Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 WHITAKER, Shirley  05 Mar 1928Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25114
2 WHITAKER, Ronald G.  17 Aug 1937Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25129
3 WHITAKER, Norma Paige  ca 1924Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25139
4 WHITAKER, Doris Wayne  03 Sep 1928Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25127
5 WHITAKER, Anne  ca 1934Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25128
6 Tipton, Robert Lee  08 May 1928Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33656
7 Tipton, Mabel  20 Dec 1924Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33653
8 Tipton, Bill Joe  04 Mar 1933Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33651
9 McGlothlin, Philip Edward  12 Nov 1934Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I35541
10 Ketron, Ted R.  28 Aug 1931Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33661
11 Donihe, John H.  22 Apr 1920Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33665


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Williams, Harry Edward  27 Apr 2006Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33625
2 WHITEAKER, Thomas John  Aft 1930Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I768
3 WHITAKER, Shirley  23 May 2007Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25114
4 WHITAKER, Garland  01 Apr 1949Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25137
5 WHITAKER, Charles A. Jr.  24 Feb 2001Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25103
6 WHITAKER, Charles  27 Jul 1968Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25101
7 Warner, Paul Tate  Mar 1979Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I14180
8 Warner, James William  08 May 1994Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I14179
9 Tipton, Mabel  12 Jun 2005Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33653
10 Tipton, Gaynell  12 Jun 2010Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33654
11 Tipton, Bill Joe  29 Sep 2010Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33651
12 Tipton, Afred Ray Sr.  07 Jun 1973Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33655
13 Thomas, Lyda Irene  Jan 1981Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33861
14 TATE, Mabel Lucille  07 Feb 2003Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I5365
15 TATE, Judge Patrick  25 Jan 1973Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I5687
16 TATE, Ida Marie  18 Jun 2008Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I32818
17 TATE, Fleet Lyle  26 Jun 2010Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I32801
18 Smith, Velma  29 Sep 2002Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I34923
19 Russell, Betty Lou  17 Apr 2014Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33602
20 QUILLIN, Frances Uneva (Mickie)  04 Aug 1980Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33300
21 Quillen, Roy Lee  20 Apr 2014Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33643
22 Quillen, Charlie Cephus  08 Apr 1993Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33642
23 Musick, Garvie Lee  28 Sep 1956Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33635
24 Meade, Henry Earl  10 Jun 2008Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33161
25 Mcnew, Paul Glenn  05 Aug 2014Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I14191
26 McGlothlin, William Hadley  29 Dec 2011Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I35341
27 McGlothlin, Stanford P.  11 Nov 1980Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I35548
28 McGlothlin, Philip Edward  15 Dec 1994Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I35541
29 McGlothlin, Gaines  26 Feb 2000Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I35533
30 MATNEY, Robert Raymond  27 Sep 2009Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I298
31 Mann, William Fred  06 Feb 2001Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33624
32 Mann, Betty Jean  Jan 1994Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33622
33 Lockhart, Alma Cecile  27 Feb 1971Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I17085
34 King, John Ralph  05 Feb 2004Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33301
35 Kestner, Virginia Elizabeth (Gin)  27 Jun 2004Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33124
36 Keene, Dallas Carl  15 Jul 2013Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I35043
37 Johnson, Anna Lee  22 Jun 2006Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33652
38 Hutton, Lexie  20 Mar 1973Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25102
39 Hutton, Gladys  27 Sep 1991Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25138
40 Horne, Merle  18 Dec 1998Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I35615
41 GILMER, Martha Emily  07 Apr 1973Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25145
42 GILMER, John Axel Jr.  26 Jan 1991Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25148
43 GILMER, Harry H.  02 May 1923Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I25147
44 Fleenor, Mildred B.  17 Jun 2007Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33141
45 Donihe, John H.  02 Jun 2001Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I33665
46 Crabtree, Russell Lee  Aug 1977Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I35612
47 CHRISTIAN, Myrtle Rebecca  15 Dec 1967Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I17114
48 CHRISTIAN, Hollie  02 Apr 1992Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I16916
49 CHAMBERS, Andrew David  18 Apr 2010Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I34335
50 Carter, James Vibert  04 Apr 1952Kingsport, Sullivan Co. TN I32996

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