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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Dock Grace  18 Jun 1890Floyd Co. GA I29314
2 Aycock, Florence  18 Jun 1915Floyd Co. GA I29364
3 Beard, James A.  09 Jul 1867Floyd Co. GA I28475
4 DUKE, Allen Green Reginald  24 May 1881Floyd Co. GA I28658
5 DUKE, Anna Lee  Jan 1888Floyd Co. GA I28650
6 DUKE, Argie Della  Sep 1884Floyd Co. GA I28648
7 DUKE, Artelia  ca 1876Floyd Co. GA I28471
8 DUKE, Auburn  30 Oct 1893Floyd Co. GA I28651
9 DUKE, Berry Alford  02 Sep 1906Floyd Co. GA I28526
10 DUKE, Charles Wright  1880Floyd Co. GA I28472
11 DUKE, Clara Lee  17 Dec 1901Floyd Co. GA I28663
12 DUKE, David Edmund  ca 1868Floyd Co. GA I28467
13 DUKE, Effie Mae  02 Feb 1905Floyd Co. GA I28664
14 DUKE, Emeline  ca 1863Floyd Co. GA I28463
15 DUKE, Eugene  Aug 1871Floyd Co. GA I28468
16 DUKE, Frances Unity  10 Apr 1885Floyd Co. GA I29311
17 DUKE, Geroge W.  ca 1854Floyd Co. GA I28460
18 DUKE, Grady  30 Mar 1898Floyd Co. GA I28481
19 DUKE, Green Reginald Jr.  ca 1865Floyd Co. GA I28466
20 DUKE, Green Reginald  Dec 1870Floyd Co. GA I28479
21 DUKE, Henry Jackson  08 Jul 1873Floyd Co. GA I28523
22 DUKE, James  ca 1872Floyd Co. GA I28522
23 DUKE, James Alfred  ca 1858Floyd Co. GA I28461
24 DUKE, James H  Sep 1896Floyd Co. GA I28532
25 DUKE, James Walter  Jan 1886Floyd Co. GA I28649
26 DUKE, Joanna  02 May 1891Floyd Co. GA I28657
27 DUKE, Joseph Cornelius  10 Jun 1848Floyd Co. GA I28457
28 DUKE, Julia  08 Jul 1882Floyd Co. GA I29310
29 DUKE, Julia Ann  10 Sep 1860Floyd Co. GA I28462
30 DUKE, Julius Marvin  28 Jun 1875Floyd Co. GA I28660
31 DUKE, Lucy Lee  28 Dec 1872Floyd Co. GA I28469
32 DUKE, Martin Miller  04 Jul 1852Floyd Co. GA I28459
33 DUKE, Mary Emeline  01 Feb 1878Floyd Co. GA I28659
34 DUKE, Mary Emeline  30 Dec 1879Floyd Co. GA I28538
35 DUKE, Nancy Elizabeth  04 Nov 1849Floyd Co. GA I28458
36 DUKE, Pearl  Aug 1898Floyd Co. GA I28531
37 DUKE, Robert Lee  24 Apr 1876Floyd Co. GA I28537
38 DUKE, Unetta  ca 1873Floyd Co. GA I28470
39 DUKE, William Dison  10 May 1889Floyd Co. GA I28474
40 DUKE, William M.  May 1870Floyd Co. GA I28478
41 DUKE, William Marvin  20 Dec 1899Floyd Co. GA I28662
42 DUKE, Willilam Martin  30 May 1873Floyd Co. GA I28666
43 Ellison, Jane  31 Aug 1945Floyd Co. GA I29366
44 Fowler, Annie Ruth  29 Apr 1924Floyd Co. GA I29341
45 Fowler, Carl Layden Sr.  02 Feb 1917Floyd Co. GA I29339
46 Fowler, Charles Riley  06 Nov 1885Floyd Co. GA I29337
47 Fowler, John Martin  09 Apr 1920Floyd Co. GA I29340
48 Fowler, Norma L.  1943Floyd Co. GA I29343
49 Fowler, Walter Marlin  13 Feb 1914Floyd Co. GA I29338
50 Hennon, Esbin Lee (Rip)  26 Sep 1908Floyd Co. GA I28665

