Colbert (Colgate) FUGATE

Male 1759 - Bef 1819  (60 years)

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  • Name Colbert (Colgate) FUGATE 
    Born 1759  Frederick Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender Male 
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    Died Bef 14 Sep 1819  Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location 
    • From The Fugate Family of Russell Co., VA by David Farris, Gateway Press 1986

      There is some doubt as to who the original Fugate was in America. Early genealogists thought that Peter LaFoucate of Baltimore County, Maryland was the original settler. Further study, however, casts doubt on this and points to James Fugett who married Martha Poel (Poole). James was the son of James Fugett and Emaline Lamb of Ltegray, London.

      James Fugett married Martha Poel in Henrico County, Virginia in 1694. The county was established in 1611, just four years after Jamestown. It extended on both sides of the James River from the junction of the James and Appomattox Rivers to the Blue Ridge Mountains. In 1634 there were 4914 settlers in Virginia, with 419 of these in Henrico County. In 1694 Henrico County consisted of Goochland (1727), Albemarle (1744), Amherst(1761), Fluvanna(1777), Nelson, Chesterfield (1747), Cumberland(1749), Buckingham(1732), Powhatan and part of Appomattox Counties as well as the cities of Richmond, Charlottesville and Colonial Heights. The boundaries have remained essentially unchanged since 1747.

      They are known to have resided in Perquimans Precinct, North Carolina, from 1697 to 1702.

      Josias Fugate is the earliest confirmed Fugate. He resided in the Northern Neck of Virginia in the Brunswick Parish of King George County. In Josias' will, dated 18 March, 1757, he mentions his sons Francis, John, Josias, Randolph, Martin and daughter Ann Swillavant, as well as his wife, Mary. Mary has, by tradition, been assumed to be Mary Martin. It is probable that his sons John, Josias, Randolph, and Martin, had moved elsewhere to settle. Randolph is known to have been in Orange County, Virginia, by 1738.

      Martin Fugate was recorded in Frederick County in 1755. The area he was located in was possibly the area known as Dunmore County from 1772 to 1777, renamed Shenandoah County in 1777, and later divided into Page and Warren Counties. He was also recorded in Culpeper Co., Virginia, in 1761, 1763, and 1775. It is probable that all his children were born in this area. His brother John Jr. was recorded as selling his land in the same area on 09 October, 1771 then purchasing land in 1772 in the Moccasin

      Valley in what was then Botetourt County, and later Fincastle, Washington, and finally Russell County. Martin was first noted in Russell County in 1789 as "exempt from taxation". It was in Russell County that Martin Fugate's estate was settled on 29 June, 1803.

      The area which is now Russell County was an intertribal Indian hunting preserve until 1745 when it became part of Augusta County. Between 1769 and 1785 it was contained in Botetourt, Fincastle, and Washington Counties. In 1786, Russell Country was formed from Washington County. The boundary lines extended from Clinch Mountain to the Cumberland Gap on the Kentucky Border and eastward to a point near Bluefield, Virginia. In 1790 the County had a population of 3338, including 190 slaves.

      The first known group of settlers arrived in Castles Woods, in 1770. Among this group, then considered squatters, was Charles Bickley, brother of Mary Carter. They claimed and settled on land to which they could not obtain legal title because of problems with the Loyal Company, Indians, and the Crown. Many of these first settlers did not obtain legal right to their land until the 1780s. A good account of the settlement of Southwest Virginia is given by Judge Lyman Chalkley.

      In 1772, Francis Fugate settled at Moccasin Creek, one year after Col. John Tate. In 1774, because of continuing Indian raids, Captain William Russell was ordered to build a number of palisade forts as a means of protection. These forts, which protected many of the Fugate ancestors include Elk Garden Fort, where Solomon Litton was captured by Indians, Fort Blackmore, where Dale Carter was killed, and Tate's Fort, located on Col. John Tate's land. Following them were, among others, Colbert Fugate, Robert Tate Sr. and Robert Tate Jr.

      The Moccasin Valley, where most of the Fugates and Tates settled, is a fertile but rocky farming area located in the southwestern part of Russell County. It extends from Hansonville to near Big Moccasin Gap in Scott County, with Clinch Mountain on the south and Moccasin Ridge on the North. The name of Big Moccasin Creek, attributed to Daniel Boone about 1769 after the first settlers found Indian moccasin footprints in the soft mud of the creek banks.

