY I16483
2 ALTIZER, Emma  1872Magoffin Co. KY I16478
3 ALTIZER, Fannie  Nov 1876Magoffin Co. KY I16482
4 ALTIZER, James Philip  Nov 1874Magoffin Co. KY I16480
5 AMYX, Angeline  5 Sep 1842Magoffin Co. KY I4830
6 Gates, Anna  23 Mar 1890Magoffin Co. KY I16733
7 Gates, Ida Alice  30 Jan 1876Magoffin Co. KY I16723
8 Gates, Inez  24 Mar 1886Magoffin Co. KY I16731
9 Gates, Julia  28 Feb 1882Magoffin Co. KY I16729
10 Gates, Mary E. (Mollie)  07 Aug 1879Magoffin Co. KY I16728
11 Gates, Pearl Pauline  25 Jul 1877Magoffin Co. KY I16727
12 Gates, Rhodie  1874Magoffin Co. KY I16726
13 Gates, Sola Sack  15 May 1884Magoffin Co. KY I16730
14 Gates, William Malcolm  03 Nov 1872Magoffin Co. KY I16725
15 Keen, Polly  Jan 1899Magoffin Co. KY I19148
16 McIntosh, Nola Oma  10 Mar 1910Magoffin Co. KY I19167
17 McIntosh, Willie  ca 1907Magoffin Co. KY I16875
18 Whitt, Byrd Thomas  24 May 1867Magoffin Co. KY I16724


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gates, John Hile  03 Apr 1874Magoffin Co. KY I9919
2 ONEY, Elisha  25 Jan 1892Magoffin Co. KY I4843
3 Whitaker, Johnson  14 Feb 1871Magoffin Co. KY I12388
4 WHITT, James W.  7 Jan 1938Magoffin Co. KY I4823
5 WHITT, William  22 Mar 1930Magoffin Co. KY I4828


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALTIZER / Sayler  27 Dec 1871Magoffin Co. KY F8495
2 Gates / Hamman  30 May 1872Magoffin Co. KY F8560