Ulster, Ireland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Agnes  ca 1743Ulster, Ireland I28374
2 Eleanor (Helen)  ca 1681Ulster, Ireland I10078
3 Elizabeth  1674Ulster, Ireland I5732
4 Martha  ca 1743Ulster, Ireland I28371
5 Beatty, Francis  ca 1707Ulster, Ireland I10083
6 Beaty, Sarah  1687Ulster, Ireland I10065
7 Breckenridge, John  ca 1719Ulster, Ireland I26490
8 DOAK, James  1670Ulster, Ireland I5731
9 DOAK, Robert  ca 1720Ulster, Ireland I5741
10 Harper, Benjamin  ca 1737Ulster, Ireland I28370
11 Harper, Dr. Daniel  ca 1747Ulster, Ireland I28376
12 Harper, James  ca 1751Ulster, Ireland I28377
13 Harper, Jane  ca 1756Ulster, Ireland I28388
14 Harper, John  ca 1753Ulster, Ireland I28387
15 Harper, John  ca 1761Ulster, Ireland I28375
16 Harper, Mary  1723Ulster, Ireland I28231
17 Harper, Robert  ca 1742Ulster, Ireland I28373
18 Harper, William  ca 1704Ulster, Ireland I28368
19 Harper, William Jr.  ca 1749Ulster, Ireland I28378
20 Harper, William  ca 1763Ulster, Ireland I28372
21 Harris, John Sr.  11 Jan 1727Ulster, Ireland I28244
22 Hunter, Jane Sloan  11 Jan 1779Ulster, Ireland I28275
23 Hunter, John  1720Ulster, Ireland I28230
24 Hunter, Robert  ca 1749Ulster, Ireland I28232
25 Knox, Margaret  ca 1711Ulster, Ireland I28369
26 Lyle, James  1732Ulster, Ireland I10123
27 McAlvey, Gen. William  1728Ulster, Ireland I28293
28 Mitchell, Jane  ca 1711Ulster, Ireland I10081
29 Mitchell, Jenet  Between 1715-1720Ulster, Ireland I10082
30 Mitchell, Thomas  1680Ulster, Ireland I10077
31 Parks, Joseph  Ulster, Ireland I10538
32 Tate, Elizabeth  1722Ulster, Ireland I10072
33 TATE, James  1690Ulster, Ireland I5594
34 Tate, James  1716Ulster, Ireland I10067
35 Tate, John  1670Ulster, Ireland I10064
36 TATE, John  Between 1710-1725Ulster, Ireland I5314
37 Tate, Samuel  1720Ulster, Ireland I10070
38 Tate, Sarah  1724Ulster, Ireland I10073
39 Tate, William  1721Ulster, Ireland I10071


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 TATE  Ulster, Ireland I10066