      Martin Fugate had at least 4 sons Francis, Henley, Zachariah, and Colbert were all mentioned in court records. In addition, Benjamin and William Fugate, all residing in Moccasin Creek are probably his sons. He also may have had a daughter, Ann, married to Samuel Haddix of Moccasin Creek. A possible second daughter, married to James McCarty, was killed by Indians in 1788.

      Martin's son Colbert, as well as Colbert's son, Isaac Beverly Fugate, who was born on 04 May, 1804, lived in Moccasin Valley, Russell County their entire lives.

      Colbert Fugate came to Russell County, VA in 1771 and settled on what was known as Big Moccasin Creek. Colbert Fugate served in Virginia's legislature for two terms. Colbert and his wife are buried on the family plantation which is still in the Tate family of Lebanon, VA. John Tate and Mary Bracken are buried there also.

      Russell County, Virginia
      Will Book 4, Page 8
      Executed 14 September 1819

      In the name of God. Amen!

      I, Colbert Fugate of the county of Russell and State of Virginia being sick and weak in body but of sound mind and disposing memory (for which I thank God) and calling to mind the uncertainty of human life, and being desirous to dispose of all such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me with - I give and bequeath the same in manner following, that is to say:

      1st. I bequeath to Hannah Fugate, my wife, the plantation whereon I now live together with my farming utensils and household furniture except such part thereof as is herein otherwise disposed of, my stock of hogs, one Sorrell mare called Phillis, one three year old colt called the Brafford colt, three milk cows to be chosen by herself and all my slaves also ten head of sheep; all which I give

      and bequeath to her during her widowhood for the maintenance of herself and my infant children, Samuel Bracken, Isaac Beverly, Lucinda Clark and Lydia Drucilla Milford Fugate. If my said wife should hereafter marry then it is my will and desire that she should have the use of my said plantation during her natural life together with every thing above devised to her, except my slaves, which in that event, she is to have no part of.

      2d. I have heretofore given to my son Robert Fugate and conveyed to him, the tract of land whereon he lives except a small portion of the purchase money which he paid, in addition to which and bequeath to him fifty acres of land adjoining his said plantation, which said 50 acres was purchased by my said son Robert and myself, together with all other property advanced by me to him.

      3d. I have given to my son Zachariah Fugate the plantation in Scott County which I purchased of James Gibson Sen. who did not convey the same previous to his death, some of his heirs have conveyed part of it to my said son Zachariah & myself. It is my will and I hereby bequeath to my said son Zachariah the said plantation together with all the other property which I have advanced

      to him, and desire that a complete conveyance be made to him of the said land by the heirs and representatives of said Gibson, or if they all not make the said conveyance, that by a suit as he compel them to do so. And this property being more than I desire for the share of my said son, Zachariah, I require that he pay to my son Samuel Bracken Fugate within seven years from the

      date of this my will, five hundred dollars which I leave as a charge on the said land.

      4th. I bequeath to my daughter Mary Dorton one hundred dollars in cash, in addition to what I have already advanced to her, and in addition to her equal share with my other children of such devices herein after inserted as shall dispose of any part of my property in that manner.

      5th. I bequeath to my son John one hundred acres of land lying on Mocherson Ridge at the head of Dever's branch and one hundred dollars in cash, in addition to what I have already advanced him, and also in addition to what will be herein after devised to him equally with my other children.

      6th. I bequeath to my daughter Edith one grey mare, saddle and bridle which she has not in possession; two good cows being those two called hers. Eight head of sheep: One feather bed and furniture and one hundred dollars in cash in addition to what will be herein after devised to her equally with my other children.

      7th. I bequeath to my son Samuel Bracken Fugate five hundred dollars to be paid him as aforesaid by my son Zachariah. Also two cows, one two year hold heifer and one yearling, one spotted 2 year old colt, a bridle and saddle to be purchased by my executors and to be worth thirty dollars; one feather bed and furniture, and if the said horse dies before my said son attains full age, then I give him one hundred dollars in addition. I also give to my said son Samuel Bracken my Negro boy Billy hereby revoking so much of the devise to my wife as as gives the said Negro boy Billy to her. I also give to my said son Samuel Bracken the north west quarter of section seven of township four north, in range eight west of the tract of country appropriate for military bounty land in the state of Illinois, which quarter section contains one hundred and sixty acres, and was conveyed to me by Thomas Ja_____

      and Mary his wife.

