Garvin Co. OK



Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Avants, Pearl L.  05 Mar 1909Garvin Co. OK I23922
2 Battles, Leroy  ca 1926Garvin Co. OK I23920
3 Battles, Lessie  08 May 1920Garvin Co. OK I23917
4 Battles, Makine J.  ca 1939Garvin Co. OK I23903
5 Battles, Melvie  ca 1923Garvin Co. OK I23919
6 Battles, Ovie Lee  18 Sep 1917Garvin Co. OK I23904
7 Battles, R. C.  27 Nov 1918Garvin Co. OK I23872
8 Battles, Stephen J.  ca 1917Garvin Co. OK I23901
9 Boman, Kenneth  ca 1931Garvin Co. OK I23890
10 Boman, Laurana F.  ca 1939Garvin Co. OK I23897
11 Bowman, James Calvin  19 Nov 1924Garvin Co. OK I23889
12 Dunn, Alton  23 Dec 1938Garvin Co. OK I23938
13 Dunn, Bertha Lillian  31 Dec 1897Garvin Co. OK I23899
14 Dunn, Cecil James  14 Jul 1903Garvin Co. OK I23923
15 Dunn, Doyle Stephen  17 Sep 1935Garvin Co. OK I23927
16 Dunn, John  20 Jun 1900Garvin Co. OK I23921
17 Dunn, Loretta Bell  25 Nov 1936Garvin Co. OK I23931
18 Dunn, Mamie  ca 1910Garvin Co. OK I23939
19 Dunn, Oliver  29 Mar 1906Garvin Co. OK I23925
20 Hughes, Merel Frances  18 Aug 1939Garvin Co. OK I23893


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Battles, Arthur Garfield  04 Mar 1935Garvin Co. OK I23900
2 Battles, Emsley Lawson  18 Sep 1976Garvin Co. OK I23871
3 Battles, Lessie  14 Apr 1998Garvin Co. OK I23917
4 Dunn, Bertha Lillian  03 Sep 1988Garvin Co. OK I23899
5 Dunn, Cora  05 May 1987Garvin Co. OK I23870
6 Dunn, Mamie  Bef 1920Garvin Co. OK I23939
7 Golden, Alfred  21 Apr 2004Garvin Co. OK I23918
8 McClung, William H.  10 Mar 1917Garvin Co. OK I32284