McMinnville, Warren Co. TN



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brady, Henry Herman  17 May 1917McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I34832
2 Deering, Adelaide  10 Mar 1843McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I15327
3 McVey, Mary Frances  06 Apr 1915McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I34816
4 Miller, Bert Albert  13 Jul 1895McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I20728
5 Patton, Don Clayton  04 Dec 1928McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I34825
6 Phifer, Johnie Sue  ca 1939McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I34822
7 TATE, James Eglan  1816McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I14346
8 TATE, Maggie Rose  29 Jan 1872McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I16352


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bost, Jonathan M.  04 Dec 1899McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I14612
2 Pack, Araminta (Mintie)  30 Sep 1953Mcminnville, Warren Co. TN I29397
3 Parsley, Addie  14 May 1994Mcminnville, Warren Co. TN I29398
4 Parsley, Othel  May 1970Mcminnville, Warren Co. TN I29404
5 TATE, Alexander  1847McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I5317
6 TATE, Bessie Dagmar  11 Sep 2011McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I15719
7 TATE, James Morton Sr.  19 Apr 2009McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I16365
8 TATE, Mahala D.  26 May 1898McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I16398
9 TATE, Virginia Ann (Virgie)  22 Aug 1986McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I15660
10 Wanamaker, Conard  08 Feb 1989McMinnville, Warren Co. TN I16384