Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Daniels, Juanita  ca 1912Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21366
2 Gadd, Daniel Preston  01 Mar 1921Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I32385
3 Perdue, Richard Lee  07 Dec 1924Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21426
4 Vipperman, Agnes  10 Aug 1919Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21376
5 Vipperman, Earl Dennis  23 Oct 1927Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21358
6 Vipperman, Gloria Catherine  21 Jul 1925Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21356
7 Vipperman, Margaret  ca 1924Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21379
8 Vipperman, McDonald Tarquino Jr.  ca 1918Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21375
9 Vipperman, Otis Franklin  17 Jan 1940Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21428
10 Vipperman, Virginia Lillian  11 May 1913Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21368


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Altizer, Arthur Bryan  04 Dec 1953Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I17188
2 Auvil, Rosa Nannie  15 May 1961Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I17797
3 Bandy, Thomas Herbert (Hubbard)  26 Mar 1959Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I19930
4 BEAVERS, Augustus Payne  10 Sep 1968Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I4210
5 CHARLES, John Henry  13 Jan 1954Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I19144
6 CHRISTIAN, Christopher Colulmbus  28 Mar 1943Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I13542
7 CHRISTIAN, Reece Edward  21 Apr 1960Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I19009
8 CHRISTIAN, William C. (Willie)  15 Apr 1936Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I16766
9 Conley, Nita Maude  02 Aug 2009Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I17902
10 Conley, Sterling Silver  21 Apr 1956Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I17908
11 Connor, Veona Cordelia  18 Dec 1961Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21353
12 Craddock, Andrew Jackson (Jack)  17 Sep 1998Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I27619
13 DENNA, Doris D. (Butchie)  04 Jan 2012Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I22215
14 Early, Deccie Laura  28 Aug 1970Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I9564
15 Goodman, Mae  Jul 1993Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I18440
16 Skeens, Noah Wilson  19 Jan 1983Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I18631
17 Terry, Texana Annie Adaline  12 Feb 1948Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21340
18 Vipperman, Benonie T. (Bennie)  Aug 1975Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21418
19 Vipperman, Earl Dennis  22 Oct 1999Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21358
20 Vipperman, Gloria Catherine  10 Apr 2007Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21356
21 Vipperman, Lowell Singleton  17 Jan 1988Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21420
22 Vipperman, McDonald Tarquino  17 Sep 1965Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21352
23 Vipperman, Thelma  01 Dec 1935Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21373
24 Vipperman, Virginia Lillian  15 May 1999Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I21368
25 Walkup, Foster Felix  26 Apr 1966Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I18376
26 WHITAKER, James Blane  15 Jul 1999Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I263
27 Wickline, Geneva Jewel (Giz)  02 Apr 1991Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I27609
28 Wickline, William Henry  24 Apr 1946Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I27599
29 Williams, Emmet Wharton  31 Jan 1965Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV I9563


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHRISTIAN / Witten  08 Sep 1951Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV F1979
2 Polk / Vipperman  03 Oct 1923Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV F9919
3 Powers / Vipperman  24 Mar 1934Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV F9928
4 Scott / Brammer  18 Oct 1919Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV F10073
5 Shuff / Vipperman  09 Apr 1955Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV F9923
6 Starr / Simpson  10 May 1963Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV F9933
7 Vipperman / Daniels  23 May 1933Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV F9927
8 Vipperman / Hager  18 Nov 1924Beckley, Raleigh Co. WV F9922