Houston, Harris Co. TX



Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Vandervoort, Kirkland Root  02 Feb 1930Houston, Harris Co. TX I31013


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Lillian E.  30 Aug 1977Houston, Harris Co. TX I28810
2 Louise Cecilia  16 Jan 2008Houston, Harris Co. TX I28812
3 Arnold, Cora Barbara  03 Oct 1993Houston, Harris Co. TX I31003
4 Carter, Jodie  05 Jun 1966Houston, Harris Co. TX I27737
5 Claytor, Angus Hunter  27 Nov 1949Houston, Harris Co. TX I26133
6 Crabtree, Isaac Logan  20 Aug 2004Houston, Harris Co. TX I35613
7 Davis, Wallace McRae Jr.  26 May 1987Houston, Harris Co. TX I31007
8 Deans, James Elliott  28 Jul 1984Houston, Harris Co. TX I30458
9 Duncan, Clyde Lafayette  25 May 1966Houston, Harris Co. TX I11347
10 Duncan, Edith Louise  12 Jun 1997Houston, Harris Co. TX I11356
11 Duncan, Samuel Lafayette  19 Jan 1945Houston, Harris Co. TX I11346
12 Duncan, Samuel Winston  17 Nov 1984Houston, Harris Co. TX I11354
13 Galbreath, John B.  21 Jul 1978Houston, Harris Co. TX I33686
14 Lee, Nina  01 Jan 1989Houston, Harris Co. TX I26138
15 Powell, Jack Joseph  16 May 2005Houston, Harris Co. TX I26202
16 Powell, Oliver Wendell Holmes  10 Nov 1963Houston, Harris Co. TX I26192
17 RICE, Carl M.  10 May 1991Houston, Harris Co. TX I28811
18 Smedes, William C.  30 Apr 1928Houston, Harris Co. TX I30644
19 Sterrett, Barbara  19 Jul 1983Houston, Harris Co. TX I31004
20 Sterrett, Mary Lewis  19 Jul 1965Houston, Harris Co. TX I31005
21 Sterrett, Thornton Whaling (Wallace)  30 Sep 1956Houston, Harris Co. TX I31002
22 TATE, Charles Robert  03 Jul 1961Houston, Harris Co. TX I15674
23 YOW, Ellard Melton  21 Apr 1965Houston, Harris Co. TX I28071