Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Crump, Earl A.  04 Sep 1900Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13614
2 Tyson, Alice May  29 Mar 1883Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13585


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Blake, Ernest Tyson  22 Nov 1994Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13626
2 Blake, Euphenia Ernestine  17 Feb 1920Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13627
3 Crump, Columbus Alexander {Lum}  13 Mar 1949Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13596
4 Edmund, Annie Lee  25 Dec 1975Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13602
5 Edmund, James Edwin  21 Jun 1990Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13611
6 Edmund, Mayland  Bef 1930Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13613
7 Edmund, Sarah Louise  03 Dec 1998Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13605
8 Pegram, Alice  13 Oct 1983Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13615
9 Pittman, Mary Martilla  02 Dec 1948Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13584
10 Prevatte, Patricia  16 Sep 1986Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13609
11 Smith, Albert Lee  12 May 1966Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13603
12 Tuton, Earl  24 Aug 1982Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13594
13 Tyson, Alice May  26 Apr 1982Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13585
14 Tyson, Daniel Richard  08 Apr 2007Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13621
15 Tyson, Edwin Thurman  Mar 1978Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13588
16 Tyson, James Edwin  03 Mar 1942Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I8340
17 Tyson, James Russell  15 May 1961Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13591
18 Tyson, Mary Euphemia  01 Feb 1951Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13590
19 Tyson, Maud Annice  24 Oct 1978Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13592
20 Tyson, Nellie  30 Apr 1983Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13593
21 Tyson, Thomas Russell  28 Feb 1993Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13619
22 Tyson, William Grover  21 Apr 1964Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC I13586


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Tyson / Pittman  11 Jun 1882Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC F7580
2 Tyson / Thomas  27 Sep 1916Lumberton, Robeson Co. NC F7592