      8th. I bequeath to my son Isaac Beverly Fugate ____in the plantation whereon I now live. _____ ____him in fee simple one third of the said plantation when he attains full age so as such third does not interfere with the buildings thereon. One Sorrell mare colt, one cow, and calf, a bridle and saddle worth thirty dollars to be purchased by my executors, one feather bed and furniture. By the plantation whereon I live I mean the tract I first purchased and all others which I have since added to it, and I hereby revoke so much of the devise to my wife as is inconsistent with this devise.

      9th. I bequeath to my daughters Lucinda Clark and Lydia Drucilla Melford being my two youngest children four hundred dollars each to be paid by my executors when they the said Lucinda & Lydia severally attain full age; and I desire that my executors should place out this money in safe hands at interest for the use and benefit of my said two daughters.

      10th. All my personal estate not herein specifically devised I direct shall be sold by my executors, and the money arising therefrom, after the payment of just debts and funeral expenses, to be first applied to the payment of the pecuniary legacies herein devised and not otherwise provided for and the residue if any to be equally divided amongst all my children except my sons Robert & Zachariah

      to whom I have already devised their full proportion of my estate, and all that I intend for them.

      11th. I desire my executors to sell a small tract of land lying in Scott County, adjoining the lands Samuel Stalliards lived on till his death, and also a tract of land in Russell County called the Crockett place lying on the head of the Drift Timber branch for which I hold Ashur Crockett s bond for title and for which a suit is now pending in the County Court of Chancery at Russell courthouse, and the money arising therefrom to go in aid of the fund created by the 10th devise herein made, and to be applied in the same manner as

      the money is therein directed to be applied.

      12th. I direct my executors or the survivors of them after the lapse of ten years from this date to sell a tract of land of one hundred and sixty acres, lying in the Illinois state being the north east quarter of section twenty three of Township five north in range six west. And I require my said executors to pay the taxes thereon and to do all that ____ _____to ____the said land until the time

      arrives when they are herein directed to sell it. And when sold the money is to be applied as in the 10th devise herein made is directed.

      13th. After the death or marriage of my said wife I direct that all my slaves and their issue herein before specifically devised to any of my children to be equally divided amongst my children except my two sons Robert and Zachariah to whom I have already devised all the portion of my estate that I intend for them.

      14th. And lastly I herein appoint my father-in-law John Tate and my son Robert Fugate executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills made by me and establishing this to be my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this seventh day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nineteen.

      Colbert Fugate (Seal)

      Signed sealed and published as his last will and testament in presence of us. Benjamin Estill, Andrew McHenry


      At a superior court of law continued and held for Russell County the 14th day of September 1819. This instrument of writing was exhibited in court as and for the last Will and Testament of Colbert Fugate deceased, and proven by the oaths of Benjamin Estill & Andrew McHenry the subscribing witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of John Tate and Robert Fugate executors therein named who took the oath of an executor, and together with James McFarlane and Andrew Caldwell their securities, entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of eight thousand dollars, conditioned as the law directs, certificate is granted them for obtaining probate of the said will in due form

      Teste, James P. Carrell DC
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    Father Martin Fugate 
    Mother Mary Martin 
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    Family Hannah TATE,   b. ca 1772, Fincastle Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 03 Jun 1844, Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 72 years) 
    Married ca 1800  Virginia Find all individuals with events at this location 
    +1. John FUGATE,   b. 1796, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1878, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 82 years)
    +2. Robert FUGATE,   b. 1789, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 1874, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location  (Age 85 years)
     3. Major Samuel Bracken FUGATE,   b. 1798, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. Tateville, Pulaski Co. KY Find all individuals with events at this location
     4. Mary FUGATE,   b. 1800, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location
     5. Edith FUGATE,   b. 1802, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location
     6. Isaac Beverly FUGATE,   b. 1804, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location
     7. Zachariah FUGATE,   b. 1806, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location
     8. Lucinda Clark FUGATE,   b. 1808, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location
     9. Lydia Drusilla Milford FUGATE,   b. 1810, Russell Co. VA Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 09 Dec 1845  (Age 35 years)
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