Kittery, York Co. ME



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cooper, Daniel  May 1749Kittery, York Co. ME I13073
2 Emery, Sarah  1663Kittery, York Co. ME I12935
3 GOODWIN, Mary  18 Sep 1699Kittery, York Co. ME I7071
4 Grant, William  1670Kittery, York Co. ME I12968
5 Neal, Mary  24 Jul 1736Kittery, York Co. ME I13020
6 WARREN, Abigail  12 May 1764Kittery, York Co. ME I13024
7 WARREN, Andrew  06 Aug 1780Kittery, York Co. ME I13029
8 WARREN, Edmund  31 Mar 1773Kittery, York Co. ME I13027
9 WARREN, Gilbert  1654Kittery, York Co. ME I12934
10 WARREN, Gilbert  30 Apr 1703Kittery, York Co. ME I12932
11 WARREN, Grizel (Marie Madeline)  6 Mar 1661/62Kittery, York Co. ME I12956
12 WARREN, Ichabod  4 Mar 1735/36Kittery, York Co. ME I13032
13 WARREN, Jane  Kittery, York Co. ME I12937
14 WARREN, Jane  1664Kittery, York Co. ME I12967
15 WARREN, John  16 Dec 1705Kittery, York Co. ME I12933
16 WARREN, John  5 Mar 1730/31Kittery, York Co. ME I13016
17 WARREN, Keziah  Kittery, York Co. ME I13012
18 WARREN, Levi  03 Feb 1783Kittery, York Co. ME I13030
19 WARREN, Lois  ca 1785Kittery, York Co. ME I13031
20 WARREN, Margaret  Kittery, York Co. ME I12936
21 WARREN, Margaret  Kittery, York Co. ME I13014
22 WARREN, Margaret  1656Kittery, York Co. ME I12946
23 WARREN, Mary  Kittery, York Co. ME I13015
24 WARREN, Mary  23 Feb 1691/92Kittery, York Co. ME I12930
25 WARREN, Mary  17 Jan 1769Kittery, York Co. ME I13026
26 WARREN, Peletiah  Kittery, York Co. ME I13013
27 WARREN, Rachel  26 Aug 1700Kittery, York Co. ME I12931
28 WARREN, Tristram  1732Kittery, York Co. ME I13019
29 WARREN, Tristram Jr.  27 Dec 1776Kittery, York Co. ME I13028


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Margaret  1713Kittery, York Co. ME I7077
2 Neal, Mary  Kittery, York Co. ME I13020
3 WARREN, Gilbert  1733Kittery, York Co. ME I12934
4 WARREN, James  Dec 1702Kittery, York Co. ME I7076
5 WARREN, Tristram  Kittery, York Co. ME I13019


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Grant / WARREN  04 Aug 1690Kittery, York Co. ME F7381
2 Ricker / WARREN  17 Jun 1784Kittery, York Co. ME F7395
3 WARREN /   Bef 1654Kittery, York Co. ME F4937
4 WARREN / Heard  1725Kittery, York Co. ME F7391
5 WARREN / Neal  18 Jun 1755Kittery, York Co. ME F7393