Haywood Co. TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CASTELLAW, Charlotte  ca 1831Haywood Co. TN I11060
2 CASTELLAW, Dicey  23 Jul 1862Haywood Co. TN I10961
3 CASTELLAW, Egbert Osborn  1868Haywood Co. TN I11016
4 CASTELLAW, George  ca 1845Haywood Co. TN I11065
5 CASTELLAW, George Washington  1845Haywood Co. TN I11007
6 CASTELLAW, Jack Coleman  15 Jan 1874Haywood Co. TN I11019
7 CASTELLAW, James C.  ca 1839Haywood Co. TN I11063
8 CASTELLAW, Jelks  ca 1885Haywood Co. TN I11025
9 CASTELLAW, Jenny  1866Haywood Co. TN I11001
10 CASTELLAW, Jeremiah  ca 1847Haywood Co. TN I11066
11 CASTELLAW, Jessie B.  1890Haywood Co. TN I11027
12 CASTELLAW, John  ca 1833Haywood Co. TN I11061
13 CASTELLAW, John Frank  1871Haywood Co. TN I11003
14 CASTELLAW, Joseph  1836Haywood Co. TN I11062
15 CASTELLAW, Joseph  ca 1858Haywood Co. TN I10965
16 CASTELLAW, Louisa  21 Jul 1841Haywood Co. TN I11040
17 CASTELLAW, Lucy Albina  18 Apr 1867Haywood Co. TN I11012
18 CASTELLAW, Marlene  1874Haywood Co. TN I11004
19 CASTELLAW, Mary  08 Mar 1856Haywood Co. TN I10959
20 CASTELLAW, Myrtle  03 Sep 1883Haywood Co. TN I11024
21 CASTELLAW, Robert E.  1868Haywood Co. TN I11002
22 CASTELLAW, Thomas  ca 1845Haywood Co. TN I11064
23 CASTELLAW, Thomas Jefferson  17 Jan 1871Haywood Co. TN I11017
24 CASTELLAW, William R.  23 Nov 1859Haywood Co. TN I10960
25 CASTELLAW, Zack F.  1876Haywood Co. TN I11005
26 CASTELLAW, Zilphia Elizabeth  05 Dec 1850Haywood Co. TN I11014
27 Cobb, Harriet Ann Justine (Tiney)  30 Sep 1845Haywood Co. TN I10953
28 Cobb, Monroe Clinton  13 Aug 1835Haywood Co. TN I10945
29 Cobb, Mourning Adeline (Addie)  15 Mar 1838Haywood Co. TN I10946
30 Cobb, Robert Davis  19 Jun 1843Haywood Co. TN I10952
31 Cobb, Simon Amherst  29 Aug 1840Haywood Co. TN I10948
32 Johnson, Nancy Marina  20 Jul 1844Haywood Co. TN I11000


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blaydes, Mary Aurelia (Puss)  30 May 1933Haywood Co. TN I11011
2 CASTELLAW, Dicey  14 May 1870Haywood Co. TN I10961
3 CASTELLAW, Harriet W.  11 Nov 1869Haywood Co. TN I10933
4 CASTELLAW, Henry Dawson Jr.  Bef 15 Dec 1855Haywood Co. TN I11032
5 CASTELLAW, John Dawson  15 Feb 1859Haywood Co. TN I7706
6 CASTELLAW, John Edward  16 Nov 1896Haywood Co. TN I10957
7 CASTELLAW, Kenneth R.  22 Jun 1910Haywood Co. TN I10969
8 CASTELLAW, Marlene  1875Haywood Co. TN I11004
9 CASTELLAW, Mary  21 Apr 1870Haywood Co. TN I10959
10 CASTELLAW, Myrtle  19 Feb 1885Haywood Co. TN I11024
11 CASTELLAW, Thomas Jefferson  23 Dec 1878Haywood Co. TN I10955
12 CASTELLAW, Thomas Jefferson Jr.  15 Mar 1879Haywood Co. TN I10999
13 CASTELLAW, William R.  14 May 1870Haywood Co. TN I10960
14 CASTELLAW, Zilphia Elizabeth  03 Jan 1922Haywood Co. TN I11014
15 Cobb, Monroe Clinton  26 Nov 1838Haywood Co. TN I10945
16 Cobb, Robert Davis  1845Haywood Co. TN I10952
17 Cobb, Zilphia Elizabeth  1835Haywood Co. TN I10940
18 Cole, Mary Elizabeth  1875Haywood Co. TN I10998
19 Coleman, Mattie E.  12 Jun 1886Haywood Co. TN I10962
20 Johnson, Mary  18 Apr 1870Haywood Co. TN I10958
21 Johnson, Nancy Marina  08 Jan 1921Haywood Co. TN I11000
22 SPRUILL, Zilphia  27 Apr 1842Haywood Co. TN I7719


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CASTELLAW / Blaydes  05 Oct 1868Haywood Co. TN F6824
2 CASTELLAW / Coleman  25 Oct 1870Haywood Co. TN F6807
3 CASTELLAW / JOHNSON  Haywood Co. TN F5187
4 CASTELLAW / Johnson  ca 1854Haywood Co. TN F6806
5 CASTELLAW / Johnson  16 Aug 1865Haywood Co. TN F6822
6 CASTELLAW / Thomas  15 Jun 1869Haywood Co. TN F6809
7 CASTELLAW / Watridge  25 Nov 1866Haywood Co. TN F6823
8 Clark / CASTELLAW  1889Haywood Co. TN F6817
9 Cobb / CASTELLAW  01 Sep 1887Haywood Co. TN F6825
10 Hunter / CASTELLAW  Mar 1892Haywood Co. TN F6819
11 Watridge / CASTELLAW  24 Dec 1868Haywood Co. TN F6826
12 Watridge / Cobb  18 Aug 1860Haywood Co. TN F6800