Hancock Co. OH



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baldwin, Albert Joel  07 May 1876Hancock Co. OH I13302
2 Baldwin, Anthony Wayne  24 Jul 1905Hancock Co. OH I13307
3 Baldwin, Bernice A.  07 Apr 1902Hancock Co. OH I13303
4 Baldwin, George William  19 Jul 1903Hancock Co. OH I13305
5 Powell, Louelle Agnes  28 Oct 1916Hancock Co. OH I13336
6 RUSSELL, Alva J.  02 Jun 1892Hancock Co. OH I13271
7 RUSSELL, Carrie C.  Aug 1894Hancock Co. OH I13270
8 RUSSELL, Clara L.  28 Apr 1919Hancock Co. OH I13334
9 RUSSELL, Ellen Jessie  18 Jan 1917Hancock Co. OH I13333
10 RUSSELL, Frances Lolin  1884Hancock Co. OH I13266
11 RUSSELL, George  04 Apr 1850Hancock Co. OH I13273
12 RUSSELL, Irma Alison  23 Mar 1930Hancock Co. OH I13335
13 RUSSELL, James H.  19 Feb 1915Hancock Co. OH I13332
14 RUSSELL, Lillian Ruth  12 Jul 1910Hancock Co. OH I13330
15 RUSSELL, Lionel Glenroy  28 Jul 1872Hancock Co. OH I13277
16 RUSSELL, Lucinda  ca 1852Hancock Co. OH I13289
17 RUSSELL, Mahalah  21 Nov 1851Hancock Co. OH I13272
18 RUSSELL, Nancy C.  1856Hancock Co. OH I13274
19 RUSSELL, Roscoe George  06 Feb 1881Hancock Co. OH I13282
20 RUSSELL, Vera G.  28 Jan 1890Hancock Co. OH I13269
21 RUSSELL, William Wescott  ca 1859Hancock Co. OH I13275
22 Snyder, Glenn Delos  07 Sep 1908Hancock Co. OH I13331
23 Swank, John Franklin (Frank)  15 Aug 1872Hancock Co. OH I13288
24 Van Horn, Sarah Elizabeth  10 Jun 1850Hancock Co. OH I13276


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cupp, Charles L.  05 Jan 2009Hancock Co. OH I13339
2 Drake, Mary  1934Hancock Co. OH I13265
3 Fink, Mary E.  17 Nov 1916Hancock Co. OH I13267
4 Monday, Frank E.  17 Jan 1997Hancock Co. OH I13338
5 RUSSELL, Clara L.  29 May 2001Hancock Co. OH I13334
6 RUSSELL, Ellen Jessie  06 Oct 1986Hancock Co. OH I13333
7 RUSSELL, Forest Scott  10 Sep 1968Hancock Co. OH I13285
8 RUSSELL, Frances Lolin  1901Hancock Co. OH I13266
9 RUSSELL, George  21 Dec 1925Hancock Co. OH I13273
10 RUSSELL, Grove Van Horn  1957Hancock Co. OH I13284
11 RUSSELL, John W.  16 Dec 1909Hancock Co. OH I13264
12 RUSSELL, Joseph  Bef 1870Hancock Co. OH I12791
13 RUSSELL, Lillian Ruth  23 Jan 1996Hancock Co. OH I13330
14 RUSSELL, Lionel Glenroy  21 Dec 1884Hancock Co. OH I13277
15 RUSSELL, Squire Calvin  07 Feb 1920Hancock Co. OH I13263
16 Sloan, Nettie Olina  14 Feb 1971Hancock Co. OH I13327
17 Snyder, Glenn Delos  22 Jan 1978Hancock Co. OH I13331
18 Trautman, Donald Wayne  14 Sep 1986Hancock Co. OH I13337
19 Van Horn, Sarah Elizabeth  14 Feb 1930Hancock Co. OH I13276
20 Waltermire, Lucinda  11 Dec 1893Hancock Co. OH I13262


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 RUSSELL / Baldwin  02 Dec 1904Hancock Co. OH F7494
2 RUSSELL / Fink  18 Nov 1888Hancock Co. OH F7478
3 RUSSELL / Powell  30 Jan 1936Hancock Co. OH F7498
4 RUSSELL / Sloan  03 Jul 1907Hancock Co. OH F7495
5 RUSSELL / Van Horn  04 Aug 1870Hancock Co. OH F7480