Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Jones, Emma  19 Jun 1859Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15081
2 TATE, Allie Clyde  13 Jul 1878Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15084
3 TATE, Emma Myrtle  15 Apr 1885Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15092
4 TATE, Infant  13 Jul 1905Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15597
5 TATE, Infant  19 Nov 1921Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15602
6 TATE, James Fanton  26 Aug 1883Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15089
7 TATE, James Striegel  10 Nov 1909Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15591
8 TATE, Jesse Phanton  14 Aug 1876Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15082
9 TATE, John Morse  01 Sep 1887Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15093
10 TATE, Kenneth Rabun  28 May 1890Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15095
11 TATE, Louie Elston  19 Apr 1880Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15086
12 TATE, Louis Elmer  15 Jan 1901Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15584
13 TATE, Lucille  25 Nov 1903Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15589
14 TATE, Mary  25 Jan 1905Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15590


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Crawley, Frona M.  28 Dec 1983Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15090
2 Griffin, Jennie  13 Jul 1905Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15091
3 Jones, Emma  15 Jun 1922Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15081
4 Miller, Gussie Vader  21 Jun 1973Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15096
5 TATE, Allie Clyde  27 Oct 1896Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15084
6 TATE, Emma Myrtle  04 Oct 1885Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15092
7 TATE, Infant  13 Jul 1905Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15597
8 TATE, Infant  19 Nov 1921Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15602
9 TATE, James Fanton  1930Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15089
10 TATE, James Harrison  13 Apr 1891Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I14561
11 TATE, Jesse Phanton  25 Jan 1910Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15082
12 TATE, Kenneth Rabun  30 Nov 1970Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15095
13 TATE, Lucille  01 Oct 1904Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN I15589


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 TATE / Rainey  03 Feb 1903Decaturville, Decatur Co. TN F8045