Major James TATE

Male - 1849

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Elias P. TATE
Male 1845-1885
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Decatur Savage
Male 1858-1929
Prudence TATE
Female 1864-1892
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Elizabeth TATE
Female 1847-1911
James D. TATE
Male 1849-1849
Sarah TATE
Female 1850-1879
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Elijah M. TATE
Male 1858-1935
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Minerva Green
Female 1887-1977
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Albert TATE
Male 1863-1934
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Martha Hicks
Female 1829-1906
Margaret L. TATE
Female 1846-1927
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Sarah TATE
Female 1858-
Martha Ada TATE
Female 1857-1927
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Calvin TATE
Male 1860-1921
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John J. TATE
Male 1869-1945
Humphrey P. TATE
Male 1829-1909
Male 1830-Bef 1879
James W. TATE
Male 1855-1950
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Joseph M. TATE
Male 1861-1896
Male 1869-
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Samuel TATE
Male 1880-1946
Robert H. TATE
Male 1799-Bef 1889
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James H. TATE
Male 1851-1922
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Nancy Catherine
Female 1860-1910
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Female 1861-1940
Evaline TATE
Female 1868-1869
Emaline TATE
Female 1868-1957
Scenia TATE
Female 1870-1964
William Stump
Male 1858-1942
Haney TATE
Male 1857-
Preston TATE
Male 1860-1942
Marsilar Long
Female 1865-1949
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Nancy TATE
Female 1863-
Drusilla TATE
Female 1856-1948
Jane E. Grimes
Female 1859-1930
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Rebecca TATE
Female 1860-1898
John Lathrum
Male 1861-1902
Timothy T. TATE
Male 1862-1938
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Amanda TATE
Female 1872-1946
Clara TATE
Female 1874-
Laura TATE
Female 1874-
Male 1868-
Female 1884-1960
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Davidson TATE
Male 1802-1885
Louisa K. TATE
Female 1829-1890
Male 1858-
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Leroy TATE
Male 1874-
Josiah B. TATE
Male 1863-1926
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Stella Mae TATE
Female 1867-1940
William L. TATE
Male 1870-1949
Mollly Campbell
Female 1881-1963
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Louise TATE
Female July 04, 1876,-1941
Jesse Killian
Male 1871-1947
Jahaziel TATE
Male 1813-1888
James Eglan TATE
Male 1841-1841
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Nellie Bly TATE
Female 1887-1973
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Edward Webb
Male 1886-1971
Mabel Lease TATE
Female 1893-1952
Alma Vining TATE
Male 1895-1974
Iretta Layton
Female 1894-1985
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Nina Myrtle TATE
Female 1901-1976
John Earl Moody
Male 1898-1963
Margaret Vining
Female 1860-1914
Sarah A. TATE
Female 1821-1852
Margaret L. TATE
Female 1846-1927
Laura McCarver
Female 1880-1918
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Lou Vernie TATE
Female 1871-1929
Maggie Rose TATE
Female 1872-1938
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Martha TATE
Female 1856-1897
James Grover TATE
Male 1845-Bef 1850
Robert TATE
Male 1847-Bef 1850
Mary Bell TATE
Female 1874-1878
Maggie M. TATE
Female 1875-1878
Hattie Rogers
Female 1882-1960
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Anna Jane TATE
Female 1880-1961
John Elmer TATE
Male 1882-1884
Grover Cleveland TATE
Male 1884-October 24, 1886,
John Lee TATE
Male 1849-1902
Martha J. Welch
Female 1845-1917
George W. TATE
Male 1851-1877
Nannie Lacy
Female 1879-1948
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Allie Clyde TATE
Female 1878-1896
Joseph Jennings
Male 1873-1945
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Frona M. Crawley
Female 1889-1983
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Jennie Griffin
Female 1886-1905
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Emma Myrtle TATE
Male 1885-1885
John Morse TATE
Male 1887-1936
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Emma Jones
Female 1859-1922
Elan H. TATE
Male 1817-1879
Jane Turner
Female 1820-1865
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Male 1850-
John G. TATE
Male 1820-1908
William G. Dugan
Male 1879-1908
Iva Cleo Dugan
Female 1883-1965
Female 1856-1923
Julia TATE
Female 1857-
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Mary Duggan
Female 1824-1909
Male 1851-
Green TATE
Male 1856-
Nancy Jane TATE
Female 1857-1914
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Effie TATE
Female 1885-
Pearl TATE
Female 1894-
James (Jim) TATE
Male 1859-1916
Male 1862-
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George TATE
Male 1916-1934
Betty TATE
Female 1874-
H. A. Porter
Male 1879-1958
Female 1884-1908
Female 1886-
Female 1889-
Mollie Wolford
Female 1858-1892
Mary Moffit
Female 1828-1883
Nancy TATE
Female 1833-1854
Jonathan M. Bost
Male 1826-1899
Margaret E. Bost
Female 1871-1871
Myrtie E. Bost
Female 1872-1876
Martha Bost
Female 1874-1912
Anna V. Bost
Female 1877-1965
Arbie B. Bost
Female 1885-1926
Willie W. Bost
James L. Bost
Male 1854-1880
John S. Bost
Male 1856-1866
Nancy C. Bost
Female 1859-Bef 1900
James B. Austin
Male 1853-1926
Ines Belle Bost
Female 1891-1974
Fred Davis
Male 1899-1974
Asa Reeves
Male 1899-1928
Lessie Smith
Female 1901-1948
Alquin Bost
Male 1899-1981
Mary Ida Baker
Female 1865-1928
Mary Myrtle Bost
Female 1886-1954
Maude Bost
Female 1888-
Barney Bost
Male 1888-1899
Homer Bost
Male 1903-1980
Female 1867-1951
Ader Bost
Male 1876-
Elizabeth TATE
Female 1833-1877
Marcus D. Bost
Male 1829-1880
Elizabeth Smith
Female 1807-1867