Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 TATE, Allie Mae  Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15585
2 TATE, Anna Jane  19 Apr 1880Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15075
3 TATE, Anna Pearl  03 Feb 1901Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15581
4 TATE, Carrie Belle  03 Nov 1878Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15074
5 TATE, Charles Roger Sr.  Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15588
6 TATE, Grover Cleveland  24 Jul 1884Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15078
7 TATE, Hazel  17 Aug 1900Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15580
8 TATE, Ida Dale  Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15600
9 TATE, Jesse Troy  Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15587
10 TATE, John Elmer  29 Apr 1882Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15077
11 TATE, Kathryn  Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15592
12 TATE, Maggie M.  26 Nov 1875Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15071
13 TATE, Martha (Mattie ) Leora  03 Feb 1876Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15080
14 TATE, Mary Bell  08 May 1874Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15070
15 TATE, Will Rogers  06 Jul 1902Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15582
16 TATE, William H. (Will)  11 Jun 1877Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15072
17 TATE, William Miller (Billy)  Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15601
18 Welch, Martha J.  14 Aug 1845Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15069


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jennings, Joseph  30 Jun 1945Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15085
2 Rogers, Hattie  12 Feb 1960Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15073
3 TATE, Anna Pearl  19 Aug 1967Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15581
4 TATE, Carrie Belle  06 Nov 1958Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15074
5 TATE, Grover Cleveland  October 24, 1886,Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15078
6 TATE, Hazel  08 Mar 1901Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15580
7 TATE, John Elmer  24 Jan 1884Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15077
8 TATE, Maggie M.  25 Mar 1878Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15071
9 TATE, Mary Bell  08 Apr 1878Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15070
10 TATE, William H. (Will)  23 Apr 1902Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15072
11 Welch, Martha J.  18 Jan 1917Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15069


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Rogers, Hattie  Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15073
2 TATE, Carrie Belle  Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15074
3 TATE, Grover Cleveland  Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15078
4 TATE, John Elmer  Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15077
5 TATE, John Lee  Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I14559
6 TATE, William H. (Will)  Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15072
7 Welch, Martha J.  Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN I15069


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 TATE / Jones  21 Dec 1875Decaturville, Grundy Co. TN F8042