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alford, Emma  15 Dec 1955Floyd Co. GA I28524
2 Allen, Dock Grace  08 Sep 1967Floyd Co. GA I29314
3 Aycock, Florence  10 Dec 1997Floyd Co. GA I29364
4 Cook, Ollie P.  29 Oct 1995Floyd Co. GA I29329
5 Dellinger, Harriet J.  1891Floyd Co. GA I28465
6 DUKE, Anna Lee  29 Aug 1983Floyd Co. GA I28650
7 DUKE, Argie Della  18 Jan 1966Floyd Co. GA I28648
8 DUKE, Charles  22 Jan 1850Floyd Co. GA I28411
9 DUKE, Clara Lee  16 Jun 1985Floyd Co. GA I28663
10 DUKE, Henry Jackson  15 Jul 1941Floyd Co. GA I28523
11 DUKE, James Lumpkin  23 Jun 1887Floyd Co. GA I28428
12 DUKE, James Walter  04 Dec 1951Floyd Co. GA I28649
13 DUKE, Jeremiah Franklin Alexander Star (Frank)  10 Sep 1901Floyd Co. GA I28436
14 DUKE, John P  15 Aug 1917Floyd Co. GA I28434
15 DUKE, Julia Ann  17 Jun 1944Floyd Co. GA I28462
16 DUKE, Julius Marvin  07 Apr 1906Floyd Co. GA I28660
17 DUKE, Martin Miller  16 Apr 1935Floyd Co. GA I28459
18 Duke, Mazera W.  18 May 1883Floyd Co. GA I28442
19 DUKE, William Dison  27 Dec 1965Floyd Co. GA I28474
20 DUKE, William Marvin  23 Nov 1984Floyd Co. GA I28662
21 Fowler, Charles Riley  21 Jun 1943Floyd Co. GA I29337
22 Fowler, Elizabeth  08 Jul 1950Floyd Co. GA I28661
23 Fowler, John Martin  23 Jan 1992Floyd Co. GA I29340
24 Fowler, Norma L.  2010Floyd Co. GA I29343
25 Fowler, Walter Marlin  14 Apr 1990Floyd Co. GA I29338
26 Hennon, Esbin Lee (Rip)  22 Jan 1972Floyd Co. GA I28665
27 Hightower, Minerva  29 Jan 1889Floyd Co. GA I28429
28 Littlejohn, Margaret Joanna  05 May 1891Floyd Co. GA I28656
29 Littlejohn, Martha (Polly)  03 Feb 2008Floyd Co. GA I29346
30 Martin, Lois Vera  04 Apr 1934Floyd Co. GA I28673
31 McClung, Grady (Buddy)  10 Oct 1961Floyd Co. GA I29356
32 McDonald, Ruby Jewell  17 Aug 2002Floyd Co. GA I29342
33 McKenzie, William  07 Sep 1934Floyd Co. GA I28670
34 McKenzie, William Algie  03 Sep 1971Floyd Co. GA I28681
35 McKenzie, William Algie Jr.  09 Oct 2005Floyd Co. GA I29281
36 Myrick, Rufus  22 Jul 1935Floyd Co. GA I29330
37 Rickman, Perry Richard Jr.  19 Jun 1956Floyd Co. GA I28675
38 Rickman, Perry Richard Sr.  28 Feb 1979Floyd Co. GA I28674
39 Sharp, Nancy Emeline  Sep., 1863Floyd Co. GA I28456
40 Shaw, Deward V.  21 Dec 1973Floyd Co. GA I29327
41 Teat, Connie  26 Feb 1990Floyd Co. GA I29326
42 Teat, Ila Mae  21 May 1996Floyd Co. GA I29328
43 Teat, Leonard Duke  01 Dec 1908Floyd Co. GA I29325
44 Teat, Mark Leonard  19 Oct 1918Floyd Co. GA I29324
45 Touchstone, Evelyn Jewell  14 Aug 1999Floyd Co. GA I28527


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DUKE / King  24 May 1896Floyd Co. GA F12221
2 DUKE / Sharp  Sept. 2, 1847Floyd Co. GA F12217
3 McKenzie / DUKE  24 Dec 1883Floyd Co. GA F12279